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Sam Frost Looks So Hot Without a Regular Workout or Diet Regime

Sam Frost recently earned a coveted spot on the 2017 BW Magazine Hot List, and when asked about her workout and diet regime, she says she has none. So, how does she stay so perfect looking? What are her secrets?

Read on to know how she thinks mental health boosts physical health and how she deals with weight issues and vicious trolling.

No Workout or Diet Regime

The diva says that she doesn’t follow a workout or diet regime. She hits the gym and eats healthy only when she wants to. In her opinion, one of the biggest secrets behind her great looks and glowing face is mental health and happiness.

She is in love with her beau Dave Bashford; she is content with her life and likes to look after her mind. According to her, if you are strong, confident and have a happy mindset, it would radiate through you, and you will automatically look and feel better.

Fluctuating Weight

Most of her fans know that she deals with weight fluctuations as these are evident in pictures on social media platforms. Talking about this issue, she said that her weight fluctuates a lot due to lifestyle changes. If she has more sugar than needed, her face gets puffier, and if she eats lean, her face becomes skinny. She also thinks that all the discussions about her weight fluctuations are quite boring.

Dealing with Trolls

The Bachelorette (2015-Present) alum had very public struggles with trolls in 2016 due to which she had to shut her Twitter and Facebook accounts. The relentless trolling and criticism impacted her in a big way and harmed her mental health and wellbeing as well.

An Emotional Blow

Apart from dealing with trolls, she was also dealing with being in a “very dark place” as she broke up with her then-boyfriend, Sasha Mielczarek. She coped with it, all thanks to her friends and family who rendered her unflinching support and were there for her. During that time, she was not visible on the TV screens or doing radio because she needed comfort offered by home and family.

Seeking Therapy

Things got so bad that the reality star had to see a therapist and she is not afraid to admit that she is seeing the same therapist even now. She did thorough research in finding the right psychologist and found a phenomenal person.

She has been seeing the therapist once a week since then. Though seeing a therapist is an expense, but it’s worth the money because it taught her many good things. One such thing is that if a person writes bad things to her, he or she has problems with themselves and not the celebrity.

Bikini Body

Frost is often seen showing off a bikini body. Talking about baring it all, she says that she is comfortable with her body but gets shy when she has to show it. She takes it as a challenge and trains herself to push through all the barriers that are in her way. (When you look at her pictures, you won’t be able to see any nerves, and that’s the power of mental strength).

Feeling Nervous While Wearing a Bikini

It is not the first time that Sam has revealed that she is shy about revealing her body. When she was starring in Home and Away (1988-Present), she stressed out when she had to wear a skimpy bikini during a few scenes. At that time, she was not so body confident and thought she ate too many carbs.

She also blamed carbs for making her feel nervous during the shoot. But things seem better now as she often shares bikini pictures on social media channels which makes her fan swoon!

Featured Image by Eva Rinaldi / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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