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Shanina Shaik 2017 Workout and Diet Secrets

When you are among the hottest models of the world, it becomes essential to stay fit and eat right. Here you can have a look at Shanina Shaik’s workout and diet secrets to know how she is keeping healthy, how she prepares her body for a swim shoot and explore some fantastic wellness tips she shared. What are you waiting for, read on and take notes!

Workout Secrets

The stunner likes to mix up her workouts and prefers Pilates, gym sessions, yoga, and steam. She avoids weights because it bulks her up too much. She also goes for SLT when she is in LA. Her preferences also include hitting Y7 studios in New York and L.A.

Post Workout Snack

After hitting the gym or a class, she usually has a healthy bowl at NYC’s Egg Shop. Her usual order is The Spandex that includes avocado, eggs, quinoa, and some balsamic. She also has some smoked salmon with it.

Working Out with Someone

Shanina is one of the few people who like to exercise. Exercising becomes even more pleasant for her when she is working out with someone as that person can help her to keep more accountable and better motivated.

Working Out with Her Fiancé

The would-be wife of DJ Ruckus says that she tries to go to the gym every day and her fiancé helps a lot. He motivates her to hit the gym daily by boosting her confidence. He even works out with her.

Diet Secrets

The Victoria’s Secret model says that her crucial diet secret is to be consistent regarding her diet. She is a pescetarian, but she tries to eat vegetarian food as often as possible.

Diet Indulgence

The diva likes to indulge in sweets but also knows that she can’t have them all the time.

New Venture

The beauty’s attempts at fitness seems to be paying off as she was announced as the ambassador for Khloé Kardashian‘s Good American line recently. When sharing this news on Instagram, she stated that she was delighted to be a part of the family which strives to ensure that all women in the world feel strong, confident and beautiful.

Preparing for a Swim Shoot

The Melbourne-born prepares for a swim shoot by sleeping 8 hours every night and cutting down on her alcohol intake by reducing the number of parties she has with her friends.

Workout Changes

Before a swim shoot, the star likes to intensify her workout sessions with her trainer. She also increases the number of workout sessions she does in a week. Her trainer increases the time she has to spend doing cardio, which is usually sprints on the treadmill. A few days before she shoots, she goes for Sauna as it reduces the water weight from her body.

Diet Changes

The exotic woman likes to stick to a similar diet almost always because she can never know when a shoot might be scheduled. She never forgets to take her vitamins in the days leading up to a shoot.

Skincare Changes

Before a swim shoot, she also takes care of her skin by drinking hot water and lemon. It’s a great cleanser that works for her. She even goes for infrared saunas. They detoxify the body and lead to a glowing complexion.

Wellness Mantras

Shaik has some simple wellness mantras that will help you to stay fit and take care of your body in a better manner. Have a look:

Take Care of Yourself

No matter how busy your routine is, you need to take care of your body. She does that by traveling with vitamins and snacks along with ensuring that she drinks plenty of water and sleeps right.

Get a Positive Start

You should find a workout that suits your body and your busy schedule and hit the gym early in the morning like her. It will ensure that you get a positive start every day.

Seek Help

If your body needs it, you should start taking probiotics and vitamins like her. They help her have a clear skin and boosts her metabolism as well.

The Perfect Diet

You should find a diet that agrees with your body and stick to it. Falling off the wagon every once in a while is okay but do try to be consistent. Her life changed when she switched to a vegan diet because common digestive and bloating issues were not there anymore.

A proper diet will make you feel more energized too. If you can, give a shot to a plant-based diet, says The Mummy (2017) actress.

Stay Focused

If you want to achieve success in life, you should focus on yourself and never compare your life with others. You should carve your path, stick to it and work hard to ensure that you achieve all the goals in life.

Featured Image by Julien Rademaker / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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