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Chef Simon Rimmer Workout Routine and Diet Plan

TV Chef and Strictly Come Dancing (2004-Present) participant, Simon Rimmer recently spoke about his most useful workout routine and diet secrets. He also shared how he is promoting healthy foods not only in his cooking but his restaurants as well. Read it all right here.

Favorite Cuisine

The British Chef is a fan of Indian food, loves its variety and prefers Tandoori Lamb chops and strong vindaloo among other foods. He says if he had the option of the last meal, he would go for Indian food.

Comfort Food

Like many of us, food cooked by mom is his favorite comfort food. He especially likes her cottage pie. Anyone can easily make it by mincing onions, carrots, preparing a gravy and adding a creamy mash potato on top. You can also put some cheese on it as his mother does.

Hangover Cure

Though the skilled chef has never been hungover in his life, he suggests that you go for a banana, a packet of salt & vinegar chips, Eccles cake, and a bacon butty. Banana will provide you with potassium, chips will provide salt while cake will provide sugar. All these things will work great together to cure a hangover.

Diet Secrets

The TV personality says that he eats very well most of the times. A thing that motivated him to eat healthily was the fact that he was getting older and wanted to stay healthy. When he wants to eat healthier, he cuts down on the carbs. While preparing for Strictly Come Dancing, he has decided to reduce his alcohol intake.

Go-to Ingredient

His preferred go-to ingredient is chilies because he is a fan of spicy food.

Conscious Eating

To stay healthy, the Something for the Weekend (2006-2012) star has made some healthy food switches. He has swapped white pasta and rice for brown ones. He uses a lot of grains while cooking and eats lentils whenever possible.

While choosing non-vegetarian foods, he sticks to oily fish like mackerel, haddock, and salmon. He also tries simple, healthy recipes like chucking a can of mixed beans in a pan with some tomatoes, fresh coriander, and chili. He has it with some grilled fish.

Thoughts on Dieting

Simon believes that British people usually overeat because there is so much that tempts them. He also thinks that eating healthy foods and dieting are two different things. People can diet and still be unhealthy because they fail to choose the right foods. He knew a person who ate six chocolates a day while on a diet and skipped salad for chocolates.

Trying an Unusual Diet

The friend of Jason Vale, aka the Juice Master, says that he went for a juicing retreat in Portugal last November. He felt brilliant and energized. Apart from eating healthy, he did a lot of yoga there and went for long walks. The experience helped him to eliminate stress from his life, which was an issue for him at that time.

Challenges of Healthy Cooking

The Wallasey-born likes to stick to making healthy meals that are family-friendly as well. Whenever he makes a new healthy dish, he thinks whether his kids will want to eat it? If the answer is affirmative, he goes for it. His focus is also on letting people know that healthy food can be simple to cook.

Workout Routine

The Sunday Brunch (2012-Present) host wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and gets to the gym by 6 AM. He is currently addicted to boxing and does it at least once a week. He usually runs in the morning but hasn’t been doing much of it lately due to a knee surgery. Right now, he is focusing on boxing regularly and likes the fact that it’s a mentally stimulating activity.

A Healthy Family

The author of several books says that he has a healthy family. He and his son do a lot of physical activities. Similarly, his wife and his daughter do yoga regularly. For them, being healthy is not just about hitting the gym, it’s also about being active and walking as much as you can. Anyone can walk as it’s free and easy.

Promoting Healthier Options

The restaurateur promotes healthy eating whenever possible. He has launched a vegan super bowl in one of his pubs, and it has become a huge success. This bowl comes with spiced dry-roasted aubergines, sweet potato waffles, homemade flatbreads, quinoa tabbouleh and a tahini dressing. He likes seeing middle age people enjoy a healthy meal at his pub when they order the vegan super bowl.

Fitness Secrets

Rimmer’s top fitness secrets are:

  • Eat Shakshuka, a baked egg dish that’s really spicy.
  • Count your steps and increase it as much as possible. He has even done 26,000 steps in a day.
  • Try to make your own meals rather than ordering them from somewhere, even if you have to eat cheese on toast. It’s healthier!

Featured Image by Annie Mole / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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