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Scott Disick Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Scott Disick Men's Fitness
Scott Disick on Men’s Fitness May 2011 issue.

Notorious and outrageous celeb, Scott Disick is always in uproar for his careless and weird activities. The long term boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian and the father of her three kids, Scott graced the cover page of Men’s Fitness magazine in May 2011 for which he was very proud too. Aside from that, he is normally in news for his misbehavior or lack of generosity towards people concerned to him. Green eyed celeb, who doesn’t let go any chance to display his shirtless physique has lean and limber body. Let’s have a look at the diet and workout secrets of Scott Disick which are accountable for his slender physique.

Low Carb Diet

The spoiled brat would consume plentiful of junk foods and alcohol, only to make the life of Kourtney hell. However, after the birth of their first son, Mason, Scott realized that he surely didn’t want to project the image of a nasty father in front of his son. So, he embraced healthy eating habits and pruned the consumption of carb containing foods. Since high carb foods are nothing but pile of empty calories, elimination of such foods can have you witness some really fantastic results. He incorporated nutrient dense foods such as fish, veggies, brown rice etc. in his diet. Brown rice being opulent in fiber and myriad other nutrients are excellent swap of white rice. And fish indeed being rich in omega 3 fatty acids provided complete nourishment to his body.

Forty-Five Minute Workouts

Scott Disick workout

Scott works out for forty-five minutes, three to four times in a week. His workouts are targeted to tone one to two muscle groups in a day. However, from his ab-free and apparently non-muscular physique, one thing is evident that his workouts don’t include many exercises falling in the category of strength training.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Scott Disick booze

Having been hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning in 2014, Scott is once again mulling over making radical changes in his life. He is also trying to bring his bulky body back on track. Guys very often fall prey of high profile life which include a load of booze, late night parties, binge eating etc. And while doing so, they don’t even think about their harmful influences. If you too are one of the guys who feel captivated by such lifestyle, practice compassion and turn watchful eye towards the miseries brought to people’s lives with such lifestyle. Most of you might be bragging over your consumption of alcohol and deeming the beverage as a sign of prestige. If you too are one of them, you must know some facts pertaining to the consumption of alcohol. They shall certainly have you dismiss the thoughts you have been dwelling on from so long.

Workouts Don’t Remain Rewarding

You might justify your habit to booze with saying that you do workouts to create calorie deficit. But the fact is that excess of alcohol makes your body fragile for alcohol severely affects the recovery power and endurance-destroying dehydration of your body. As a result, you likely to witness muscle break especially in your thighs and glutes. Moreover, workouts cause bit of inflammation which fuses with the inflammation caused by alcohol, making the problem aggravate like hell.

Makes Your Appetite Grow Jumbo

Alcohol makes your appetite grow jumbo in size because alcohol curbs the release of leptin (hunger regulating hormone). As a result, apart from getting bountiful calories and sugar from the drink, you end up splurging on enormous foods.

Makes You Feel Exhausted

Excessive booze might make you feel weak, exhausted and in extreme cases victim of light-headedness and blurred mind. You might resort to it to get rid of your worries and stress but it takes the toll from your body by making you even more stressed and tired. Impact of drinking with bad or negative mood are even more intensifying, so avoid booze when you are stressed about something.

Reduces REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep

Many of you might be consuming alcohol considering that it will make you fall asleep faster. However, the fact is, alcohol doesn’t improve your sleep. It rather shrinks REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which means inadequate and low quality rest. And since adequate sleep is very critical for a slender and hale body, you might miss out a lot in life.

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