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Celebrity Trainer Dennis Remorca Shares Amazing Fitness Tips

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Dennis Remorca is a celebrity trainer who has a no-nonsense approach towards fitness. He believes that a body is world’s most sophisticated mechanism that needs to be taken care of. He also thinks that there are no quick fixes to having a fit body. He wants fitness to change the lives of his clients for better and he has some awesome tips for beginners. Let’s have a look at his valuable tips over here.

Fitness Motivation

The Filipino got inspired to fitness when he was indirectly challenged. He was in school and a lady who came to speak on firefighters and physical fitness opined that Asians rarely become firefighters. This struck a chord and he began to lift weights and hit the gym. He even brought some fitness magazines to learn more.

His Clientele

The fitness trainer revealed that he has clients from all walks of life. He trains people who are in their eighties and kids who want to make it to the soccer team. He trains celebrities, high profile personalities and even a common man working towards fitness who is yet to achieve the best results, he stated while talking to Haute Living. His job is to find different approaches and angles that help him to find the right solution for different clients.

Dennis Remorca workout
Dennis Remorca workout

Fitness Advice

The fitness guru totally believes that there are no shortcuts to fitness and every action has an equal reaction. He also advises people to choose only that method of exercise which is liked by them. When you are going to visit a fitness trainer, you shouldn’t feel like you are going to a dentist and dread the visit. On the contrary, you should look forward to doing your favorite exercise.

You Have the Power

Dennis also believes that everyone has the power to control his or her body. You decide what to put into your body and the best way to treat your body. Though, the results may depend up on individual dispositions in many cases, but still you have a lot of power over having a fit body. If you use this power wisely, you will achieve all your fitness goals.

Dennis Remorca
Dennis Remorca

His Rewards

The owner of NYC’s luxury based fitness company Remorca Fitness believes that he gets the most job satisfaction when he witnesses his clients’ changed lives. There are many clients who come to him and say that I wasn’t able to do something and now I can. It can be a grandmother that can now pick her grandkids up when she wasn’t able to do it earlier or a granddad playing hopscotch in the park. No matter what change fitness brings in your life, it’s a great thing to witness and he likes this part of the job best.

Fitness Advice for Busy People

Remorca has some great advice for people who think they are too busy to concentrate on fitness. He thinks that every person should know that fitness results can be easily controlled by you, no matter how busy you are. You can achieve these goals by starting with the basics. You should measure your fitness by testing your metabolic rate and doing your measurements.

Then, you need to ensure that you measure your progress. When the results start to show up, you wouldn’t want to give up exercising and you will definitely make time, no matter how busy you are. You should also try to measure your progress every week to stay motivated to keep going with your fitness journey. You can even use a variety of measurements as the more results you see, the more motivated you will be.

Dennis Remorca bootcamp
Dennis Remorca bootcamp

Practicing What He Preaches

He uses the same methodology in the gym when a new client shows up. He takes their measurements, conducts metabolic tests, and clicks photographs. These things help when a client loses or gains weight or feels disheartened without any reason. The actual progress motivates the clients to keep moving in the right direction.

How to Get Motivated for Workouts?

One of Manhattan’s top trainers believes that a body in motion stays in motion. If you take care of your body, you will have a healthier and happier life. You will never have to think whether you will be able to wear your favorite dress or do what you love like playing with your grandkids in the park. Lifelong fitness is the key to lifelong longevity according to this training star. You should set your own fitness goals with regard to what you want from life. For example, if you want to dance, you must modify your fitness approach accordingly so that you have the stamina and balance required for dancing well.

The worst thing that can happen to a person is that he or she wants to do something but can’t because they aren’t fit enough. Don’t do that to yourself. Just focus on your fitness and you will have a longer and fuller life.

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