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Shangri-La Diet – Beat Your Cravings and Shed Weight

Shangri-La Diet

Devised by Seth Roberts, professor of psychology, Shangri-La Diet will shed pounds from your body by beating your cravings and appetite. Roberts considers, your uncontrollable cravings are the main reasons responsible for triggering the problem of weight gain in you.

Through Shangri-La diet program, Roberts presents logical facts in front of dieters. For instance, he doesn’t believe in the crap to shed weight by feeding your body extremely low calories and practicing intense workouts.

Most of overly restrictive diet programs are based on the same illogical principle and that’s the reason they fail. There are myriad people all over the world who have used the diet program and successfully melt away several unsolicited pounds from their bodies.

What is Shangri-La Diet?

Shangri-La focuses on lowering down your body’s set point to lose weight. Shangri-La diet has taken flavorless sugar water and olive oil to be used as the primary tools to combat against weight problem. These two foods will bring down your appetite and your tendency to consume foods in your meals.

At no point in the program, you will be asked to stay hungry for long hours, or banish your favorite foods. You just need to consume these two foods in between your meals. You can shed up to 35 pounds of weight in three months while adhering to the program.

Main Idea of Shangri-La Diet

Shangri-La diet program is based on the fact that more yummy foods you will feed to your body, more enhancements will be there in your craving for those foods. Roberts believes foods having delicious taste sound appealing to your taste buds and you feel tempted to savor more of them. Such foods give birth to never ending desire regarding consumption of these foods in you.

Contrary to that, if you eat foods unfamiliar to your taste buds, or foods not having very good taste, or are flavorless; you can keep check on your cravings in a better way because these foods are able to suppress your desire to consume more foods. If you make such foods part of your meals, you will eat less, which further will fetch you the most desired body.

Eating tasteless foods is just like confusing your brain and making it think that your body is starving, as a result of which your brain starts lowering down the set point to fulfill your body, which further triggers weight loss in you.

How to Follow Shangri-La Diet?

Shangri-La diet doesn’t seek its dieters to memorize a lot of things; it simply wants its dieters to include two to three tablespoons of olive oil or sugar water along-with their meals. Doing so will poke your brain to lower the set point which will assist your body in shedding weight.

Unfamiliar foods also have the same impact on your brain as flavorless foods have. So, consuming unfamiliar foods or foods having different flavors every now and then stimulate the process of weight loss in you.

There are 120 calories in one tablespoon of olive oil and 240 calories in 75 grams of sugar mixed in water. Therefore consumption of two tablespoons of olive oil and sugary water will provide you almost same number of calories.

Food Items in Shangri-La Diet

Shangri-La diet is absolutely candid in its approach. The plan asks its dieters to refrain from processed foods, refined sugar, refined grains, sugary foods, and beverages etc. At the same time, high fiber and nutrient rich fruits and veggies are highly recommended foods in the program.

Eating foods having insipid taste such as boiled or mashed vegetables, blended foods etc. is highly recommended in the program. In snacks and desserts, Roberts recommends consumption of fruits only. Unprocessed and whole foods have been given preference over processed foods because unprocessed foods are less tasty and thus are less appealing to your taste buds. Small consumption of these foods will make you feel fuller.

Sample Meal Plan

You won’t consume many foods in a day, but while consuming little foods also, you won’t feel deprived because exclusive food items chosen by the plan will keep check on your appetite. You can have 900 calories in one meal, two fruits containing 75 calories, and sugar water having 150 calories in a day.

Benefits of Shangri-La Diet Plan

For people seeking to see rapid results, Shangri-La diet plan can turn out to be right choice. Shangri-La diet has many benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • The program is perfect for dieters seeking to lose weight without workouts. Since the diet solution doesn’t ask its dieters to practice workouts, dieters not having very amicable attitude towards workouts can get immense benefits from the program.
  • Unlike other diet programs having myriad guidelines and directions which often become difficult for dieters to remember, Shangri-La diet is simple and dieters won’t feel troubled while moving along with the diet program.
  • Dieters are not supposed to keep check on the number of calories which often is the most irritating thing told by diet programs.

Drawbacks of Shangri-La Diet Plan

Shangri-La is more of a gimmick or fad diet plan. Let’s have a look at the loopholes of diet schedule.

  • Emphasis on the consumption of olive oil and sugar water in meals might pose challenging situation in front of dieters. In addition to that, consumption of tasteless foods such as blended and mashed vegetables etc. too is not very practical to follow.
  • Long term weight loss is again an issue with the program because it asks its dieters to consume something unusual. Dieters might stick to the recommendations of the plan and might shed weight also, but as they will revert to their old tasty foods, they are likely to regain weight.
  • Dietitians and nutrition experts have not supported the diet program, therefore Shangri-La diet solution seems to stand aloof.
  • In weight loss programs, psychological aspects cannot be overlooked. But the diet solution has not bothered to consider psychological changes taking place in dieters while moving ahead with the program.

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