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Ryan Lochte Diet Plan and Workout Routine

American swimmer, Ryan Lochte workout

6 ft 2 in, strong and muscular, Ryan Lochte is an American swimmer. Having started swimming right from the age of five, the dashing man has won abundant prestigious medals such as five Olympic gold medals, 51 international medals, and seven NCAA championships. The celeb having skyrocketing swimming career inevitably is endowed with astonishingly sculpted chiseled body.

His six pack abs and athletic body make us feel as if the celeb has made gym his second home. Well, even if gym is not his second home, he spends fair portion of his time in gym to acquire cut body. Being a sports person, it certainly requires him to have limber and strong body. Let’s have a look at the diet plan and exercise routine of Ryan Lochte, which make him stand out of the crowd.

Ryan Lochte Workout Routine

Getting a ripped and captivating body like the one Ryan has is not a matter of good genes only. He has put in tremendous efforts to make his body alluring and absolutely fat free. Workouts being the most efficient ways of striping off unsolicited pounds and attaining sculpted body have effectively been used by the celeb. Since 2003, Ryan has been practicing his workouts under the supervision of strength training coach, Matt DeLancey. His personal trainer makes sure that his workouts not only tone his body but also drill his mind, for only a sharp mind can do agile and speedy activities. Moreover, sports reflect your ease of aligning your mind with your body. More the ease the player has, more the skills he can apply to win the game.

The workouts that the stud practices to tone his body are truly intense. While doing workouts several times in a week, Ryan executes strenuous workouts such as compound exercises, strength training, interval training etc. His exercises are being targeted to develop his core include ample compound exercises. It’s not that his body only looks awesome; he in fact possesses a resilient body having great inner strength. The dashing man has allocated his workouts in two parts. While three days of his exercises consist of dead lifts, squats, rope swings, bent over rows, weightlifting, interval training, tire flips, kettlebell workouts etc., rest three days of his workouts include squats, rope swings, bent over rows, crossfit, burpees etc. In interval training, he executes 100 m, 200 m, and 300 meter swimming while resting for short duration in the meanwhile.

Swimmer Ryan Lochte's workout routine and diet plan

Ryan Lochte Diet Plan

Since workouts without proper diet are no good, the illustrious celeb eats balanced diet to assist his workout regime. Although he was not always sentient about his diet and consumed copious unhealthy foods such as potato chips, McDonald’s egg McMuffins, hashbrowns, pizza, fast foods etc., but having got the value of healthy diet, he banks on wholesome foods only. He has made numerous healthy swaps in his diet plan and his unhealthy traits, which included processed and unhealthy foods, have got swapped with nutrient dense foods.

He shares, earlier he used to consume 10,000 calories in a day, which were composed of copious unhealthy foods, but now he consumes just 6000 calories in a day and feels really awesome. Consumption of healthy foods being free of intoxication and addiction cause specular increase in energy. He eats six small meals in a day and incorporates fruits, veggies, scrambled eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, chicken wraps, whole grain pasta, grilled chicken breast etc. in his diet. Since his workout routine is really strenuous, he inculcates an adequate amount of carbs in a day to provide energy to his body. Apart from that, protein forms major contributing factor of his diet. His protein consumption is more than that of normal people, and why it shouldn’t be, after all he practices so intense workouts.

Healthy Recommendation For Ryan Lochte Fans

Here comes one recommendation for Ryan Lochte fans seeking after carved body like him. Well, you obviously cannot spend several hours incessantly on workouts for you have got to do numerous other important works. You can heed your way to slender body by choosing potent workouts for you. Without spending all your time in gym, with the help of power workouts such as weight lifting and interval training, you too can resist fats to rule over your body.

While doing workouts, make sure that your body feels the pressure of those exercises, for strain ensures that your body is dropping pounds. The moment you develop comfort level with any particular workout, that’s high time you should switch on to more intense workouts. To bestow more disciplined approach to your workouts, you can opt to do workouts first thing in the morning. Morning time is best for workouts for your mind and body both are fresh and energized in the morning. Moreover, workouts foster the release of amicable hormones, which keep you invigorated for rest of the day.

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