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The Rice Diet Solution – Acquire Toned Body in Thirty Days

rice diet solution

Devised by Duke medical researcher Walter KempnerThe Rice Diet Solution is a quick weight loss program, which will shed 30 to 40 pounds from your body in two months. The diet plan was developed way back in 1939.

If you are thinking about shedding weight to prepare you for some wedding or some other family function, you certainly can go along with The Rice Diet Solution. Having relieved more than 18000 patients from diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases, the diet program was initially crafted to treat kidney diseases. However, the patients consuming rice as their main food item also showed improvement in cardiac diseases, hypertension, diabetes, and other weight related problems.

What is The Rice Diet Solution?

There would be nothing wrong if we call The Rice Diet Solution as detoxifying diet plan because the diet plan works just like fasting diets. It cleanses your body from inside by mopping all the harmful toxins and impurities.

First day of the plan is entirely dedicated to detoxifying your body. Though you might experience headache while going along with the diet plan, but that is temporary and won’t last for long. Within a week or two, you shall get relief in arthritis, acne, and other problems which occur due to accumulation of toxins inside your body. You shall also see improvement in your sleeping pattern and energy level.

Why Rice has been considered as the Main Food?

You must be wondering why rice has been taken as the main food in the diet plan. Well, her are two main reasons responsible for that.

  • First of all, rice comes under whole grain foods and is low in sodium. Mr. Walter’s main focus is to rid your body from all the problems which take place due to high sodium content of food items.
  • Rice being very prominent food item is easily available. Moreover, people love to have rice. Rice being rich is many essential nutrients shall aid you in attaining healthy and slender body.

Recommendations of The Rice Diet Solution

The Rice diet solution is comprised of healthy and nutritious food items such as rice, fruits and vegetables, juices, beans, seeds, and iron, and vitamin supplements. There are thirty permitted food items in the diet schedule. The plan intends to treat severe diseases including obesity.

Prohibited Foods of The Rice Diet Solution

The Rice Diet Solution being a strict weight loss program has forbidden several food items in the diet plan. The plan restrains the consumption of foods such as salt, sugar, packaged foods, processed foods, fats, proteins, and high calorie foods.

Except for fish, all other kinds of meats are prohibited in the diet plan. However, if you still want to consume them, opt to eat exceedingly lean meat occasionally. Sugary juices too are not allowed in the plan. However, you can drink them without adding sugar in them.

Low Sodium Diet

The diet plan asserts that average individual consumption of sodium in today’s time is 4000 to 5000 mg in a day which is not at all appreciable. The diet plan aims to bring down their daily consumption to 500 mg in a day.

Salt or sodium has been deemed as one of the sinister food items by the diet plan. When salt reaches inside your body, it swells up and makes your body also swell up in size, thereby making you grow obese. In addition to that, high sodium or high salt foods cause an increase in your appetite.

For people suffering from kidney failure, diabetes etc., consumption of salt in high quantity is just like consumption of slow poison. For adequate functioning of your body organs, less than half gram of sodium is sufficient for your body.

Low Protein and Fat

The diet plan recommends consuming twenty grams of protein and five grams of fats in a day to continue losing weight and to acquire a healthy body. People going along with the diet plan have been seen acquiring better health and trimmed body.

Three Phases of The Rice Diet Solution

The diet plan has been allocated into three phases, let’s have a look at the three phases. Initial phase of the diet plan is highly restrictive, but as you will proceed with the diet plan, variety of food items will keep adding up in the diet plan.

Phase One

Phase one is the beginning phase of the diet plan which will last for one week. You will gain energy and nutrients from 6% of proteins, 5% of fats, and 89% of carbs.

Phase Two

Phase Two will also last for one week. Amount of nutrients have been raised in this phase. You are supposed to gain energy by consuming 13% of proteins, 7% of fats, and 80% of carbs.

Phase Three

Phase three which is also known as maintenance phase will last throughout your lifetime. In this phase, you will gain energy by consuming 15% of proteins, 10-20% of fats, and 65-75% of carbs. You will consume 1200 calories in a day in this phase.

Drawbacks of The Rice Diet Solution

The rice diet solution comes under one of the fad diet plans. Should you want to stick to the diet plan, you should do that under the supervision of a dietitian or health expert; otherwise, you are likely to make your body deficient in essential nutrients.

  • Extremely restrictive plan does not offer healthy choice of food items. Since all the food items recommended in the diet plan are low in calories, it might be alright to adhere to the diet plan in short run. However, it’s not advisable to abide by it in long run.
  • The diet program might melt several pounds from your body in short run. Most of the weight loss occurring in the diet plan is due to water loss. Should you stick to the diet plan in long time, you are likely to lose lean muscles, which is an unrecoverable loss for your body.
  • The diet plan is quite unnatural and is not very much supported by scientific theories and facts. 16-20 grams of protein allowed in the plan being too less for your body might make it suffer from incredible muscle loss.

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