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Sportneer Wrist Strength Exerciser Review

Sportneer Wrist Strength Exerciser

Developing forearm and wrist strength is beneficial for many reasons. It is extremely helpful if you are a fitness enthusiast, mountain climber, or pianist. Having a strong forearm and wrist can help you in doing daily activities more efficiently. There are now different types of forearm and wrist strength exercisers available in the market that can help to give you do wrist and forearm exercises at home. The equipment is simple and easy to carry. So, you can take it anywhere you go. Before buying a forearm and wrist strength exerciser, you should first know more about the equipment and what it can do. If you do some research on different products, you will understand how they differ and you will be able to pick up one according to your needs and preference. You should check out what resistance it offers. You should buy equipment considering your present physical ability and make sure that you have the option to grow with the equipment. Here, we are going to review the Sportneer Wrist Strength Exerciser that has received good reviews from most customers.


The Sportneer Wrist Strength Exerciser has been designed for the athletes and the musicians. This equipment is very effective in developing forearms. It is black with some red accents on the middle corners. It is lightweight, which makes it portable. It has an adjustable design, so you can perform regular and reverse wrist curls with the adjustable stabilizer pad in the middle of the wrist strengthener. If you move the stabilizer pad towards the handle, you will get more resistance and if you move it towards the U-shaped foam, you will get less resistance. It offers great flexibility, allowing you to perform different exercises to strengthen your wrists and forearms. The forearm muscle is responsible for the wrist movement and this equipment strengthens this muscle. So, you will feel more comfortable and confident when playing tennis or golf.

Build Quality

It is made of heavy-duty carbon steel springs which makes it extremely durable. It has a thick 10mm foam stabilizer pad that provides cushion and reduces the chance of injuries. Its resistance level is 25lbs to 30lbs. You can get it in 2 different sizes. One size is suitable for the experts and another for the beginners. It provides flexibility, so you will be able to perform different exercises and strengthen your arms, wrists, and fingers. Though it is lightweight, it is strong enough to withstand many reps of exercises every day.


It has dimensions 10.5 inches by 5 inches by 1.25 inches and weighs 1 pound only. You can get it in 2 sizes – 10.1 inches and 11.4 inches. The 10.1 inches long strengthener has a minimum tension of 8 kg. This is ideal for sportsmen, rock climbers, golfers, and tennis players. For sports beginners, physical therapy, women and kids, the 11.4 inches on will be more appropriate. The minimum tension is 2 kg in this case.


It has a 10mm foam pad that provides great comfort to the arms. It has rest guards on the wrist and forearm that feel very comfortable when exercising. You should start slow and then slowly increase the number of daily sets. That way you will be able to get good forearm and wrist strength. It is ergonomically designed, so it won’t cause any pain to your wrist or forearm even if you exercise for long hours.

Ease Of Use

When you use it for the first time, make sure that you use the minimum tension. Then slowly increase the tension for more challenging workouts. It is ergonomically designed, so you will feel very comfortable using it.


You can use this equipment for both wrist and forearm exercises. It can improve your power, strength, and speed in your wrists, forearms and also fingers. The minimum tension of 8kg is ideal for fitness enthusiasts, rock climbers, athletes, golfers, and musicians. Exercising with this equipment will help to reduce your daily stress. It can increase your muscle strength allowing you to perform activities more smoothly. It offers great flexibility. You will be able to curl upwards or downwards which will allow you to target your various forearm muscles. If you have a broken wrist or suffering from arthritis, then you should use this wrist strengthener.


  • It is ideal for musicians and athletes.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It is ergonomically designed, so you won’t feel any pain on your wrist or forearms while exercising for long hours.
  • It is made of heavy-duty carbon steel spring making it extremely durable.
  • It is adjustable, so you can perform different exercises like regular and reverse wrist curls.
  • You can vary the resistance and go for more challenging workouts.
  • It has a 10mm foam pad that provides ultimate comfort.
  • You can use it for both the forearm and wrist.
  • It provides maximum safety.
  • It is affordable.
  • You get a warranty card with it.


  • It is too tough for rehabilitation purposes.
  • It is not ideal for muscle buildup as the resistance is not enough.

Final Verdict

This equipment is great for forearm strength development. Using it regularly will strengthen your arm, wrist, fingers and forearms muscles and grip as well. It will improve the strength, speed, and power of your wrists, forearms, and fingers. So, you will be able to become a better tennis player, golf player, rock climber or a pianist. It is made of heavy-duty carbon steel springs, so it will last for a long time. The 10mm foam stabilizer pad will give extra comfort. Due to its compact size, you can store it anywhere. It is also portable, so you can use it at home, office or even on the go. There is a minimum chance of any injury when using this equipment. It is a safe equipment for strengthening your wrists and forearms.

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