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Weight Loss Plan for Shorter Ladies – Petite Advantage Diet Plan

Petite Advantage Diet Plan

Devised by Jim Karas, Chicago-based fitness expert, Petite Advantage Diet Plan is a weight loss plan, specifically designed for shorter women having height less than 5 ft 4 in. The diet plan believes that body system of taller and shorter women being different, it’s comparatively challenging for shorter women to lose weight.

For drafting the exclusive diet plan, Jim Karas studied shorter women physiology very closely and after continued research of twenty years, he came up with this special diet plan. Jim Karas contends; should you bring small changes in your lifestyle, you can bring great changes into your body and can make you look sexier and enviable than ever.

21 days of holistic eating approach will educate petite women how to take best advantage of their strong aspects and how to overcome weaker aspects. Should you cut forty calories from your diet in a day, you can refrain from 4.2 pounds of weight in a year and 42 pounds in ten years.

Seven Techniques in the Diet Plan

Jim asserts that 50 percent population of women emanate from women having less than 5 ft 4 in of height. Jim Karas worked out seven easy to follow techniques for petite women, which will foster their weight loss process. Let’s have a look at them.

Technique One – Adequate Breakfast 

Karas believes; when you keep you hungry in the morning, your metabolism and your body’s tendency of losing weight goes down. So, first and foremost thing you should do is seldom make your body devoid of foods in the morning.

For petite women, 300-400 calories in breakfast are sufficient to keep them full and fuel their body to do various activities of the day. Prefer consuming protein rich and high fibrous diet to rev up your metabolism.

Technique Two- High Water Content Foods

Shorter women should not try to imitate eating habits of their taller friends who are in perfect shape. They rather should insist on confusing their body by feeding high protein and high fiber foods, which have amazing capacity of keeping you contended for longer duration.

Petite women should baffle their body by consuming foods having high water content and protein rich foods like ground turkey or salmon. You can also try cooking at home and can prepare your meal while using hummus, spinach, bell papers, and wheat wrapped with chicken as ingredients. Apart from being low in calories, these meals have capacity to reduce bloating and keep you satisfied for longer.

Technique Three – Constrain Consumption of Fatty Foods

The diet plan suggests bringing down consumption of fatty foods such as olive oil and nuts containing fats like avocados, walnuts etc. He advocates consuming just one teaspoon of olive oil, one quarter of avocados, and limited whole grain bread.

Technique Four – Eat Clean Foods

The diet plan asks to think judiciously before consuming diet. And be very prudent while ordering Chinese and Italian cuisines in restaurants. Make sure that the foods you consume are not very spicy and fatty. Karas insists on inclusion of chili or jalapeno peppers to speed up your metabolism and calorie burning process.

Technique Five – Follow a Calorie Cycle 

Petite women are recommended to consume 1100 calories for two days straight and 1600 calories on third day. For meeting that objective, you can have 400 calories in breakfast, 300 calories in lunch, and 300 calories in dinner.

Taller women need to consume 1200 calories for two consecutive days and 1700 calories on third day. Nutrient density in the diet schedule contains 40 percent carbs, 35 percent protein, and 25 percent fats.

From psychological point of view, the diet plan will keep you motivated and from physiological point of view, bonus day will make sure that your metabolism doesn’t go exceedingly down. The exclusive diet plan will rev up your metabolism and will save you from muscle loss.

Technique Six – Speed up Metabolism in Gym

The diet plan has given proper directions about the ways and number of exercises for petite women. The diet plan suggests petite women not to focus on aerobic or cardio workouts. Karas provides very logical reasoning to emphasize resistance training. Cardio workouts being intense tend to increase appetite. Shorter women will consume more food when they will feel hungry, which will make them obese and will hinder their way to slim body.

Petite women should rather practice interval or strength training. They will magnify lean muscles in them, maintain their cardio health, tone their body, lead to fat reduction, and improve their metabolism.

Technique Seven – Adequate Sleep and Relaxation

Karas contends, wrong eating habits which include high starch foods, processed foods, junk foods, and stressful routine disturbs the balance of hormones specifically in petite women. In addition to that, side effects of drugs affect shorter women more than taller women.

Eight to nine hours of sleep are vital for them to render relaxation and peace to their body and mind. Besides that, they are advised to practice meditation for ten minutes. Adequate rest makes sure that stress causing hormone doesn’t adversely influence your body. 

Benefits of Petite Advantage Diet Plan

Petite advantage diet plan aims to deal with surging problems of shorter ladies and the diet plan is perfect fit for them. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of diet plan.

  • You will shed weight not for some time; your lost weight will rather persist throughout your lifetime. And you can relish your life with slender and svelte figure.
  • The special techniques recommended by the diet plan will boost your metabolism.
  • Effective strategies will direct you how various exercises can benefit you and what exercises would provide you maximum benefits in shorter duration. Along-with the types of exercises, there is detailed description of equipment you can use to sculpt your body.
  • You will melt weight prompter than any other weight loss program.
  • There are proper guidelines in the diet plan which will design low calorie meals for you.

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  1. Why does eating the wrong foods affect petite woman’s hormone changes than tall woman’s on average? They both have the same kind of woman hormones. Why do petite woman on average have more side affects on medications than woman that are not petite? Interesting.

    • According to my doctor the side effects: We are receiving a dose higher than our small bodies can handle. If petites were more forthcoming about side effects and the medical profession treated more seriously our reactions to medication, the pharmaceutical companies would make dosages suitable for height and weight, not just a one size fits all. For what it’s worth, tall women can have the opposite problem, not enough medication. As for food and hormonal changes, a lot of hormonal changes literally get “stuck in the middle”. Petites don’t have as much middle, although long waisted Petites have a little bit more wiggle room than long-legged Petites.


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