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Shailene Woodley Workout Routine and Diet Program

The Secret Life of the American Teenager star, Shailene Woodley is thriving American beauty prepared to kill us with her hot and sexy look. Lately starred in the movie, Divergent, Shailene has been playing the role of seventeen years old teenager. With her commendable performance, the young actress is all set to touch the vibrant colors of fame and glory.

Apart from owning perfectly curvy lean figure, the sultry actress also has a very beautiful and caring heart. She didn’t step back from denoting her most prized possession, her long and bouncy lustrous brown hair, for being used to prepare wig for sick children. Genetically blessed with slender and curvaceous figure, Shailene loves living life in the lap of nature. Besides that, the flawless beauty uses self-made products for enhancing her aesthetics.

Shailene Woodley's svelte body frame
Shailene Woodley’s svelte body frame

Shailene Woodley Workout Routine

Despite being naturally sleek in shape, the sassy actress has been embracing yoga from very long time, and she practices it daily for fifteen to forty-five minutes. She also attends 5Rhythm dance classes to increase her speed. Besides that, being totally unaffected by sedentary lifestyle, she lives physically active schedule wherein she does copious daily physical activities such as walking, running, stair climbing etc.

She shares, she adores walking, and she can walk incessantly for two hours. Besides that, she loves to fetch spring water from mountains, which meets dual purpose, first, it has her get fresh water, and second, it gives her legs great exercise. In the movie Divergent, the fab actress has performed numerous difficult stunts on her own. Not everyone has guts and audacity to do them, but the girl with resilient body did them without being nerved.

However, she didn’t do them out of blue. Her training sessions were meant to prepare her body in such a way that she could gain maximum strength and develop incredible endurance power. She executed myriad workouts such as squats, pushups, lunges, chin-ups, dips, and plyometrics for thirty minutes to groom her body.

Shailene Woodley Diet Plan

Being very close to nature, the actress doesn’t abide by anything against nature. Even in her choice of foods, she feels immensely captivated by organic and fresh foods. Shailene despises processed and junk foods. At times, when she has no other option but to eat junk foods, she makes sure that she eats them in small quantity.

The beautiful actress contends, should you understand your responsibilities and duties towards nature, you will realize that your unwholesome eating habits affect not only you, they also spoil the environment. She tries the best from her end, to make her contribution to the environment, by adhering to clean foods.

She feels surprised when she is asked about the diet plan she has been following. To her, diet plans are not appreciable ways of shedding pounds or living life, and she is nowhere close to any creepy diet program. The lovely actress buys bountiful fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market and stores them in her refrigerator. To her, when fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, grapefruit, pineapple etc. taste so awesome, then why should anyone eat cookies and pastries to satisfy their sweet tooth.

To keep her immune from bloating, she steers clear from salty foods and alcohol. Apart from them, she has one very bizarre eating trait and that is her consumption of clay. After being told by someone about amazing benefits of clay, the stunner began eating clay. She shares, initially she felt as if her body smelt like metal and she also experienced turmoil in her bowel. But later, when she began seeing its benefits, they were really flattering. Clay is good for your body because in first place, your body doesn’t metabolize it. And second, its property of working like a magnet for all the negative toxins residing in your body have them get attached to clay and propelled out from your body.

Healthy Recommendation For Shailene Woodley Fans

Are you one of the fans of Shailene Woodley and wants to know her fitness secrets? Well, there are many outstanding attributes and lifestyle habits, which the stunner has been abiding by. You too can inculcate them in your life and secure healthy and blissful life for you. Running or walking bare feet on green grass is a superb exercise which Shailene loves doing. Walking on green grass gives soothing feeling to your feet, and since there are several acupressure points located underneath your feet, you feel amazingly relaxed as well as revitalized.

Walking like this also enhances your vision and catalyzes the release of serotonin hormone in your body. Since stress-free life is the key to slender and fit body, you can program your mind about your fitness objective while being in the state of great recreation. Besides that, inculcate eco- friendly foods in your diet regime, Apart from cleansing your body, they will also maintain cleanliness of nature.

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