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Sofia Vergara Workout Routine Diet Plan

Sofia Vergara is very famous for her curvy body. She grew up in Barranquilla, Colombia eating lots of fats in the form of ice-cream, chocolate, pastries, sweets, etc., and thus she was quite bulky during her childhood but today she is having the curviest body that each female would be envy of. She has worked hard over her body instead of controlling her food habits. Till now, she loves to eat ice-cream and enjoy every bit of it to its fullest. Regular and organized organic way of workout such as yoga, dance, riding a bicycle has helped her to get a curvy body. Here, you will know about her diet plan and workout regime, follow it and enjoy voluptuousness.

Sofia Vergara Workout Routine

Sofia has a healthy body with proportionate stress on the higher plus lower area with ideal synchronization between her mind and soul. Attractive curves, eye-catching hips, defined neckline as well as perfect outlined body system elucidate why Sofia is so famous for her body figure. She has included general yet essential workouts type such as dance, aerobic exercise as well as cardio workouts, etc. These workouts are not just the only thing responsible for what Sofia is today but her Latin dance practice has also contributed a lot to her hotness and curvaceous figure.

  • Cardio Workout – Sofia wants this way of work out to decrease the additional fat from all over her body form the stomach, which has accumulated or which use to get deposited on  her body because of her love of ice creams. For cardio workout, she does rope jumping or simply cycling.  These forms of exercise keep her active through out the day.
  • Wide Dumbbell Squats – This way of workout is very crucial for keeping back strong and straight.

Sofia Vergara Workout

  • Close Grip Bicep Curls – It is the most popular way of developing arms and shoulders and making it look eye-catching. This form of exercise is used for making chest broader in order to make it proportionate with the lower body part.
  • Reverse Crunches – She is a regular practitioner of reverse crunches. She does it with or without the mat. Crunches are one of the most popular forms of exercise and are performed by most of the celebrities.

Sofia Vergara Diet Plan

Sofia Vergara Diet Plan

Sofia’s diet plan is also a significant aspect for staying her curvy. She takes her meals 5 times in a day. Her meals have a proper and healthy proportions of carbohydrates, low protein-fats, roughage, etc., though she has given up eating junk and oily food but she has not given up having confectioneries like ice creams, cakes or pastries.

  • Breakfast – Fresh fruits and raw vegetables along with healthy fruit drinks make her going all day long. Her breakfast shows no signs of fat.
  • Snacks – For her first treat of the day, she love to have some sweets or dairy products with which she can quench her thirst of eating something sweet in nature.
  • Lunch – Though Sofia is keeping healthy routines but during her lunchtime she likes to have a pasta or any other fat less food. She does not want to look like a metal framework that is why she gives some break to her meal routines also.
  • Snacks – In her second course of treats, she eats fresh fruits or oatmeal along with a glass of juice. She believes that having lots of water will help her to burn fats naturally. So she includes such foods which contain natural water.
  • Dinner – Low carbohydrate meals classify her supper. She takes only such amount of meals in her dinner, which is required by her body system. Maintaining curve in the perfect shape is most difficult, but Sofia knows very well how to deal with her body in the best possible way.

This schedule is doing wonders for her and if you also want to have curvy and voluptuous body then you may consider following this workout routine and diet plan of Sofia and it may also work for you too. Just work hard and maintain a healthy life style like Sofia.

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