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Under Armour Men’s Speedform AMP 2.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe Review

Under Armour Men's Speedform AMP 2.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe pair

Many people enjoy running and it is indeed a great workout. However, it can get monotonous if you do the same thing every morning. Cross-training can add varieties to your workouts and that’s why they are so popular. For cross-training, you need the right kind of shoes. If you don’t have it, you won’t be able to get results. The shoes must support your feet during lateral movements. They must be well-cushioned in the middle and the outsole must be strong and gripping so that you can do weight lifting and other exercises. Unlike the typical running shoes, cross-training shoes don’t have all over cushioning and these shoes are not appropriate for long-distance running.

There are various types of cross-training shoes available in the market. You should consider the material, price, and other factors before buying one. Among other shoes, Under Armour Men’s Speedform AMP 2.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe is quite popular and has received positive customer feedback. Here we are going to review the shoe to find out why it’s worth buying it.


These shoes are meant for athletes who want both functional and fashionable shoes for their training. You can get these shoes in various colors. These shoes are designed to provide precision fit. The innovative UA SpeedForm construction molds the feet to give a proper fit and also creates extra space under your arch. So, you won’t have any distraction while training as your feet will be secure. The upper is lightweight and allows fast movement. It has sock-like ‘burrito tongue’ construction along with multi-lace saddle that provides snug-fitting support. The upper has reflective features that make it safe to run in the evening.

The two-piece midsole is firm and provides a stable underfoot platform. It also has EVA cushioning that provides great support and a responsive ride. The deep flex grooves offer flexibility so that you can perform different types of exercises. The shoes include moisture-wicking SpeedForm sock liner that provides comfort and added cushioning. The outsole is made of rubber material and has patterns to the tread with ‘spikes’ and ‘bumps’ that provide excellent traction. For this, you will be able to move from one surface to another comfortably. The external TPU heel counter gives extra support.

Build Quality

These shoes are made of 100% synthetic textile. It has a ‘burrito tongue’ construction and multi-lace saddle for snug-fitting support and proper fit. The upper is made of abrasion-resistant materials so that it can withstand intense training. There is open space between the foot and the midsole which provides natural arch movement. The form-fitting upper has slip-on construction that makes it easy to put on the shoe or take it out. There is internal stability shank that supports explosive movements.

The EVA midsole cushioning provides a responsive ride and makes the shoe lightweight as well. The midsole is firm and low which keeps the ankles from rolling. As a result, you won’t trip over while exercising or running. The rubber outsole has flex grooves that are strategically placed for flexibility. It has a unique traction pattern that provides excellent grip on various surfaces. It is built with materials that prevent premature wear and tear of the shoes. The synthetic material with which the shoes are constructed increases the strength of the shoes.


It has moisture-wicking SpeedForm sock liner that provides extra comfort. The cushioning in the midsole can handle tough workouts and make the user feel comfortable. The shoes are easy to wear and take off. You will be able to exercise comfortably using these shoes.


The midsole is very supportive and is great for HIIT, weightlifting, and other indoor workouts. Overall, the shoes are comfortably built so that you can work out for long hours without feeling any discomfort. The shoes provide superior arch support which makes it very comfortable for the user to wear the shoes for intense exercise sessions. They are made of high quality and durable materials and you won’t have to think about replacing them any time sooner.

The shoes are designed with lightweight woven upper that allows you to move fast. With the SpeedForm upper construction, burrito-tongue design, and multi-lace saddle design, these shoes provide a precision fit and reduce distractions during tough workouts. They have an open space between the midsole and foot which allows natural arch movement. The shoes have a drop of 2 mm that allows for flexible movement.

Under Armour Men's Speedform AMP 2.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe


These shoes are found in different colors and style. You can buy these shoes at a retail price of about $120 depending on where you buy it from. These are mid-range training shoes that will help you to get the best from your workout sessions.


  • It has a sleek and stylish design and comes in various attractive colors.
  • The shoes are lightweight due to the woven knit materials on the upper and thin foam layer of the midsole which allows for a natural movement.
  • It has moisture-wicking SpeedForm sock liner that provides extra cushioning and comfort.
  • It is built with floating space between the midsole and footbed that allows natural arch movement.
  • There is an external TPU heel counter that provides extra support.
  • The UA SpeedForm construction helps to mode the feet to the precision fit so that you don’t feel distracted while training.
  • The upper is made of abrasion-resistant materials.
  • Flex grooves are strategically placed to provide flexibility and multi-surface traction.
  • The shoe is designed to give you comfort and last for years.
  • You can buy these shoes at a reasonable price.


  • The shoe might feel slippery on ceramic floors or other surfaces.
  • Some people might find it difficult to put on the shoes due to the burrito-style tongue and asymmetrical shoelaces.
  • Some people found the heel uncomfortable.
  • The shoes are not as breathable as the other training shoes in the market.

Final Verdict

These shoes are perfect for trainers who want stylish and snug fit shoes so that they feel good while training. It has a comfortable construction and stable midsole so that you can workout without feeling any discomfort. It’s woven upper is made of abrasion-resistant materials that make the shoes durable. The shoes are designed to fit perfectly without causing any discomfort. The sock-like ‘burrito-tongue’ and multi-lace saddles provide a supportive fit. It has internal stability shank that allows quick movements.

These shoes are easy to put on and take out and they will fit your feet perfectly. So, you won’t have to waste time trying to put the shoes on and can head straight to the gym. Your feet won’t wobble during exercise as they will be secure. You won’t experience any pain due to long hours of workout. These shoes are great for cross-training and other exercises as well. You can use them for running also but they are not appropriate for long runs. The shoes are extremely durable and will last for a long time. You will be able to do intense exercise every day without worrying about any wear or tear. With a decent price tag, these shoes are worth buying.

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These shoes are great for cross-training. You will be able to workout comfortably wearing them everyday.Under Armour Men's Speedform AMP 2.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe Review