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The Weigh Down Diet – Lose Weight with Hope and Faith

Weigh Down Diet

Developed by Gwen Shamblin, registered dietitian, The Weigh Down Diet is an amazing weight loss program which is completely based on hope and faith. The diet plan has been eminent from more than twenty years. There are several people who have lost weight by using the diet program. Among them, there were many who had tried several weight loss programs but failed to attain any success.

The diet solution is completely based on biblical principles. The diet solution will bring down your food intake to one third of your present food intake. You can freely consume pizza, burger, ice-cream and other foods you like without feeling guilty about them.

What is The Weigh Down Diet Plan?

The weigh down diet plan believes in inclusion of spirituality in life. Shamblin’s holistic approach will work both on your body as well as mind. The diet program doesn’t restrict the kinds of foods consumed by dieters.

There are no burdensome principles or ideas imposed on dieters by the diet program. Shamblin contends, growling taking place in your stomach signifies that your stomach requires foods. And you should not feed your body till you get growling in your stomach.

Besides that, whenever you experience normal appetite or thirst, instead of feeding your body foods, you should divert your attention to prayers. Prayers will calm your thirst and hunger. In this way, without torturing your body, you will not only establish strong relationship with God, but will also be able to conquer your cravings and shed several pounds from your body.

Principle of The Weigh Down Diet Plan

Unlike all other diet plans, the weigh down diet plan seeks to divert your attention to God rather than foods. Consumption of foods only enhances your cravings for foods and you end up consuming more of them. In this way, the chain continues and you keep adding calories into your body.

You are free to eat whatever you want to eat, you just need to make sure that you eat only small portion of foods. Eating small portion size will not only fulfill your cravings, but will also develop neutral feeling towards those foods in you.

The foods which used to be your favorite will become normal to you while moving along with the diet solution. The diet program will widen your perspective and your body and mind will be able to break unseen shackles of foods and rise high.

Cause of Obesity

The weigh down diet will work at all levels such as physical, mental as well as emotional. Many of you are overweight because you are victims of emotional eating. You have got into the habit of using food as a weapon to combat against your negative emotions, which actually doom you to remain in same pitiable condition forever.

And when you switch to dieting to melt away pounds from your body, you actually trigger the process of weight gain because your body begins striving for forbidden foods even more. More you will deprive your body of foods, more yearning it will develop towards those foods.

That’s the reason; you immediately regain weight as you revert to your normal eating habits. The weigh down diet plan is strongly against dieting and contends, dieting enhances your bond with foods more than ever. Therefore, if you wish to shave pounds permanently from your body, say goodbye to dieting.

How The Weigh Down Diet Will Work?

The weigh down diet plan will educate you about several new things such as, ways of understanding signals given by your body. Once you will understand when you should feed to your body, how much food you should feed your body, and when should you stop feeding it, you will be able to put hold on the number of calories entering inside your body.

The diet program has provided several guidelines which will direct the steps of dieters and will insist them to do right things. Once you will get in alignment with your body signals, your body will automatically begin losing weight.

Watching weight loss occurring in your body will work as great motivating factor for you, which will inspire you to go along-with the diet program with more enthusiasm and energy.

Workouts in The Weigh Down Diet

The weigh down diet plan doesn’t give any importance to workouts. The diet program contends, our ancestors didn’t practice workouts to stay healthy and attain perfect shape. But Shamblin seems to forget the hard working day to day life of our ancestors.

Their lives were not as comfortable and easy as it is today. To meet their daily requirements, their bodies used to be in motion all the time. But, today in sedentary lifestyle, where everything is tech oriented, giving no emphasis on workouts is not at all appreciable and can be detrimental for your health.

Drawbacks of The Weigh Down Diet Plan

Though the diet plan is not a fad diet plan but still it’s not braced with scientific theories and principles. The diet plan has some loopholes, let’s find out what they are.

  • People not having spiritual bend of mind are not likely to gain from the diet program because throughout the diet program, great emphasis has been put on prayers and other spiritual aspects.
  • The diet program recommends its dieters to overlook hunger and thirst which are natural signals given by your body and which require to be fulfilled immediately. Ignoring these signals would be like inviting health problems and nutrient deficiency for your body.
  • Water is the essence of life. Even nutrition experts and scientists point up consumption of water. But the diet program doesn’t consider eight glasses of water healthy for your body. The diet plan asks its dieters to drink water only when they feel thirsty which is not correct.
  • Waiting till growling occurs in your stomach is also nonsense. Growling might occur in your body due to air reaching inside your body or due to several other reasons. Hunger necessarily is not responsible for that. When you remain empty stomach for long duration, your blood sugar goes down which promotes binge eating and other unhealthy eating traits in you.
  • There are no recommendations regarding foods and meal plans given by the diet solution. Anything and everything is allowed by the diet plan, the only condition is you should be really hungry and growling.

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