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Structure House Diet – Perfect Weight Loss Plan

Structure House Weight Loss Plan

Developed by Gerald J. Musante, founder and director of structure house center for weight control, Structure House Diet is one of the most popular weight loss programs prevalent in USA. The plan has also been ranked as the healthiest and most effective program by one of the top health magazines of America.

The diet program considers emotional eating the main reason responsible for obesity. Study shows that large majority of Americans consume unhealthy and junk foods to handle stress, worry, and loneliness.

In the stressful and materialistic life, it’s very crucial for you conquer your brain if you want to acquire heathy and sleek body. Prevalent from last thirty years, the plan has helped thousands of people in losing weight and in improving their lives.

What Structure House Diet Will Do?

Twenty eight days program will provide you an exercise schedule, and nutritious and balanced diet regime. The program will make you look good from outside and feel great from inside. Through structure house diet, Dr. Musante wants to change your perspective and relationship with food. Should you understand the main purpose of consuming foods, without going through any strict program, you will be able to uphold yourself fit and healthy forever.

You will find several easy to follow techniques and procedures in the program which will educate you how you can live a healthy and contented life. In addition to that, simple strategies suggested in the program will beat your cravings.

What is Structure House?

Founded in 1977 by Dr. Musante, structure house is actually a house covering large area of 21 acres. Dr. Musante noticed that a lot of people today are overweight. He built structure house where overweight people can bring them in slender body shapes.

However, as he started working on his program, he got feedback of weight gain from his clients after they went back to home and reverted to their old eating habits. He studied the reasons for them in detail and started practicing more realistic approach in structure house.

This facility provides exclusive weight loss residential program to people. Dieters intending to lose weight are told how they can improve their relationship with foods. You will find expert dietitians, nutritionist, swimming pool, fitness center, and apartments for dieters and their relatives.

You will get an amicable weight loss environment in the structure house which will not only melt pounds from your body, but will also educate you about the factors responsible for your wrong eating habits, how they are affecting your body as well as your personal life, and how you can overcome them.

Cause of Obesity

Dr. Musante figured out that appetite is not the only thing which pokes you to consume more and thoughtless foods. Reasons responsible for making you obese are grimmer than you even think. Most of overweight people are victims of emotional distress and other psychological problems.

They consider foods as their weapon which they can use to combat against their miserable condition. Salty and sugary foods have appetite stimulants used in them. You feel better for some time after consuming them, because these appetite stimulants send message of being happy to your brain. But as time passes their impact disappears and you start getting yearning to consume more of them.

How Structure House Diet Works?

Structure house diet is not a fad diet program claiming to shed pounds from your body in short period of time. It rather aims to inculcate healthy eating habits in you. The program emphasizes consumption of high fiber foods. The diet schedule not bein restrictive offers diverse variety of foods. You are supposed to consume three regular meals in a day and avoid snacking.

You will find wide variety of delicious recipes in the plan. This way you can introduce fitness in your life along-with taste. Since calorie consumed by you should be less than calories burned by you, you need to keep a check on the number of calories consumed by you, and make sure that you are not consuming too many calories.

The plan advocates writing down your daily progress with the program in a diary. You need to weigh you on daily basis. Measuring your weight on daily basis will also provide you psychological benefits, because seeing yourself with lost weight will inspire you to continue the same diet regime until you attain your weight-loss objective.

Drawbacks of Structure House Diet Plan

Structure house diet indeed is result of meticulous efforts made by Dr. Musante, but some drawbacks are still left in it. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Limitation of calorie consumption in a day is not very appreciable and might make people lose their interest in the diet program. Moreover, low calorie diet program is seldom considered a healthy diet plan.
  • The plan seems to specifically target people who are victims of emotional eating. Along-with emotional eating there are several other factors responsible for making you grow overweight. For instance, physical ailment, hormonal imbalance, and lots more are there. If emotional eating is not the cause of your obesity, you cannot positively look up to the plan.
  • Snacking being totally banished in the plan allows you to eat foods at pre-fixed times only. Since you are not allowed to consume foods whenever you feel hungry, you might have to go through long starvation periods.
  • You need to withdraw extra time from your busy schedule to plan your meals and foods for the day.

Sample Diet Plan

Structure House diet plan is simple and easy to follow. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans.


You can have one cup of melon, cheese blintzes and two strawberries, half cup of yogurt in your breakfast.


You can have one tomato, half cup of grapes, half cup of turkey salad with lettuce leaves, whole grain bread toast etc. in your lunch.


You can have one oz of mustard sauce, two cups of spinach, one third cup of brown rice, half cup of applesauce, half cup of peppers and onions etc. in your dinner.

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