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No Sugar Diet Plan – Say Goodbye to Sweet Poison

No Sugar Diet Plan

There are many diet plans prevalent in modern times, advocating restraining carbs from your diet to lose weight, but not much emphasis has been given to low sugar diet. No Sugar Diet Plan has been devised to inculcate healthy eating habits in you.

The diet plan contends, main reason why people revert to their previous weight after losing weight through weight loss program is, they don’t steer clear from sugar. Sugar has been called sinister food item in the diet plan. Should you seek to have ripped body with buffed arms, legs and stomach, and glow on your hair and face, you should begin refraining from food items containing refined sugar.

Recommended Food Items of Diet Plan

To acquire a healthy body and sane mind, you shall forbid processed and sugary foods and beverages from your diet. The plan recommends including some healthy and nutritious food items in your diet regime. Let’s have a look at them.

Green and Non Starchy Vegetables

Include green and non-starchy vegetables such as kale, onions, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, bell pepper, cauliflower, bok choy etc. in the mainstream of your diet. Apart from being low in calories, these non-starchy vegetables being loaded with nutrients will keep you satisfied for a really long time.

Should you want to include some starchy vegetables, you can go for low starch veggies such as sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and winter squashes. These nutrient veggies shall not raise your blood sugar level.

Less Sugary Fruits

Prefer consuming less sugary fruits such as berries, apples, mandarins etc., they are rich in fibers, mineral, vitamins etc. Besides that, these fruits being great antioxidants will enhance your health by removing harmful toxins from your body.

Dairy Products

Dairy products are zero in calories and contain myriad vital nutrients such as proteins, healthy carbs, and calcium. You can consume low fat cheese, yogurt, and milk in dairy products.

Healthy Fats

Foods containing healthy fats being great antioxidants detoxify your body by removing harmful toxins. Some of the great sources of healthy foods are olive oil, nuts and seeds, balsamic vinegar, vinaigrette, avocados etc.

High-Protein Foods

Prefer incorporating high protein foods such as eggs, fish, poultry, sausages, lean chicken, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, nut butter, smoked salmons, tofu etc. in your diet. High protein foods will not only nourish your body, but will also keep check on your hunger pangs by slowing down your digestion and boosting up your metabolism.

Some Other Foods

There are some other sugarless or low sugar foods which you can have. For instance, you can have unswetened gelatin and jellies. Besides them, you can have all kinds of beverages such as tea and coffee without adding sugar in them.

Prohibited Food Items of the Diet Plan

The diet plan has eradicated most of the easy to metabolize food items. Since these foods after being transformed into glucose increase your blood sugar level, you easily become victim of hunger pangs.

Apart from that, high carb and high sugar foods contain bountiful useless calories. And these calories being good enough to fail your weight loss program make you grow overweight. The diet plan strictly asks its dieters to prohibit some food items from the diet plan. Let’s have a look at them.


To successfully proceed with no sugar diet plan, you need to banish certain flours from your diet regime. Besides piling up numerous calories in your body, flour increases your blood sugar level.

Some of the flours you should purge are – donuts, fried foods, English muffin, corn cereals, bagels, dinner rolls, tortillas, wheat bread, rice flour, pizza, pretzels, rice noodles, croissants, sandwich rolls, white rice, white bread etc.

Refined Sugar

Some of the processed foods containing loads of refined sugar are – cakes, pastries, chocolate, ice cream, beet sugar, corn syrup, brownies, sucrose, sugar cane, maple syrup, specialty coffee, sweetened cereals, table sugar, granola bars, jams, jellies etc.

How to Follow No Sugar Diet Plan

Here come few tips which shall make it easy for you to go along with the diet plan.

Make a Firm Decision

First of all, make a firm decision, no matter how much you crave, you won’t eat sugary foods. To keep you inspired, you can set some fitness objective such as losing weight, reducing your cholesterol and blood sugar level, getting rid of yeast infection, or any other.

Sugar being the main culprit responsible for myriad problems such as acne, hair fall, heart diseases, infertility, osteoporosis, memory loss, mood swings, vision loss, cancer etc. should be purged. Whenever you get yearning for consuming sugar, think about the sinister effects of sugar, you naturally won’t feel like consuming them.

Recognize Different Kinds of Sugars

When you go out to shop for food items, always look at the contents of foods mentioned on the packaging. Sugar comes with various names such as sucrose, fructose, maltose, brown sugar, dextrose, honey, syrup, glucose etc. Should you find more than one sugars mentioned on food labels, skip those food items and look for other foods containing less sugar.

Reorganize Your Kitchen

Many times availability of food items make you eat even such foods which you don’t feel like eating. So, hurry up and mop all the sweet poison stored in your kitchen. In addition to that, inform all your friends and relatives about your intention of purging sugar.

Your friends will surely help you in going along with the healthy diet plan. Informing your friends will get you one more added advantage; they won’t gift you cakes and chocolates to please you on your birthdays or other happy occasions.

Never Skip Your Breakfast

Since breakfast is the most crucial diet of the day, seldom skip your breakfast. Incorporate high fibrous foods such as oatmeal and skimmed milk in your breakfast. Besides keeping you contended for longer duration, they will nourish your body with vital nutrients.

Apart from keeping your cravings under control, these foods will speed up your metabolism, will encourage the formation of lean muscles in your body, and will bring you in enviable shape by shaving several pounds from your body.

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  1. I agree with everything you say until the last part about not skipping breakfast and eating oatmeal which can spike your insulin. If it does spike your insulin it sets you up for failure all day by putting yourself on a blood sugar roller coaster for the rest of the day. Forcing you to fight with climbing and falling blood sugar levels making you eat even more of the carbs that are making you fat and sick. Intremittent fasting is a great tool and we have been doing it since the existence of man. Skipping breakfast is actually very benifital and unregulates hormones that make you healthier and lose weight. And make sure you are not avoiding high fat milk/ yogurt. Since low fat yogurt usually has added sugar to compensate for the missing fat. Fat doesn’t make you fat. Carbs do. Just think how do we make animals fat? Feeding them butter and oil? Hell no we feed them copious amounts of carbohydrates. Fat is not an enemy but an ally. People I look to for more information on this topic include Robert lustig. Gary taubes. Peter attia. Atkins. Diet doctor.com


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