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The Maker’s Diet – Attain Healthier and Happier Life with Bible Diet

Maker's Diet

Discovered by Jordan Rubin, founder of health and wellness company, Garden of Life, The Maker’s Diet is a magnificent diet plan based on biblical principles. The scientifically proven diet plan has used holistic approach to provide you healthier and happier body.

The diet plan emphasizes that good health can be attained both by consuming nutritious food items and by being spiritual. You are recommended to include high protein and healthy fats in your diet, and steer clear from high carb foods.

How Maker’s Diet was Discovered?

After having suffered from Crohn’s disease and several other terrible diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, heart problems, and irritable bowel syndrome at the age of nineteen, Jordan believes that his life was a complete mess. And it was during that time when he started reading bible daily and watching closely the food habits of Jewish people.

Besides, he also studied what Jesus himself used to eat. Jordan started eating the same foods which were eaten by Jesus. And to his astonishment, those food items radically rid him from all the health problems, which had been bugging him from such a long time. Extremely flattered with the magical impacts of the diet regime on his body, Jordan drafted Maker’s Diet Plan which is also known as Bible Diet.

Main Ideas of Maker’s Diet Plan

Maker’s diet plan emphasizes consumption of different food items without modifying them. For instance, if you want to consume animal foods, opt for the animals which are raised naturally in a healthy environment and have consumed natural and green grass instead of wild grains.

And as far as vegetables are concerned, wash them properly before cooking. Some starchy foods are also permitted in the diet plan, provided that they are organic rather than being processed. For instance, brown rice being natural and beneficial should be your preference over white rice.

Processed foods contain harmful pesticides and chemicals, which do havoc once they enter your body. The diet plan mainly insists consumption of animal foods obtained from clean animals such as goats, sheep and cows, these animals munch their own cud.

Role of Spirituality in Maker’s Diet Plan

Jordan believes that being spiritual plays a significant role in our lives. Besides strengthening our body, spirituality stimulates the healing process in our body. The diet plan insists praying for minimum five minutes in a day. He contends that prayers and thanksgiving in advance are basically meant to show your gratitude to God, for healing you and for providing you your dream life.

Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner should start with thanksgiving to God for availing healthy food to you. Apart from that, the diet plan consists of one partial fasting day in a week. You are supposed to skip your breakfast and lunch on partial fasting days and consume only liquid diets such as vegetable juice and ample water. This day is like a tribute to God. Jordan suggests you to prey whenever you feel hungry on fasting day.

Three Phases of Maker’s Diet Plan

Having total duration of forty days, Maker’s diet plan has been broken into three phases. Let’s have a look at these three phases.

Phase One – Basic Level

Phase one is the beginning phase of diet plan and will last for fourteen days. This phase has been designed to free your body from all kinds of inflammations and infections. Besides that, it will regulate your blood sugar level and will bring equilibrium in the release of diverse hormones such as insulin and others. High carb foods such as potatoes, sugar, pasta, beans, legumes, grains etc. are prohibited in phase one.

This phase targets to trigger weight loss in your body by detoxifying it with the help of healthy foods. The most restrictive phase of the diet plan intends to get you a healthy body by mopping all the imbalances from your body.

Sugary foods such as fruits, vegetables, and honey have also been eliminated temporarily form the diet plan, to mend detrimental imbalances in your body. You are suggested to drink tremendous water in a day. You will zap away calories at a very fast pace in this phase.

Phase Two – Intermediate Level

Phase two is more liberal and will last for fourteen days. Jordan believes that after staying in phase one for fourteen days, your digestion and energy level must have become better. You will lose weight in phase two also, but the pace of losing weight will be much lower than phase one.

Phase Three – Advanced Level

Phase three is the final phase of the diet plan and will last for twelve days. In this phase, you will learn how to keep your weight stabilized. Many food items such as sugary and starchy foods like potatoes are restored in this phase.

If you have steadfastly adhered to phase one and phase two, you will notice dramatic improvement in your health conditions and weight in this phase. You can revert to phase one, should you feel you have started gaining weight again.

Benefits of the Diet Plan

The Biblical Diet has numerous benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Introducing nutritious foods in diet supported with spirituality is an awesome idea. You will feel amazing flow of strength and energy coming from inside, which will enthuse you and will keep you happy and blessed.
  • You will shed 10 to 15 pounds in forty days program and will learn how to keep you in shape forever.
  • The diet plan will rid you from arthritis, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and several inflammatory diseases.
  • Since the wisely chosen food items in diet plan discourage the formation of carcinogenic cells in your body, the plan will save you from degenerative disease named cancer.
  • Apart from extending your youthful life, the diet schedule will keep you hale and slim for a really long time.

Recommended Food Items of Maker’s Diet Plan

Some of the recommended food items of Maker’s Diet Plan are as follows.

Animal Foods

Animals – Deer, sheep, cow, buffalo, moose, goat etc.

Birds – Grouse, Quail, pheasant, turkey, chicken etc.

Fish – Perch, salmon, trout, sunfish, bluefish, bass etc.

Plant Foods

Grains – Oats, wheat, corn, rye, brown rice etc.

Fruits – Limes, lemon, sweet fruits, palm fruits etc.

Nuts – Almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts etc.

Legumes – Lentil, beans, peas, soybeans, peanuts etc.

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