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Volumetric Diet – Eat More but Weigh Less

Volumetrics diet plan

Developed by Barbara Rolls, certified and renowned nutritionist, Volumetric Diet is an exclusive weight loss program. Through the plan, Barbara shares her revolutionary ideas with her dieters.

The program makes comparison among varied types of foods on the basis of their calorie density. Barbara contends, there are bountiful food items which look bigger in size but contain smaller number of calories. Contrary to that, some compact looking food items contain enormous number of calories.

What is Volumetric Diet?

Volumetric diet intends to shift your focus from low weight foods to high weight foods, but they shall be containing far less number of calories. While going along with the program, even after consuming a load of foods, you won’t get bigger in size.

Without paying any attention on the calorie content of compact sized foods, people incessantly keep consuming them year after year. Foods having bigger size, heavy in weight, but low in calories will not only keep you fuller, they will also keep check on your weight. Fruits and vegetables primarily come under such types of foods.

Work Mechanism of Volumetric Diet

Volumetric diet schedule will cut energy dense foods from your diet regime and will introduce myriad such foods in your diet schedule which will not let you feel hungry. Instead of making your body devoid of foods, and eliminating several favorite foods of yours, the program will structure your diet schedule in such a way that your body will naturally begin attaining slim shape.

Volumetric diet has allocated foods in four categories. These are –

Category One – Non-starchy fruits, vegetables, broth based soup, skimmed or fat-less milk are some of the foods belonging to category one. These foods have low calorie density and you can consume them in as much quantity as you want.

Category Two – Grains, starchy fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, low-fat mixed dishes such as spaghetti, chili etc. are some other low calorie density foods, but calorie density of these foods is higher than those of category one foods.

Category Three – French fries, cheese, salad dressings, pizza, pretzels, cake, ice-cream, meat etc. come under medium calorie density foods. Dieters are recommended to have their consumption in moderation.

Category Four – Chocolates, cookies, crackers, candies, chips, butter, nuts, oil etc. come under high calorie density food items. Despite being small size, all these foods contain enormous amount of calories. Dieters are recommended to refrain from these foods as much as possible.

More would be the inclusion of category one and category two foods in your diet, speedier would be your weight loss process. You will find numerous recipes and meal plans in the program which you can follow to make the plan easier for you.

In addition to that, there is no dearth of healthy swaps also. You can swap food items falling in category four with food items falling in category one and category two. These swaps will not let you realize the dearth of your beloved foods while following the diet schedule.

What Volumetric Diet Will Do?

Volumetric diet program will shed minimum one to two pounds of weight from your body in a week. You have high chances of sticking for longer duration with the program because you will find the diet solution quite user friendly.

You are recommended to weigh your weight minimum once in a week and pen down your progress in a diary. Doing so will not only guide you in a better way but will also motivate you to continue the weight loss plan.

Portion Size in Volumetric Diet

Your portion size of foods in volumetric diet inevitably is going to be larger. Large portion size of foods in the diet solution will provide you same amount of energy as is provided by small portion size of high calorie foods.

Best part of the program is, you will eat ample yummy foods while going along with the program. These foods have amazing capacity to keep you satisfied for longer. Contrary to them, foods having opulent content of fats and sugar are not able to keep you full for a very long time, as a result of which your appetite returns after short period of time.

Workouts in Volumetric Diet

There is no emphasis on intense workouts, dieters are rather recommended to keep their routine schedule active and take brisk walk for minimum thirty minutes in a day. More sluggish lifestyle you will follow, more calories you will have piled up in your body. Keep moving and enjoying flab free and healthy body.

Some Healthy Tips

Do you want to attain your desired weight while going along with the plan?  Here come some healthy tips which will make the diet solution easy for you to follow.

  • First of all, purge all the disturbing thoughts surrounding your mind and saying that you have to consume insipid foods to lose weight. All you need to do is mix fruits and veggies in all the foods you consume. For instance, if you want to consume macaroni, no problem, go ahead with that but add several nutritious and healthy fruits and veggies in it. Doing so will enhance both taste and nutrient density of macaroni.
  • Prior to consuming category two or category three meals, prefer eating fruit or vegetable salad having high fiber and water content. They will mitigate your appetite and thus will help you in maintaining the portion size of calorie dense foods.
  • You might feel astonished to know but all your five senses play critical roles in the consumption of foods. Your eyes play the role of seeing foods and accordingly develop positive or negative desire regarding the consumption of foods. When your eyes see plate full of delicious foods, they already send message of contentment to your brain, which further brings down your consumption of foods.
  • Protein consumption is vital for your body, so don’t forget to inculcate little amount of proteins in your diet. To nourish your body with proteins, you can consume lean meat, skimmed milk, yogurt etc. in your diet.
  • Always fill up your plate only to the extent you are sure you can finish completely. Half plates can directly be connected to half stomach. To make yourself feel fuller, it’s vital for you to finish your plate wholly.

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