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Shalita Grant Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Shalita Grant "NCIS: New Orleans" workout
Shalita Grant “NCIS: New Orleans” workout

There are a few celebrities who look good because they work hard towards it. One of such celebrities is NCIS: New Orleans (2014-Present) star Shalita Grant. She is addicted to workouts and has hired a chef to prepare her meals. She also likes to workout on the sets and has found a companion who works out with her. The diva also has some cool beauty tips and shares how a woman can be body confident. You can read all of it here.

Workout Routine

The workout regime of the stunner includes working out every day. She thinks that working out 6 days a week for an hour is ideal. The preferred workouts of the lovely lady include heavy weight exercises and workouts that include lifting her own body weight. She likes doing pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, push-ups, shoulder presses and does an ab workout every night. The ab workout includes 200 reps of 5 different exercises. It must be done at least 4 times a week right before you hit the bed. The five exercises are side bridge dips, a plank with hip twists, bicycles, leg lifts and a walking mountain climber.

Workout Competition

Shalita is very competitive when it comes to workout. She likes to do every exercise that a guy is doing and loves to compete with them. She does pushups and deadlifts and feels great when her body can handle it. To strengthen her back, she relies on rows as they are good for your posture and help you get a great back. She also likes to challenge guys on sets to workout and show off her workout skills.

Shalita Grant doing deadlifts for her back
Shalita Grant doing deadlifts for her back

Workout Motivation

The gorgeous woman accepts that working out can be very hard, but she thinks that when you make it fun, it feels great. She likes finding the exercises that make her feel like a champ and suggests that everybody should find the exercises they love. It will motivate to workout regularly, like she does.

Workout Help

The talented actress likes to exercise on a customized bike that suits her body. She earlier took the help of apps like MyFitnessPal too.

Workout on Sets

The Baltimore-born likes to workout on the sets. She usually does pushups or an ab routine when she is at work and between takes. She spends 10 to 16 hours on the set and often doesn’t get time to workout at home. So, she compensates by working out between the takes. Shalita prefers to workout on stairs of the set or the interrogation room. She says that working out on the sets keeps her blood going and keeps her up.

Workout Buddy

Shalita Grant with Lucas Black
Shalita Grant

The fitness enthusiast likes to workout with her co-star Lucas Black. They encourage each other to workout on the sets. They do a lot of exercises together like push-ups or walking lunges. He also helps her to stay away from bad habits like drinking too much coffee by distracting her with workouts.

Workout and her Show

The Empire Corner (2010) actress likes to do her own stunts whenever she can manage it, reports People. She also says that working out regularly has helped her to perform the most physically demanding scenes for her show. Tough working conditions are also not so tough for her, thanks to her health and her dedication to being fit. Shalita shared that she recently had to shoot in the swamp in the heat for the show. She had to drop, roll, shoot the gun and then run to arrest (as well as handcuff) the bad guys. Her fit body allowed her to do all that as it is used to physical training which made her job easy.

Shalita Grant rope skipping workout
Shalita Grant rope skipping workout

Feeling the Pressure

The graduate of Juilliard, NCIS confesses that she has to deal with a lot of pressure to stay fit and look great from the industry. But rather than running after being skinny, she does it her own way. Her way is to stay strong and fit which automatically helps her look great.

Customized Diet

The actress of an Oscar-nominated documentary, Rehearsing a Dream (2006) has confessed to taking the help of a nutritionist and chef to help her decide her meals. She says that she cannot do any stunt work, stay up late at night or shoot in the heat if she eats poorly. So, she has to seek advice on eating proper food and gets the food prepared by an expert.

Being a Vegan

The TV star is a fan of the 80: 20 Rule. She likes to eat clean 80 percent of the time and indulge 20 percent of the time. Her character in the show Sonja Percy has rubbed off her in real life because she has recently adopted vegan / vegetarian diet.

Carrying the Food

Health reports that the versatile actress likes to carry her meals in a 6-Pack Fitness Renee Tote that can hold 4 meals at a time. Apart from the meals, it helps a person to carry a laptop, keys, wallet, etc. in different pockets.

Current and Previous Diet Plans

The current diet plan of the hottie revolves around eating heavy vegetarian meals and snacking on nuts and fruits. The previous diet plan is given here. She used to have this diet just a few months back.

Breakfast – Omelet with some dandelion greens

Lunch – Ground beef, barley and mixed vegetables

Dinner – Chicken, potato, kale or other easily prepared foods

Snacks – Protein shakes as they are easy on her digestive system.

She prefers having whole foods and not gorges on any diets that keep coming and going with time. She also carries some hot sauce with her to make her foods interesting.

Beauty Tips

The Invisible (2010) actress stays beautiful due to her regular workouts and drinking plenty of water. She carries a water bottle with her all the time too. She thinks that her skin feels better with water. Removing makeup before sleeping also helps her skin to look great.

Shalita Grant at Ladylike Foundations 2016 Women of Excellence Luncheon
Shalita Grant at Ladylike Foundations 2016 Women of Excellence Luncheon

On The Go Makeup Tip

The brunette beauty likes to keep basic accessories like a refresher, highlighter and some basic makeup in her bag so that she can keep herself looking great. She also suggests that people should keep the skin hydrated at all times.

How to Feel Beautiful & Body Confident?

The key to being beautiful and body confident is to have the ability to do things that she likes and meeting her goals. She feels really great about herself when she beats Lucas and other boys during workouts and can do tough exercises that may seem impossible. You should also find things that make you feel good about yourself and it must not just be about looking great in the mirror.

If you liked the fitness and beauty tips shared by Grant, you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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