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Vida 180 – Complete Family Weight Loss Package

Vida 180 Diet Weight Loss plan for families

Vida 180 is an incredible weight loss plan endorsed by certified nutritionists and dietitians. The plan being offering complete solution will deal with weight related problems faced by different members of your family. Having benefitted several families in Europe, Vida 180 came into existence in 2006 and helped many families in realizing the importance of healthy and slender body.

An overweight body not only looks unappealing, but people having such bodies lose their confidence and keep living a defeated and unexciting lives. Vida 180 diet solution believes why to live a distressed life when you have solutions available to overcome them.

All the family members altogether can use customized diet program and strip off bountiful pounds. Family weight loss programs have higher chances of success because all the family members can support each other and can live a healthy and blissful life.

What is Vida 180?

Vida 180 is not some fad diet solution, which claims to zap away calories from your body. The program doesn’t promise to rapidly shed pounds from your body. You and your entire family will learn how to make healthy swaps in your diet and what kind of foods you should eat to provide adequate nutrition to your body.

Vida 180 will neither deprive you from your loved foods, nor will it poke you to consume tasteless foods. Besides that, you don’t have to spend myriad hours in practicing intense workouts. It will just change your old eating habits and will inculcate healthy eating habits in you. In today’s time eating values among Americans have drastically deteriorated. They have got so much addicted to modified and junk foods, that not even a single day of theirs passes without eating them.

How Vida 180 Works?

Vida 180 diet plan works in a very convincing way. You need to eat five meals in a day, including two snacks and three normal meals. Logic of five small meals in a day is to keep your blood sugar level in control. Main objective of the program is to provide you long lasting weight loss solution.

You are not likely to regain your lost weight because the plan will prepare your body to drop weight by feeding right foods to it. To go ahead with the program, you need to provide required information to the admin of the program. Information provided by you will determine the aptness of your diet chart.

Accuracy of information provided by you inevitably will rev up your chances of getting influential diet plan for you and your family members. There are diverse kinds of plans available for plant and animal food eaters. People having food sensitivities can also stick to the plan while mentioning their particular intolerance.

Food Items in Vida 180

Food items in Vida 180 are low in calories, but still they are capable to meet nutrient needs of your body. There are some highly recommended foods in the program which will trigger the process of weight loss in you.

In addition to that, prohibited foods have also been mentioned in the program. These foods hinder your process of losing weight, so it’s vital for you to stay vigilant while consuming them. Let’s have a look at some of the most common recommended and prohibited foods of Vida 180 diet plan.

Prohibited Foods – Milk, soy products, pork, eggs, fish, beef, wheat etc. are some of the prohibited foods of diet program.

Recommended Foods – Apples, grapefruit, peanuts, pretzels, zucchini, cucumber, granola, lettuce, tomato, whole wheat bread, low fat cheese, black beans, pasta, brown rice, trout, tuna, chicken breast, turkey sausage etc. are some of the recommended foods of the program.

Benefits of Vida 180

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Vida 180.

  • Diet solution provided by Vida 180 is tailored on the basis of your family requirements and their body types.
  • You will find numerous mouth-watering recipes in the program. These recipes are easy to follow and learn.
  • Food items recommended in the diet program are nutrient dense as well as affordable to dieters.
  • Healthy diet plan will rid your body from cardio diseases, type 2 diabetes, and several other hazardous diseases.
  • Communities run by Vida 180 are of great significance. Becoming an online member of these communities will enable you to make several like-minded friends and know their views and experiences.
  • Vida 180 provides round the clock support on phone. You can get expert views on your queries because certified dietitians and nutritionist will answer your call and will weed out all your doubts with the help of logical facts and data.
  • Mostly it’s very difficult to deal with kids regarding consumption of healthy foods and snacks, but exclusive food items and recipes mentioned in the program will simply make your kids fall in love with healthy snacks. So you won’t need to struggle hard to make your kids eat those healthy foods and snacks.

Drawbacks of Vida 180 Diet Plan

Let’s have a look at some of the drawbacks of family weight loss solution.

  • The program cannot be followed by kids below seven. Families having kids below seven need to think twice before going along with the program because they will need to prepare separate meals for their kids.
  • Some foods are inappropriate in the diet solution and their consumption cannot be acknowledged due to their harmful impacts on our bodies.
  • Exercises which are paramount requirement of a healthy body have not been given any importance in the diet program.

Sample Meal Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of Vida 180 diet program.


You can have vegetarian sausage, soy fruit smoothie, maple cream of wheat, peanut butter, whole wheat bread toast etc. in your breakfast.

Morning Snacks

You can have almonds, cherries, strawberries, skimmed milk etc. in your morning snacks.


You can have caprese salad, chicken salad sandwich, tuna veggie, pasta salad etc. in your lunch.

Evening Snacks

You can have turkey lettuce wraps, raw veggie sticks with hummus, banana berries smoothie, ranch dressings, tomato soup, goldfish etc. in your evening snacks.


You can have oven curry rice with shrimp, fried chicken, cheese Quesadilla, baked fish with vegetable packets, and spicy beans in your dinner.

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