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S Factor Diet – Harness Hormones to Shedding Weight

S Factor Diet

Discovered by Lowri Turner, Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist, S Factor Diet is an extraordinary diet plan, which will help you lose weight, by bringing equilibrium in the release of hormones in your body.

Based on scientific principles and theories, S factor diet believes that your hormones control your cravings and behavior. And improper functioning or deficiency of hormones in your body is the main cause of all the health issues including obesity.

Regulation of hormones in your body can get you permanent solution of obesity. Rather than believing in external solution, the diet plan relies on imparting internal healing to your body. S factor diet plan will not just shed extra pounds from your body but will also boost up your energy and thus will make you feel exhilarated.

Why Impacts of Diet Plans Vary in People?

You might often be wondering how come a particular diet plan worked out so well for your friend which is turning out to be an absolute disaster to you. You both might be having same goal, but difference in your physiology and release of hormones can be one of the greatest reasons influencing the end results.

What is S Factor Diet Plan?

S factor diet plan doesn’t mop up delicious food items from your diet. It also doesn’t want you to starve your body. The diet plan will show you how the dearth of hormones brings spectacular rise in your appetite, cravings, and thus dwindle the fat burning process in your body.

Without bothering you to count the number of calories, the diet plan will stabilize hormones in your body through exclusively designed hormone boosting food items, which will trigger weight loss process in you and will pave your way to healthier and happier body.

The revolutionary diet plan will tailor diet plan for you according to the level and functioning of hormones in your body. There is a questionnaire in the diet plan through which excess or shortage of hormones in your body will be determined and accordingly you will be allotted one of the four diet plans of S factor diet plan.

Four Key Hormones of S Factor Diet Plan

S factor diet plan will work on four key hormones responsible for your cravings, hunger, and mood-swings. Let’s have a quick look at the roles of these hormones in your body.

Serotonin Hormone – The Good Mood Hormone

Serotonin being a noble hormone makes you feel elated, serene, and contented. It also beats your craving. However, the dearth of this hormone in your body might make it difficult for you to sleep properly due to which you might feel sluggish all the while. Should your body get short of serotonin hormone, you are more likely to suffer from craving for bread pasta, sugar, wine etc.

Dopamine Hormone – High Motivation Hormone

Dopamine hormone boosts your concentration, makes you focused, clear and goal-oriented. It is greatly responsible for making you strong determined. Should you have lack of strong determination or you are unable to abide by your plans and goals, there is dearth of dopamine hormone in your body.

Shortage of dopamine hormone in body enhances your craving for alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, sugary, and fatty acids. Generally this hormone malfunctions chronically, so there are chances that your parents too are suffering from the same addictions which are bugging you so much.

Leptin – I M Not Hungry Hormone

Leptin keeps your appetite under control and keeps you energized. Lack of leptin in your body enhances your appetite and pokes you to consume big portions of meals, which make you become hefty. Also, since you feel lack of energy, you switch to unhealthy foods to gain energy. Shortage of hormone might cause depression, infertility, and skin breaks, more often around jaw lines.

Adrenals – Stress Control Hormone

Adrenals are set of glands, which save you from getting stressed. Due to many reasons such as relationship failure, unstable job, never ending money problems etc., your body might become deficient in adrenals. Due to being stressed, exhausted, you end up developing a totally negative attitude towards life. You also get strong cravings to consume sugary foods and caffeine.

Work Mechanism of S Factor Diet Plan

S Factor diet plan facilitates fourteen days to balance hormones in your body. Each hormone requires you to go through two phases to getting balanced. These two phases include array of food items and recipes inclined to regulate hormones in your body.

While in phase one, you will consume 1000-1200 calories in a day, in phase two, your options to choose dishes will get broad and you can consume 1000-1500 calories in a day. You are supposed to adhere to phase two till you lose desired weight.

And once you attain your goal, you can choose your lifetime plan from S Factor Lifetime Plans. These plans have wonderful collection of yummy recipes and they allow you to consume 1500-2000 calories in a day. Without recommending you to consume harmful drugs, supplements etc. having harmful impacts on your body, the diet plan will stabilize your hormones and will get you slender body.

How the Diet Plan will Help You?

  • Hormones are composed of proteins, so lean protein is vital for the stability of hormones in your body. The diet plan consists of rich sources of lean proteins such as pork, eggs, chicken, turkey, vegetable protein, and low fat dairies, which will supply proteins to your body.
  • Activity of hormones relies a lot on their comfort of entering and exiting from cells. Cell walls are composed of fats and the diet plan consists of ample healthy foods such as nuts and seeds, fish oil, walnuts, avocados etc. They will provide essential fatty acids to the cells of your body.
  • There are numerous food items rich in antioxidant such as green and leafy vegetables. These food items will boost the functioning of your brain and will make you feel enthusiastic and happy.
  • Plenty of high fiber foods such as oats, lentils, rye, pulses, chickpeas etc. will provide resistant starch to your body, which will keep hold on your blood sugar level and will speed up your metabolism.
  • Mostly people tend to rely heavily on desserts in evening snacks, which is not flattering to your body. The diet plan will offer you healthy choice of evening snacks.

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