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The Virgin Diet Plan – Shed Seven Pounds in Seven days

Virgin Diet Plan

Many of you might have tried every possible way to shed weight to bring your body in enviable shape, but you might have got disappointment only. Developed by J.J Virgin, Health and fitness expert, The Virgin Diet Plan has specifically been designed for people resistant to weight loss.

The plan has tried to figure out the reason why your body behaves in such a stubborn way. And one of the reasons responsible for that is food intolerance. Due to food intolerance, your body shows negative symptoms such as obesity, acne, fatigue, joint pain, gas, bloating etc.

What is The Virgin Diet Plan?

The Virgin diet plan is a practical and realistic diet plan which has been designed after a lot of research on human physiology. The diet program asserts, since you all blessed with different kinds of bodies, some of you might be intolerant towards certain food items. Food intolerance hinders your process of weight loss.

Without keeping a check on the number of calories consumed and burned by your body, should you understand the chemistry of your body and get into agreement with it, you can shed seven pounds from your body in mere seven days. Just make sure that the foods you feed to your body are compatible with it.

How The Virgin Diet Plan Works

The Virgin Diet Plan has recognized seven sinister food items to which your body can be intolerant. These are as follows.


Foods rich in gluten release a protein named zonulin into your body. This protein makes the wall of intestine loose, due to which food particles escaping from impaired wall of small intestine starts being blended in the bloodstream causing inflammation and other immune reactions.


Should you have food intolerance towards gluten, you can make some healthy replacements. You can swap wheat wraps with rice wraps, pasta with spaghetti squash and corn-free quinoa, and couscous with quinoa.


Several people being unaware of their intolerance keep consuming foods responsible for aggravating their health issues. Egg too is one such food item. Eggs contain arachidonic acid in a very large quality which causes inflammation inside your body.


Swap your breakfast comprised of omelet with chlorella protein, sugarless almond milk, coconut milk, ground flax seeds, or protein smoothies made up of rice, peas, and potatoes. Should you crave for eggs, instead of having normal eggs, go with omega-3 organic eggs.

Dairy Products

Dairy Products are rich in lactose which is difficult for your body to assimilate, and a special kind of sugar which tend to increase your blood sugar level. Dairy products are generally consumed by people with a noble thought that they are strengthening their bones by having them. However, the outcomes are actually reverse to what they think.

Dairy products might make you become victim of osteoporosis and instead of enhancing your bone density; it might decrease your bone density making your bones and joints fragile. If you are seeking to get calcium from food items, inculcate plenty of green and leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains in your diet.


Swap cow’s milk with coconut or almond milk, yogurt with coconut milk yogurt or kefir, ice cream with sugarless coconut milk ice cream.


Corns being having high glycemic index might elevate your blood sugar level and cause havoc inside your body. Since corns come under genetically modified or over refined food items, it cannot be deemed good for your body.


Swap corns with legumes or quinoa, pop corns with raw vegetables and hummus, which can be munched for longer duration.


Soy products are generally overly processed and genetically modified. Due to overuse of pesticides on them, they have numerous deteriorating impacts on your body. Apart from disrupting the functioning of your thyroid gland, they might make your intestine dysfunctional.


Make healthy changes into your diet. Swap soy milk with sugarless almond or coconut milk, over-processed soy products with fermented soy such as miso and tempeh, and soy ice cream with sugarless coconut milk ice cream.

Sugar and artificial sweeteners

Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners tend to increase your insulin resistance and make the case of type 2 diabetes even worse for you. People consuming diet soda are found to have higher insulin resistance than people consuming regular soda.


Swap artificial sugar with erythritol, monk fruit, and pure stevia. These ingredients will add sweetness into your meals. Besides that, you can relish the natural sweetness of cinnamon and vanilla.


Peanuts being prevalent mostly in uncovered form are likely to get mold or fungus named aflatoxin after very short period of time. Moreover, their high content of trans fats and fructose have disastrous impacts on your body.


Swap peanuts with other naturally obtained nuts and seeds, and peanut butter with almond or nut butter.

The diet program will banish all the seven food items from your meal plan for three weeks. After three months, these foods will be reintroduced in your diet regime one by one and their influence on your body will be noticed.

Specific food items showing ill effects on your body will be deemed as your natural foes because you have food intolerance towards them. Should you purge those particular food items, all your weight related problems will be resolved, and you will be able to get a sleek body.

Strategies of The Virgin Diet Plan

The Virgin diet plan has suggested some strategies which will make it easy for your body to cooperate with your weight loss program. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Start your meals with salad. You can make salad delicious by sprinkling numerous herbal spices and olive oil over them. Starting your meals with salad will mitigate your tendency of consuming more foods.
  • In dinner salad, avoid having dried fruits, candied walnuts, taco strips, bacon, rice noodles etc. These foods being rich in fats are not healthy for your body.
  • Avoid having fried, crispy, crunchy and glazed foods, these foods being opulent in fat might obstruct your weight loss program. Instead of having fried foods, prefer having boiled, steamed, grilled, or baked foods.
  • Instead of ordering one large meal, prefer ordering two small meals in restaurants. Besides rendering you variety, two meals will keep check on your tendency of overeating.
  • Be innovative and mix several healthy meals together. Your body will get nourishment along-with taste this way.

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