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Wheat Belly Diet Plan – Control Your Blood Sugar Level

Wheat Belly Diet Plan

Discovered by Dr. William Davis, Cardiologist, Wheat Belly Diet Plan is an exclusive diet plan, seeking to transform your body by removing sinister grain named wheat from your diet.

After doing a long and thorough research on wheat, Dr. Davis come to the conclusion that wheat is a natural foe of human body. Should you want to get a healthy and disease-free body, you should say goodbye to wheat made products.

Dr. Davis believes, wheat consumed by people in today’s time is genetically modified, and is totally different from what it used to be in ancient times.

What is Wheat Belly Diet Plan?

Wheat Belly Diet Plan considers wheat even worse than refined sugar and other high calorie food items. The diet plan contends wheat enhances your blood sugar level more than other sinister foods.

Should you make healthy replacements of wheat in your diet, you can keep your blood sugar level in control, and can deter your body from becoming victim of myriad disastrous diseases.

The diet plan asserts, should you refrain from wheat and wheat based products, you can save your body from gaining 400 calories.

On daily basis, cutting 400 calories from your diet can dramatically bring down your consumption of calories. Diet plan followed with exercises can get you the body you have always desired to have.

Principle of Wheat Belly Diet Plan

Wheat Belly Diet Plan works on simple principle; you can make the process of losing weight swifter, should you forbid wheat. And you don’t have to wait for long to see its beneficial impacts on your body because within three to six weeks, you will see fall of 25-30 pounds in your body weight.

Removing wheat from your diet can directly be related to removing visceral fats from your diet, because visceral fats get piled up around the internal organs of your body and disrupt their functioning.

As visceral fat creates a shield of fat around internal organs of your body, it’s very harmful to bear with such fat for long time. Visceral fats not just deposit flabs around various parts of your body, but also make your body house of severe diseases.

Why is it Hard To Forbid Wheat?

Consuming wheat based products is just like an addiction. It’s very difficult to refrain from the food because you will keep craving for the food just as you do, when you are addicted to alcohol, cigarette or drugs.

Companies manufacturing wheat based products know that people cannot live for more than eight hours without consuming wheat foods, and that’s the reason food stores decorate burgers, and other wheat based products in their front shelves.

Should you remove glucose enhancing elements from your diet, you can design your way to a healthy body. Wheat comes under one of the most insatiable food items, which means more you will consume them, more you will feel like having them.

It’s an appetite enhancing food. So when you consume wheat based products in your breakfast, within two hours, you will start feeling hungry and will feel like eating something to satisfy your hunger.

What Makes Wheat so Bad?

Wheat releases a protein named gliadin inside your body; this protein gets transformed into polypeptides after reaching to small intestine. These small proteins are so minute that they can reach to your brain.

When these small proteins reach your brain, they make you feel ecstatic for some time, but that’s just a temporary phase. As and when their effect stops, you start getting craving to consume more of them. Therefore, they make you feel addicted of them, and you keep consuming them without reaching satiety.

In addition to that, wheat contains lectins. Lectins are kind of glycoproteins which make the walls of small intestine lose, and therefore allow the entry of food particles into blood stream. This phenomenon gives birth to innumerable auto-immune diseases.

Diseases Caused by Wheat

Dr. Davis has considered wheat having magnetic effect towards diseases. Let’s have look at the diseases you are more likely to suffer from, should you consume wheat meals.

Type 2 Diabetes, Irritable bowel syndrome, Asthma, Alzheimer’s, Heart Diseases, Cataracts, Acne, Breast cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Kidney disease, Hyperlipidaemia, Osteoporosis, Psoriasis, and all other diseases you possibly can think of because the list is never ending.

Recommended Food Items in Wheat Belly Diet Plan

The diet plan recommends eating natural, raw and organic foods as much as possible. Dr. Davis has provided a list of recommended food items in the diet plan. Let’s find out what they are.

You can have vegetables, olives, coconut, raw nuts, eggs, cheese, avocado, raw seeds, uncured meats, non-sugary condiments, ground flaxseeds, herbs and spices etc. in your diet.

Forbidden Food Items

Apart from wheat, Dr. Davis has provided a long list of forbidden food items. Even fruits are banished by the diet plan, due to their high sugar content. But still you can occasionally relish them. Forbidden foods of the diet plan have been considered as bad as wheat has been considered. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Corn chips, tortillas, sauces, breakfast cereals, cakes, ice-creams, dry roasted peanuts, cookies, pies, granola bars, gluten-free foods, potatoes, dried fruits, soft drinks, fruit juices, barley, rye, triticale, bulger, millet, oats, teff, canned meats etc.

Pros and Cons of Wheat Belly Diet Plan

Though the diet plan is immensely restrictive, but should you abide by the diet plan, you can get numerous benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of the diet plan.


  • Your cravings will come under control and you will feel more energized and active.
  • The diet plan will deter aging process in you, and will enhance your youthful life. Apart from that, you will get flawless skin and hair.
  • You will get an amazing enhancement in your memory and concentration. The diet plan will trigger the release of noble hormones which will rid you from mood-swings.
  • The diet plan will relieve you from insomnia. You will be able to get sound sleep at night, which actually is paramount to have a hale body.


  • The diet plan has removed several nutritious foods from the diet plan, which might create dearth of nutrients in your body. For instance, forbidding fruits, legumes such as lentils, beans, peas, and whole grain from the diet plan is not at all appreciable.
  • Should you want to socialize with your friends, or you have to out from home for several days, it’s almost next to impossible to abide by the diet plan.
  • The diet plan doesn’t have anything motivating or inspiring, which can keep dieters stick to it for longer duration.

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