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Supermarket Diet – Attain Healthy and Slim Body

Supermarket Diet Plan

Designed by registered dietitian named Janis Jibrin and other experts at Good Housekeeping magazine, The Supermarket Diet aims to bring you in slender shape by inculcating healthy eating habits in you. There are numerous healthy and nutritious snacks and foods which will not only trigger weight loss in you but will also bring youthful charm and glow on your face.

The supermarket diet offers healthy weight loss solution to its dieters. You can shed five pounds in first week and two pounds in second week while moving along with the diet program. And the best part is, weight loss occurring in your body will not be short term weight loss, it rather will last forever.

What is The Supermarket Diet? 

The Supermarket diet plan is low calorie, high fiber diet plan which emphasizes on moderate consumption of fats, carbs and proteins. You will find list of healthy and nutritious foods recommended by the diet solution which you can easily buy from supermarket.

Though there are limited numbers of calories allowed by the diet plan, but you certainly can design your food chart according to your comfort, as there are myriad varieties of meal plans available in the diet program. You just have to stay watchful of the portion size of foods consumed by you. In addition to shopping ideas, there are bountiful of prepackaged snacks and meals provided by the diet program.

The supermarket diet plan will remove your cravings to consume unhealthy, sugary and other foods. In addition to that, the diet plan will educate you about the importance of reading labels giving information about calorie content of food items before purchasing them. Pre-packaged foods of some eminent brands such as Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, and Smart Ones etc. have mainly been emphasized by the diet plan.

How to Choose Pre-packaged Food? 

The supermarket diet program insists on consumption of pre-packaged foods. You must be wondering how to choose best pre-packaged foods. Well, go for pre-packaged foods not having more than 400 calories and ten grams of fats.

Besides that, make sure that food items don’t contain more than 500 mg of sodium and also fat content should not contribute more than thirty percent to the total calorie count of food items. You should also keep eye on protein content of foods because proteins have unmatchable capacity of keeping you contented for longer.

Three Diet Plans 

The supermarket diet program offers three kinds of diet plans to its dieters. Dieters can select their diet plan on the basis of their body requirement and their personal weight loss objective. Let’s have a look at these three diet plans.

First Plan

First plan of the diet program which is also known as Bootcamp is the most restrictive and difficult diet plan. You need to follow highly disciplined diet regime and are allowed to consume just 1200 calories in a day.

This diet plan might suit women because their body requirement for calories is less than those of men. Men are likely to skip this plan because calories allowed are too less for them to sustain.

This diet plan has duration of two weeks because no-one can afford to be on so less calories for more than two weeks. From health point of view also, it’s not feasible to continue the plan for more than two weeks because your metabolism will become slow during this time and you will need to bring it back on track to save it from permanently becoming slow.

Second Plan

Second plan of the diet program which is also known as Keep on Losing requires you to stick to the diet solution till you lose your desired weight. This diet plan allows you to consume more number of calories i.e. 1500 calories in a day.

Third Plan

Third plan of diet program which is also known as maintenance phase will teach you how you can maintain your lost weight forever. In this plan, you are permitted to consume 1800 calories in a day. This plan will bring radical changes in your lifestyle and you will understand the importance healthy lifestyle which will keep you in slender body shape forever.

Workouts in The Supermarket Diet

Workouts have been able to secure special place for them in the supermarket diet. Dieters are recommended to practice workouts for thirty to sixty minutes in a day. In fact workouts have been considered part of healthy lifestyle by the diet plan. You need to practice workouts twice or thrice in a week to maintain proper functioning of all body organs and keep your body in great shape.

Benefits of The Supermarket Diet

The Supermarket diet program has several benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • As compared to other expensive diet programs eminent in today’s time, it’s relatively inexpensive to stick to the supermarket diet plan. Moreover, the diet program is simple and easy to follow. You as a dieter don’t need to learn and abide by several difficult to follow principles.
  • You will never feel bored of the diet program because there are numerous varieties of food items and recipes available in it.
  • The diet program is not at all restrictive. You will feel tempted to adhere to the diet program for really long duration because you don’t have to eliminate your favorite foods completely while moving along with the diet program.
  • The diet plan might sound appealing to dieters who cannot stay away from alcohol because the diet plan permits its dieters to drink alcoholic drinks in moderation.
  • The diet plan offers great recipes to those who are not in love with kitchen and don’t wish to spend much time on cooking meals for themselves and their family.

Sample Meal Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of the supermarket diet plan.


You can have whole wheat toast, scrambled eggs etc. in your breakfast.

Morning Snack

You can have skinny latte, nuts, pretzels etc. in your morning snacks.


You can have baby carrots, chicken wrap with light ranch dressing, sliced red pepper etc. in your lunch.

Afternoon Snack

You can have one fresh fruit such as apple, grapefruit, baked tortilla chips, low fat granola bars, popcorns etc. in your afternoon snack.


You can have mixed vegetable salad, balsamic vinaigrette, vegetarian pizza etc. in your dinner.

Evening Snack

You can have frozen yogurt with fruit, energy bars etc. in your evening snack.

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