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Sylvia Jeffreys Workout and Diet Plan

There are not many celebrities who start their day at 3.15 in the morning and still manage to look gorgeous all the time. This is one of the reasons we admire Sylvia Jeffreys so much.

She manages to look stunning not by taking shortcuts but making time for workouts and a healthy diet despite having a lifestyle so busy that you can hardly imagine. Have a look at her exact exercise and diet plan for some inspiration and motivation!

Starting Her Day

Believe it or not, she starts her day at 3.15 a.m. and sets a backup alarm at 3.17 a.m. to ensure she doesn’t sleep again after turning it off. Once she is away from her bed, she readies herself quickly and hits the road by 3.50 a.m.

Diet Plan

The exact diet plan of the stunning blonde is mentioned right here.


The Today (1982-Present) host considers breakfast to be her favorite and most savored meal of the day. So, she enjoys some porridge with cinnamon and banana. Sometimes, she also has an omelet with mushrooms and spinach.


Her lunch usually includes having a bulky salad when she is at home. But if she is working, she has whatever which is easily available, and she can eat on the go. As she tries to have a workout session before the lunch, she feels very hungry when lunchtime arrives.


The details of her dinner preference aren’t available yet, but we can bet it’s something healthy.

Workout Regime

The diva says that exercise is one of the most vital parts of her day. She tries to go for a Pilates session almost every day as soon as her show ends. This exercise method works for her because it not only keeps her healthy, it also helps her to clear her head and feel more energized that often leads to a productive afternoon.

Perfect Partner

The wife of Peter Stefanovic says that she is glad to find him because he is not only very handsome but is also very kind, quirky, fun, bold and warm.

Relaxation Technique

When in a mood to relax, the gorgeous woman likes to sleep and spend time with her family & friends. She says that she has been lucky to have friends who support her and fill her days with massive laughs, motivation and most importantly, love. She tries to tick off chores from her list early every Saturday morning so that she can enjoy a guilt-free weekend. To pass leisure time, she also watches shows like Seinfeld (1989-1998), House of Cards (2013-Present) and The Crown (2016-Present). On weekdays, she also likes to watch American cable news programs.

Being Active as a Kid

A big reason for Jeffreys love for fitness could be that she was a sports-obsessed kid who joined the swim squad under the guidance of renowned coaches such as Olympians Daniel Kowalski and Hayley Lewis. She was a breaststroker and a skilled swimmer who represented her district and even played the state championship-level netball. As a kid, she used to spend lots of hours in chasing the black line in the 30m pool of her school.

Netball was a big passion for her and she liked it more than swimming. She was playing for a team known as Redbacks since she was just 6 years old. She preferred netball over swimming because she didn’t like the solitude of swimming. Her preference was for the camaraderie and fun you get when you are playing on a team. She doesn’t like to succeed alone, she wants people to be there when she is succeeding and this attitude reflects in her professional career as well.

Appreciating the current popularity and success of women in netball, the successful journalist said that women in sports in Australia are performing even better than men and it’s a brilliant time for netball in her country.

Featured Image by Sylvia Jeffreys / Instagram

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