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Tammy Rivera Workout and Diet Secrets

Tammy Rivera gained popularity with a reality show Love & Hip Hop (2010-Present) in 2014, and she hasn’t looked back since. She recently forayed into singing and is also a successful entrepreneur with her line of swimsuits that walk off the shelves because they are so popular.

She also has an EP scheduled that will release in 2018 and plans to do a show called Meet the Flockas with her American rapper husband, Waka Flocka Flame. Here, you can have a look at how she maintains the stunning body she has been blessed with by reading her workout and diet secrets.

Approach to Fitness

The beauty says that since she has been traveling a lot more recently, she needs to be more conscious towards fitness.

Weight Issues

The songstress confesses that since age 28, she started to gain weight. Now, she thinks she has reached the grown woman weight and she is learning to be okay with it.

Diet Secrets

The diva has made some particular diet changes to stay healthy. It includes staying away from unhealthy foods like cream cheese, milk or ice cream. She plans to cut more unhealthy foods in the future but is sticking to the basics at the moment. Going slow but steady seems to be her philosophy.

Workout Secrets

The star says that there is one exercise that has helped her to hold her breath for a long time, it’s jumping rope. Holding the breath for long is essential for her because she needs to perform for long at the stage.

Though she is too busy to hit the gym regularly these days, she makes time for singing exercises like diaphragm exercises. These exercises have helped her to tone her stomach a bit.

Moving Ahead

Despite having a hectic personal and professional life, what keeps her going is just motivation. She feels great when she is close to achieving something, and that motivates her to do better to achieve it.

She also believes in taking a break every once in a while, to recharge herself and then deals with whatever is next.

Relaxation Techniques

When she wants to relax, she takes a day off and watches Lifeline (2017-Present) in her bed.

Designing Plus Size Swimwear

The Virginia-born says that she designed plus size swimwear for women because she has a lot of people in her family who are plus size, including her sister and her niece. She also admits that full-figured women often approached her and told her to create something that’s sexy. So, she did some research and found that swimwear for plus size women was always black or white. The swimwear also covered the bottoms with a skirt which was so not fashionable.

Determined to do something about it, she bought a couple of standard pieces and altered them by bringing the cuts down and ensured that the material was tucked in the right places, among many other changes. The overall result was amazing, and many plus size women loved it as well.

Being Confident and Beautiful

The American TV personality also thinks that you shouldn’t be ashamed of the way you look. She comes from a family where women are beautiful and confident. Women in her family still let the dress fly. They wear whatever they want, which is not something that covers them from head to foot and they are not ashamed of their bodies.

In contrast, they all love their bodies. All the members of her family also accept plus sized women and love them for who they are. For instance, her sister has always been plus-sized, and she can’t even imagine her sister as a skinny woman.

Featured Image by Augustpen / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 4.0

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