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Sam Asghari Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Sam Asghari body transformation from flab to fab
Sam Asghari body transformation from flab to fab (Sam Asghari / Instagram)

Sam Asghari is more than Britney Spears’ boy toy. He is a fitness enthusiast who changed his body completely in the last few years, thanks to his constant dedication, hard work, and commitment.


Here you can know the most important bits of his fitness transformation journey and learn to be fit like him.

Sam Asghari 2018 Workout and Diet

The Turning Point

In 2013, he was working three jobs to support himself, getting a few hours sleep and indulging in a breakfast of Doritos. He was also eating a lot of candy, fast foods, carbs and sugary drinks. His nutrition habits were quite horrible, and the stress of not achieving anything in life was leading to depression.

One night when he turned on the television, he saw college football and realized that he would have been a fit person if he had not been cut from summer football program of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln before his freshman year. At that time, he weighed 290 pounds and had nothing substantial in life. It was then he decided to make a change because he didn’t want to deal with disappointments and depression anymore. He decided to restart his life and give it 100 percent.

The Change

On the very next day, he quit two of his jobs to make a career in fitness. He aimed to be a fitness trainer, learn about the human body as well as understand the scientific aspects of it. The next step was to sign up for Gold’s Smart Nutrition course that taught him about anatomy, nutrition and personal training among other things. Like so many of us, he also turned to YouTube to teach himself about fitness.

Sam Asghari with his love Britney Spears
Sam Asghari with his love Britney Spears (Sam Asghari / Instagram)

Workout and Diet Changes

Fast forward a few months and Sam was working as a personal trainer who focused a lot on his physique. He got very strict about his fitness regimen and spent two hours working out before the work. He also changed the way he ate and allowed himself just USD 50 per week to shop for groceries.

His meal plan included 25% protein, 15% vegetables, and 25% complex carbs. He ate about 1500 calories while burning 3,000 or 4,000 at the gym. Since then, his eating has been about survival, not pleasure. The protein sources include eggs, chicken, turkey, and fish. The healthy vegetables include green beans, broccoli, and asparagus.

The Results

Asghari measured the results by body fat percentage and used a BMI device for the same. Within 6 months, he went down to just 3% body fat that motivated him and made him feel optimistic.

The Mistake

As the results of his fitness transformation were so impressive, the handsome hunk became obsessed with fitness. He made mistakes like not hydrating well while exercising and passing out (which was a result of not having the right nutrition and being very lean). You may guess what happened next. He realized his mistake and boosted his caloric intake. Since then, he has been maintaining 7% to 9% body fat.

Sam Asghari muscular body
Sam Asghari muscular body (Sam Asghari / Instagram)

A Golden Opportunity

In 2015, his sister helped him to bag a modeling assignment with a fashion designer. And the rest, as they say, is history. He attained quite a bit of success as a model and got a chance to get featured in Britney Spears’ 2016 music video “Slumber Party.” The duo exchanged their numbers on the very same day they shot for the video the first time, and their relationship has evolved a lot since that fateful day.

The Fit Couple

Now, Spears and Asghari give fitness couple goals to all their fans by uploading their workouts on Instagram. He admits that he comes up with the exercises and the videos are edited by Britney. They make him smile. Most of the videos are shot at Spears’ home gym.

Working Out as a Couple

According to the model, working out with the celebrity singer is nice because it’s super healthy, physically and mentally. It takes their mind away from everything else.

Workout Motivation

He uses Spears’ music to motivate himself when he is working out alone and calls it to be his therapy.

Rest and Relaxation

When the adorable couple is enjoying some downtime, he likes cooking for his woman. He makes chicken dishes, pesto pasta and panini sandwiches for her. They also give their clean eating a break when they are on a date.

Sam Asghari at a golf course in October 2017
Sam Asghari at a golf course in October 2017 (Sam Asghari / Instagram)

Couple Workout

If you are feeling inspired to hit the gym with your better half, then you should perform all the below mentioned exercises consecutively, take rest for two minutes and repeat for three sets:

  • Standing partner crunch (with a kiss)
  • Push-up/plank
  • Lying/plank leg kick (5 reps on each leg)
  • Floor press
  • Partner sit-ups with a kiss (You do 12 reps, and then your partner does the same)

Sam Asghari Transformation Workout

Start the warm-up with 3 sets and 10 reps of back and shoulder rotations, 3 sets and 15 reps of pull-ups and 2 sets and 15 calories within a minute of getting onto a rowing machine.

Move on to the workout phase by doing Yoga Ball One-arm press, Pushup to L-sit, Single-arm landmine pushups, Renegade row to bicep curl to overhead press (10 reps and 3 sets). Finish it off with 5 rounds and 60 yards of Farmer’s carry.

Featured Image by Sam Asghari / Instagram

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