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Tracy Anderson Offers Simple Fitness Tips

Tracy Anderson working out
Tracy Anderson working out

Most of the celebrity trainers share tips adopted by their celebrity clients that make the celebs look gorgeous to help common people put that extra effort towards fitness. But, a talented celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson has adopted a bit different approach. She thinks that people should not bother about how stars look but should focus on how they can be fitter. She thinks that people should train for their own well-being and offers some amazing fitness tips. Read all of those here.

Be Yourself

The trainer of Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to not run after what a celebrity is doing for fitness. She wants you to be proud of who you are and work towards your fitness. She thinks that you must not dim your own lights by following celebrity fitness styles blindly. If a celebrity is having a particular drink, it’s not necessary that it will be good for you also. Be sure to check its effect on health before you buy tons of it. (And we agree with her!)

Tracy Anderson on the cover of Health Magazine in May 2016
Tracy Anderson on the cover of Health Magazine in May 2016

Her Personal Experience

The mother of two knows how people feel when they have unwanted weight on their bodies. She shares that she wasn’t able to make weight as a dancer on dance scholarship. Tracy also gained 60 pounds with her first child. So, she knows what it’s like to feel not at home with one’s own body.

The Methodology

The fitness expert trains people by using dance cardio methods that are often followed by rapid arm movements. She also helps people get fitter by offering online streaming of her classes, DVDs and protein powders and bars. Now she is working towards creating an online community of women that’s not only focused on sculpting their bodies but also on building character traits. (It’s a good idea, don’t you think?)

Tracy Anderson preparing a drink
Tracy Anderson preparing a drink

Best Workout Motivator

Anderson thinks that the best workout motivator for people should be preparedness and strength. She believes that physical and mental well-being is interconnected. When you feel physically stronger, it will help you to deal with stress in a better manner.

Fitness Tips

The Fitness Guru of Jennifer Lopez has shared some easily doable and fantastic fitness tips that will help you to enhance your fitness levels.

Tracy Anderson doing floor exercises
Tracy Anderson doing floor exercises

Work on the Imbalances

If you wish to solve a particular body part like uplift your butt or fix the thicker thighs, then you must fix those imbalances. You can do that by finding the right approach to solve that problem. You can choose not to run and just fix your thighs or you can opt for running because it makes you feel good from the inside. It must always be a choice that makes you feel good.

Reduce the Weights

Though Tracy has nothing against people who use heavy weights, she recommends her clients to go for low weights and higher reps. You must do quick movements and rotations by not using weights that are more than 3 pounds. She says that if you build your biceps out, you will end up stretching the skin as you age. You will also lose muscles mass and collagen too. Then you have to keep lifting to build out to it which can make you disproportionate and your bottom would sag.

100% Mental Commitment

The owner of a multimillion-dollar fitness empire wants you to focus on your fitness by making 100% mental commitment to it. If you are making your grocery list when you are working out, then you are not giving it your 100%. You should also try to open up new neural pathways in your brain and enhance its communication with the body. She always helps her clients to do that.

Tracy Anderson in bikini
Tracy Anderson in bikini

No Trend Hopping

The dancer also wants you to never trend-hop. If you do trend hopping, you will lack the strategy. Design mastery is crucial to having a body you always wanted. She has helped numerous people to achieve a most proportioned body by making a strategy and asking them to do the moves she wanted.

Map Your Progress

Many people fear the weighing scales but the petite blonde wants you to use them consistently. You must always weigh yourself every morning to get accurate data on your weight. It will help you get feedback from the day before.

Did you like the tips shared by the celebrated trainer? If so, you can get access to more cool tips by visiting Tracy’s official website or following her on Twitter or Instagram.

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