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Scarsdale Diet – Shed 20 Pounds in Fourteen Days

Scarsdale Diet Program

Developed by Dr. Herman Tarnower, Scarsdale Diet Plan offers an incredible way to lose weight in front of dieters. You will find numerous nutritious, healthy, and delicious swaps suggested by Dr. Herman in the diet program. These swaps will remove your temptation of consuming various unhealthy snacks and processed foods.

What is Scarsdale Diet?

Scarsdale diet basically is low fat, low carb and high protein diet program. The diet program recommends its dieters to shrink the intake of carbs and prefer consuming those carbs, having low glycemic index. The diet solution puts emphasis on the consumption of 22.5% fats, 34.5% carbs, and 43% proteins in diet.

Scarsdale diet plan will work on your body by activating ketosis which actually insists your body use the stores of fats to gain energy. When your body starts utilizing stored sources of fats to gain energy, it triggers the process of weight loss in you.

Two Phases of Scarsdale Diet

The diet program will work in two phases on your body; let’s have a look at these two phases and what they will do.

Phase One

Phase one which is most restrictive phase of the program has eliminated numerous foods such as lentils, peas, potatoes, corns, beans etc. from the diet regime for two weeks. Dieters need to eat medicated diet for minimum two weeks to trigger fat burning process in their bodies.

The diet program has provided diet schedule for one week which will provide you 1000 calories in a day. After the end of one week, dieters are required to repeat the same food chart again which they followed during first week. You can shed minimum twenty pounds from your body in mere fourteen days by seriously abiding by the guidelines of the program.

Phase Two

Phase two, which is also known as keep trim phase allows you to raise the number of calories consumed by you in a day. Unlike phase one, this phase is not that structured. Dieters need to show a lot of self-control in this phase. They will learn how to swear by healthy diet regime and maintain weight forever.

Even if you have failed to attain your weight loss objective, you need to follow this phase. This phase will last for two weeks. If you seek to shed more pounds, you can revert to phase one after completing phase two completely.

Prohibited Foods of Scarsdale Diet

Scarsdale diet has prohibited myriad foods from the plan; let’s have a look at some of them.

Sweets – Almost all kinds of sweets have been eliminated by the plan. You are not permitted to have candies, cakes, pastries etc. in your desserts. If you still want to have desserts, you can have sweet fruits, and foods having natural sugar added in them.

Alcoholic Beverages – Alcoholic beverages have completely been eliminated from phase one. Contrary to that, you are allowed to drink half oz of alcoholic beverage in a day in phase two.

Sauces and Salad Dressings – You are not allowed to use sauces and other dressings over your foods. Besides trimming down the nutritional value of foods, they also make them unhealthy to consume. In addition to them, salad dressings have also been eliminated from the diet. Dieters are recommended to use lemon and vinegar instead.

Bread – White bread has completely been forbidden by the diet plan. If you still crave to have bread, you can include protein bread in your diet. But that too need to be consumed occasionally only.

Eggs – Dieters are not supposed to eat more than three hard boiled eggs in a week.

Workouts in Scarsdale Diet

Workouts have been given relevant importance by the diet program. Dieters are recommended to take brisk walk of 3 kms in a day. If you wish to do any other workout as replacement of brisk walking, you are free to do that as well.

Sample Meal Plan

Scarsdale diet believes in consumption of three meals in a day. You can opt for celery and cabbage, if you feel hungry after your meals. You can continue eating unless you feel contented. Best part of Scarsdale diet is that there are numerous yummy and easy to prepare recipes recommended in the plan.

Dieters are recommended to use plenty of herbs, spices, seasonings, grated onions, minced parsley etc. in their foods. Not only do they enhance the taste of foods, but also expand their nutritional density. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of diet plan.


You can have one slice of whole meal toast, half grapefruit, sugarless tea or coffee, fruit juice etc. in your breakfast.


You can have vegetable salad without sprinkling oil over it, canned tuna, coffee etc. in your lunch.


You can have salad having lemon or vinegar dressing spread over it, roasted lamb, coffee etc. in your dinner.


In beverages, you can have tea, water, club soda, soda water etc. You need to drink minimum four glasses of water in a day which is quite feasible. Water will flush all the toxins out from your body and will cleanse it completely.

Drawbacks of Scarsdale Diet

Scarsdale diet is capable to shed massive pounds from your body, but the plan has some drawbacks also. Let’s find out what they are.

  • Calorie restriction is one the major drawbacks of diet program. You might lose weight in short run while being on restricted calories, but in long run you will resume all your lost weigh.
  • The program is overly restrictive and has eliminated several favorite foods of dieters from the diet regime. Dieters are likely to dislike the program because they are expected to stay away from their loved foods.
  • The plan has accentuated the consumption of tea and coffee considering the fact that caffeine used in these beverages boost your metabolism. But the plan has completely ignored their negative and ill effects on your body.
  • Brisk walking has been pointed up but the matter of concern is how dieters will be able to walk that long when their bodies won’t be having energy to do that. It’s not practical to suggest workouts to dieters when their bodies are already devoid of calories.

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