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Robert Downey Jr Workout Routine Diet Plan

Robert Downey Jr Workout Routine

Robert Downey Jr. is a renowned movie star and son of the famous Manhattan actor bearing the same name. Today, his fans refer to him as the iron man because of his strong body build with no fat but massive lean and muscle mass. His acting stamina is enhanced by his martial art skills. Many of his admirers often have asked him to reveal the secrets of his strength, more particularly his workout and diet plan. Here we will know about the secrets of his workout regime and diet plan.

Robert Downey Jr Workout Routine

Downey’s warrior like figure resulted from rigorous training schedule. As he explains, it begins with intensive and high volume workouts in about 300 times. Unlike bodybuilding, these exercises resulted to lean rugged bodies.

  • Muscle endurance is essential – Ultimately, muscle endurance and cardio ranges are feasible. His exercise forms, strengthen muscles by lifting weights at different angles. Furthermore, cardiovascular conditioning enforcement transpires through treadmill climbing in inclined positions as Downey explains.
  • Plan’s outline – An intensive power and muscle plan that takes 6 weeks consists of several activities in Downey’s teaching plan. In every session, warm-ups commence the activities of the day. Leg raises follows afterward on an inclined bench. Other activities include back extensions, chin-ups, dips, wood-chopper, military press, bent-over rows, front squat, dead lifts, chest presses on dumbbell bench. The exercises are done three days per week. The days, however, should not be consecutive to avoid extreme burnout.
  • Cardio sessions – The first two weeks are cardio sessions. Each aforementioned activity should be done in 15 reps and 3 sets with a 30-second break following every set.
  • Power development phase – The third and fourth week focus on power development and are characterized by 10 reps and 4 sets for every activity with a minute’s break after each set.
  • Muscle development phase – In the final two weeks, the focus is on increasing the muscle size.  In this case, each activity is repeated in 5 reps and 5 sets with a 90 second break, following every set. For an effective workout routine, Downey advises that cardio exercises should close each session, rest should be taken seriously and an overall balance of all activities is crucial for holistic progress.

Downey attributes his impressive and attractive look to these exercises with the guidance of Brad, his personal trainer.

Robert Downey Jr Diet Plan

  • Nutritional disorders must be avoided – Exclusively, doing exercises does not give optimal outcomes if proper diet is not incorporated. In this case, a balanced diet should be followed to avoid nutritional disorders.
  • Carbohydrates – Downey takes an average of 3500 calories daily. Mostly, he eats carbohydrates to increase the calorie intake.
  • Proteins – Proteins sources often should be from unprocessed natural foods. These should be in small bit meals but in about 6 to 8 times a day, other than the conventional three times. Examples of good quality proteins according to Downey are skimmed chocolate milk, broccoli, legumes and big steak.
  • Drinks are also important – Downey also takes increased water and drink intake particularly for coffee and green tea.
  • Breakfast – Specifically, Downey’s breakfast consist of two eggs that are scrambled or boiled to reduce fat intake, two bread slices (fruit seasoned), three tomato pieces and skimmed milk (a quarter cup).
  • Lunch – Full course meals consist of two whole bread slices, salad from oz chicken with mayonnaise, unsweetened coffee or tea and green leafy vegetables.
  • Dinner – Dinner comprises of carrots, broccoli, green beans and lean pork, fish, beef or chicken. With strict adherence to this diet plan, Downey makes easy transitions from the lean impressive appearance to the Ironman’s strength characterized by warrior muscles.

A well-analyzed and premeditated diet and physical exercise schedule are the two foundations on which Robert Downey Jr’s impressive looks are based upon. This is a challenge to his admirers who still practice poor eating styles along with physical inactivity.

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