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Sonoma Diet Plan – Acquire Trimmed Waist in Ten Days

Sonoma Diet

Named after gorgeous wine city of California and greatly influenced by Mediterranean Diet Plan, Sonoma Diet Plan is a marvelous diet plan, compiled by Connie Guttersen, registered Nutritionist having PhD in nutrition. The diet plan will melt several pounds from your body just in ten days.

Without sacrificing your favorite food items and going through a long phase of starvation, you can lose massive weight by adhering to the diet plan. Guttersen doesn’t believe in getting healthy body by making your body devoid of your loved foods. He rather believes in attaining health while enjoying foods in moderation.

And that’s the reason, he has provided long list of food items even in restrictive phase of the diet plan. After the induction period is over, you can even have red, white wine and sugary foods in moderation.

What is Sonoma Diet Plan?

Instead of being a high-protein, low-carbs, or low-sugar diet plan, Sonoma diet plan is a healthy diet plan. The diet plan is like a boon to the lovers of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. Though the diet plan has set you free to consume foods in moderation but still unhealthy and processed foods have failed to find room in the diet plan. They are strictly forbidden. The diet plan being offering wide array of delicious recipes is perfect fit for people who love cooking.

Power Foods in Sonoma Diet Plan

Sonoma diet plan insists consumption of healthy and nutrient dense food items. Meticulously selected list of food items in Sonoma diet has ten power foods. These are –

Almonds – Almonds being rich in essential fatty acids are very beneficial for heart.

Bell peppers – Apart from being low in calories, bell peppers are rich in numerous nutrients.

Blueberries – Blueberries being rich in antioxidants impart myriad health benefits to body.

Broccoli – Rich in vitamin C, calcium, vitamins, and many other nutrients, broccoli assists your body in combating against carcinogenic cells and dissuading their formation in your body.

Grapes – Rich in phytonutrients, grapes have astonishingly healthy effects on your body.

Olive Oil – Apart from being superb source of unsaturated fatty acids, olive oil possesses myriad antioxidant properties and keeps your cholesterol level in control.

Spinach – Opulent in folate, iron, vitamin K, antioxidants, and calcium, spinach comes under the category of prodigious food items having very low calories.

Strawberries – Dense in nutrients, the sweet food keeps check on your cravings and keeps you occupied for longer.

Tomatoes – The most versatile food item has magnificent capability of fighting against carcinogenic cells.

Whole-grains – High in fiber, whole grains speed up your metabolism and save you from cancer.

Three Waves of Sonoma Diet Plan

There are three waves in the diet plan and your food items have been allocated in these three waves.

Wave One

Wave one will last for ten days and it’s the most restrictive phase of the diet plan. Processed foods such as potato chips, white rice, sausage, bacon, fruit juice, butter etc. are forbidden in this phase. Due to high sugar content, fruits and some vegetables also come under banished food items.

Despite eliminating so many food items from the first phase, the list of allowed food items is not short. You are allowed to have eggs, seafood, lean beef, pork, eggplant, low-fat cottage, asparagus, cheese, olive oil, soba noodles, walnuts, almonds, and numerous herbs and spices.

Apart from them, there are myriad mouth-watering recipes in wave one. These recipes have deliberately been introduced in wave one, to encourage dieters remain stick to the diet plan. Names of some of the recipes are mushroom omelet, grilled shrimp with green salad, steak, and blue cheese wrap etc. Due to limited calorie choices, you will lose weight at a very fast pace in this phase. Moreover, the phase will efficiently control your cravings.

Wave Two

The diet plan has opened the way to array of food items in this wave. Wave two allows you to consume more than twenty four fruits, sugar-free sweets, several vegetables, and six ounces of red or white wine in a day. You are recommended to be in wave two, until you accomplish your target weight.

Wave Three

Wave three seeks lifetime commitment from you to follow a healthy lifestyle. It will educate you how to adhere to healthy eating habits for lifetime and how to successfully maintain the lost weight forever.

You can enjoy ample exotic fruits and vegetables, several celebration days, and different foods of your choice in moderation. The diet plan insists the dieters to engage themselves in some kind of agile physical activities. Apart from energizing you, they will also strengthen your body from inside.

Pros and Cons of Sonoma Diet Plan

Nutritionist and experts studied the diet plan and came up with its pros and cons. Let’s have a look at them.


  • The diet plan has been designed in a very arduous way and its simplicity simply attracts dieters.
  • The diet plan focuses on celebration of foods rather than elimination of food items.
  • There is great emphasis on the enjoyment of foods. You are recommended to eat slowly, so you can completely relish the foods.
  • There are many food items rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. Motive behind the inclusion of such food items is to nourish your body with various essential nutrients.
  • Everything being well defined in the diet plan, you don’t have to struggle to choose your food items.


  • The diet plan has kept calories drastically low in wave one. Since the time span of wave one is ten days, living on extremely low calorie diet for ten days might make your body radically deficient in nutrients. So, wave one is not at all a healthy phase.
  • Fruits and vegetables have also been included into the category of eliminated food items in wave one and to an extent in wave two also. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and many nutrients. Banishing them from diet plan is not an appreciable thing.
  • Whole and natural foods have been pointed up in the diet plan but the diet plan has totally overlooked the users who are supposed to be out from home for several days. If they are unable to avail whole foods, what should be the possible substitutes they can consume; there are no recommendations for such situations.

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