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What Do You Buy for the Baby Who Has Everything?

Well, a baby doesn’t really have ‘everything’, but it’s more like they don’t really need anything. Babies are in a unique position, gift-wise. Their parents provide everything they really want or need – comfort, food, warmth, and safety – and beyond that, they just aren’t much interested in anything else. So when a baby’s birthday rolls around, you can sometimes feel a bit put out, as far as gifts are concerned.

Fear not though, there are plenty of great ideas floating around the web. It isn’t that hard to find unique baby gifts when you really put your mind to it and use the resources available to you, namely, the endless sea of information that is the Internet. It isn’t all about celebrity news and cat pictures after all!

Angelina Jolie Baby

You can find everything from extravagant baby gifts to baby gifts with a little more pizazz to them. Heck, you can even look up celebrity baby gifts if you want to find out what Angelina and Brad are getting for their brood this year. If you’re willing to do some research, it isn’t hard to find amazing toys that even a baby can enjoy.

Of course, it’s all a little easier once a baby has grown up. Not too much, of course; at this point we’re calling that adorable little munchkin a ‘kid’ and they’ve developed a personality that goes beyond suckling and having their diaper changed. They don’t just have needs, they have wants and interests, and at the very least a favorite color, which is sometimes the absolute key to getting just the right unique gifts for kids.

Of course, all this gets much easier as the child ages. Soon you’ll get lists for Christmas and birthdays and every other holiday on which gifts are justifiable. Commercials and pop media will be all too happy to point you to you all the gadget, gizmos, and other must-haves that kids, teenagers, young adults want these days.

From that point on, gifts lose a bit more meaning than when you were shopping for just the right gift for a baby who couldn’t even fathom what you were doing for them. There’s a charm about that, and you shouldn’t take it lightly.


T.M. Loyd is a freelance writer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who has been published across the web on topics ranging from landscaping to web security and all points in-between. He is schooled in finance, international relations, literature, consumer issues, and education, among many, many other disciplines.

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