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Soccer Star Florencia Galarza Workout Routine and Fitness Tips

Florencia Galarza while drinking green smoothie
Florencia Galarza while drinking green smoothie

Florencia Galarza is the captain of streetwear and sneaker store Kilth’s soccer team. She is also a member of world’s top professional soccer clubs Boca Juniors in Argentina. So when she talks fitness, she means some serious business.

Her own workout routine is quite grueling when she is training before the season as she works out twice a day but the fitness tips she shared with her fans are quite doable if one is committed enough. And yes, she has some special fitness advice for Latina women. Keep reading to know it all!

It’s All About Your Mentality

The popular sports personality believes that fitness is a mental game. Humans are capable of doing so much but many times people shut down just because of what’s in their heads. You shouldn’t do that and stay committed to fitness.

Workout Routine

As she was involved in pre-season training, she worked out for two times a day and did some crazy running to get in shape.

Her preferred cardio activity is running as it helps her to not only lose weight but also boosts her speed and endurance. Her preferred total body workout is sprinting. She pushes herself to do intervals on a treadmill. She usually interchanges jogging at 9 mph with sprints at 13 or 14 mph. To make things more interesting, she sprints against resistance harness.

Florencia Galarza stair climbing workout
Florencia Galarza stair climbing workout

Fitness Tips

Here are a few fitness tips shared by Galarza that might help you to boost your fitness levels.

Just One More

When you are exercising, always try to do some additional exercises at the end to ensure that you not only reach but go over the finish line. No matter how tired you are, push yourself to do one more rep or sprint extra 5 seconds. It will keep things challenging and you will get better results.

Keep Progressing

If you think that the workout you are doing is getting too easy, you should think of some ways to make it harder as it will help you to keep progressing. To keep your body guessing, you can do stuff like yoga with weights (about 7.5-pound dumbbells). It won’t be easy but it will be excellent for your upper body.

Old is Gold

You don’t need a fancy gym equipment when you place your trust in old yet golden exercises. You should try basic exercises like pushups. Even if you do them on your knees it’s okay, just try to challenge yourself to get real results. She does two sets of 20 regular pushups and two sets of 20 tricep push-ups (in which your arms are parallel to your torso).

Florencia Galarza doing stretching
Florencia Galarza doing stretching

Never Miss Your Core

While working out, a part of the body that you can’t forget to strengthen is your core. It will not only allow you to wear those crop tops easily, it will also allow you to have a good balance and enhance your overall fitness. To strengthen your core, you must add planks, v-ups, and crunches to your workout. It would be amazing if you could hold a plank for 60 seconds, do 25 v–ups and 25 crunches in one set. You need to do this set for three times. When you want things to get harder, skip the breaks and you’ll really feel the burn.

Invest In Good Gear

You should invest in good workout gear that lets you move freely and allows you to do all sorts of exercises like yoga, boxing, treadmill sprints, etc. It is also wise to buy running shoes so that you keep running as long as you want to without getting tired easily.

Best Booty Exercise

One of the best booty exercises you can do is squats. You can try weighted or jump squats as Florencia enjoys those. You should start with something that’s really heavy and don’t feel afraid of it. Her preferred glute workout is doing 5 sets of 20 squats by holding a 20-pound weight. To make things challenging, you can try it on a Bosu ball.

Run Happy

If you are running for fitness and overall health, you should try to be happy. Don’t see running as a punishment and don’t do much huffing or puffing. Try to make it fun by using methods like listening to music while you run and enjoy the experience rather than considering it to be an awful one.

Fitness Advice for Latinas

The successful model advises Latinas to just start with a fitness routine and a healthy eating routine. Then you just need to stick to it for a few weeks. Soon, you will be addicted to it and the change will feel amazing. You should remember that following a healthy lifestyle is not an option, it’s something that will make your body better and improve your overall health.

Florencia Galarza resistance band workout at the gym
Florencia Galarza resistance band workout at the gym

You should also try to be careful with your food. Don’t eat stuff that makes you feel bad and lowers your energy levels. If you have salmon and veggies, it will give you more energy than a pizza. You should also track how much sugar, wheat or dairy your body can tolerate and act accordingly.

Don’t be too strict about your diet and deprive something you really want, but don’t let the reigns loose for too long. It’s all about keeping things balanced and when you achieve that balance, you will achieve optimal fitness levels.

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