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Victoria Justice Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice Workout Routine

Victoria Justice is an American singer who keeps herself fit and healthy. Isn’t it? Look at her. She does not look fatty at all. Instead, she looks more of a hot celebrity. But, do you know, she does not do many exercises like other celebrities do. Victoria does not go to the gym, does not do heavy workouts, no early morning workout sessions and no-carbohydrate diets.

So, that means she is crazy. No, her busy schedule is enough for her to stay in shape. She is always moving and performs at various shows. Her main source of workout is dancing. She has learned some different dance routines as well. Her workout routine is well suitable for her. It will be difficult for others to stay in shape by following Victoria’s workout routine.

Her main source of workout is dance. But, what else? She sometimes does lunges and squats and goes for walk. But, not regularly. There is no fixed schedule. Really, this is doing wonders for her. Maybe in the future, she may hire a personal trainer and develop some muscles. As of 2012, Elle Fanning is also just like Victoria.

Victoria Justice Post Workout Pic
Victoria Justice Post Workout Pic

Victoria Justice Diet Plan

Victoria Justice at MTV Music Awards
Victoria Justice at MTV Music Awards

Victoria does not care about calories or carbohydrates. She does not count every calorie like others may do. Her diet pretty nice. Have a look yourself.


  • Toast
  • Egg Whites
  • Fish Oil
  • Protein Shake made up of rice milk and greens


  • She takes proteins
  • Huge fan of bacon
  • Green Vegetables


  • Grilled Steak
  • Baked Potato
  • Creamed Spinach

She doesn’t cook food and maybe, this is the reason that her diet is much better than her workout. Besides this diet, she eats ice-creams, chocolates, and other splurges. She likes Sushi also.

Did we miss anyone?


  1. I have to say thankyou so much! I am a bit plump i have to admit and i realy want to go on a diet, but whenver i try it get’s so hard and i just have to go to the fridg, i went on a weight loss web and they said that i have to first find out how meany ponds or Kg i want to loose and what kind of diet i want to pick, But i am not sure of whatevs, so i decided i want to go on my own diet, i picked out a celeb that is fit and it was Victoria Justice, i think she has a good sexy slim body and i despretly want to have a body like hers, so i went on internet to check out any Victoria Justice tips and Whala thank’s a lot Healthy Celeb Now i will stick to my diet tips and start Dancing, LOL….xxxx

  2. I would have guessed she did karate after seeing the way she kicked ass on iCarly! But of course, that was probably just for the character she played (Shelby Marx).


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