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Six Habits that will Help You Sculpt Rock Hard Abs

Getting rock hard abs

The dream and prospect of getting those much wanted and desired rock hard and sexy abs is what drags most men to the sweaty gyms. In those initial days, when we are awash with dreams of getting that ultimate mark of manhood, which every hero ranging from Hercules to Superman is depicted with, we feel that it will be mere matter of days before we would be able to flaunt them. But, as the days fly by and our initial inspiration is overpowered by the reality, we often abandon it. After all, it seems near to impossible to build them.

And, the inability to develop chiseled mid-section isn’t because you have missed out on secret supplement or haven’t stumbled across magical exercise. None of it. It is due to our feeble mindset and wavering dedication. Cutting the flab and love handles takes time, hard work and dedication. Every single day, you have to take right steps. Yes, every single day, there aren’t any off days here. If you are ready to heed the advice and ready to work day by day, then read the six habits listed below. Otherwise, the rest of article is mere waste of time.

  • Start with water

Drink Water Regularly

While you sleep, your body keeps working without any supply of water. To understand how much your body is in need of water when you wake up, consider this, you have to work for a straight shift of eight hours without any intake of fluids. You would be absolutely parched and your metabolism would be sluggish than a tortoise. The lack of water can seriously undermine your body’s working. That is why, it is very important that you fill up your tank as soon as you get up in the morning. According to experts, you should drink minimum of 16 ounces as soon as you rise. The experts claim that drinking the before mentioned quantity of water can increase your metabolism by 30 percent. If you want the famed six pack, then water your body from now.

  • Never skip breakfast

Often people who want to lose weight tend to skip breakfast. The logic behind this line of thinking is that skipping breakfast means eating less calories. So, would you lose weight with such habit? No, absolutely not. If you skip your breakfast, then there are overwhelming chances that you will eat unhealthy items to assuage your hunger. However, if you do eat breakfast, then along with getting your machinery started, there are countless other benefits. For example, it has been found that having breakfast can boost your metabolism. Breakfast helps to fuel up your body, improves strength, endurance, and stamina. This could be very important for those, who workout in the morning. Another benefit of having breakfast is that you won’t be restless, irritated and grumpy. And, you don’t have to worry about having breakfast on the go. As long as you have it, everything is fine.

  • Review goals, stay focused


And, while you are having your breakfast, review your goals, get your motivation up. There are countless people, who set out on mission to get the super physique. However, about one tenth of them manage to succeed. Reason? They are focused, they are aware of their mission. To use goal setting for your benefit, the first thing you need is to break your objectives into smaller achievable and tangible milestones. Instead of everyday repeating the same vague thing, I want abs and getting bored with it, say, I want to lose 10 lbs, I want to bring my body fat ratio to below 10%. This way you would be better motivated to achieve your goals, and can easily chart your success. And, while you are it, monitor what you are going to eat and exercises you would be doing to reduce your gut.

  • Pack your lunch

Pack your lunch mid-day meal

The best way to ensure that you stick to your diet plan is to carry your food to the office. This will help you avoid munching unhealthy food, when you are hungry. The outside prepared food is usually loaded with preservatives and sauces, which can prove detrimental to your goals. And, packing the lunch doesn’t mean that your only obligation is to carry mid-day meal. You should ideally carry three meals for your eight hour work shift. Carry a fruit such as apple or mixture of nuts for the morning snack, around 500-600 calorie lunch, which by the way, can be prepared the night before, in case you don’t have time in the morning, and a protein shake for the afternoon drink.

  • The right exercise philosophy

People tend to do endless crunches in hope to get washboard abs. Most people don’t understand that abs are just there, all you need to do is cut the flab that is blanketing them. Your workout routine should be focused on reducing your fat. The best and most effective strategy for the same is to combine the weight training with intensity interval training. Lifting weights for half an hour is said to burn same number of calories as running for the same interval. Also, weight lifting has better impact on your metabolism. Coupled with the interval training, that is known to push metabolism into overdrive, the weight training would help you to carve six pack in shorter time. Go for full body workout three days a week and do interval training in the days in between.

  • Get in sack early

Man Sleeping

The last, but not the least habit you need to develop to sculpt rock hard abs is to sleep early. The studies have found that just three nights of less than adequate sleep can make your muscle cells resistant to insulin hormones, which leads to fat storage. Also, lack of sleep can seriously mess up your metabolism. To ensure that you get adequate sleep, which is eight hours, stop watching TV, and ban all your digital appliances such as smartphones and tabs from your bed. Instead, grab a decent book, girls do love combination of brain and brawn.

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