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Sally Morgan Diet Plan and Workout Routine

For most celebrities, losing weight is all about exercising right and eating clean because if they follow these two principles, they see the results. But this is not true for all.

Some celebrities think that they can’t achieve their weight loss goal by the usual methods and hence they go for unusual methods like fat loss surgeries. Sally Morgan, the popular TV personality seems to be sticking to both the options. She opted for a fat loss surgery to get rid of the excess weight but is maintaining the results of the surgery by following good exercise habits and a sensible diet plan.

Sally Morgan in an Instagram selfie in April 2018
Sally Morgan in an Instagram selfie in April 2018 (Sally Morgan / Instagram)

Sally Morgan 2018 Weight Loss and Diet Plan

Scroll down to know more about her massive weight loss.

The Weight Loss

According to different media sources, the TV star once weighed 27 stone. She has succeeded in losing about 16.5 stone which translates to over 100 kilos.

The Motivation

What motivated her to start with her weight loss was not some celebrity weight loss story or the urge to be healthy but a health scare. She had a minor heart scare and had two options, either lose weight or die early. She opted for the former option.

Weight Loss

She underwent a gastric bypass surgery in which a person’s stomach is made smaller than before by inserting staples. It repositions your bowels so that your body doesn’t absorb fat.

Sally Morgan car selfie in April 2018
Sally Morgan car selfie in April 2018 (Sally Morgan / Instagram)

The Yo-Yo Dieter

Sally was a yo-yo dieter when she had that heart scare, and the doctors waited a year to proceed with this surgery primarily because of this reason.

No Regular Workout and Diet Approach

The diva says that she didn’t opt for the traditional exercise and diet plan to lose weight because she knew that she could not get results like losing 16 stone by that method. She could have lost 2 stone at a time, but it is very likely that she would have put it back on within a short time span.

Appreciating Lisa Riley

The woman with psychic abilities, Sally has praised the weight loss efforts of Lisa Riley who lost 12 stone in just 18 months by changing her lifestyle and not trying any fad diets.

The Bad Habits

Morgan says that she gained so much weight primarily because she had been a yo-yo dieter for years and used food as a comfort blanket. When she was in the food as a comfort phase, she had four slices of white toast, and coco pops as well as full-fat milk in breakfast.

Sally Morgan while going to garden centre to purchase plants in April 2018
Sally Morgan while going to garden centre to purchase plants in April 2018 (Sally Morgan / Instagram)

Workout Secrets and Diet Plan

Sally is now maintaining her weight loss success by staying at 10.5 stone. For that, she attends Zumba classes regularly and follows this diet plan:


Porridge and Honey


Butternut squash with coriander soup


Fish and vegetables


She also has some supplements because a side effect of the surgery prevents her body to absorb certain nutrients.

Featured Image by Sally Morgan / Instagram

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