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Wimbledon Star Caroline Wozniacki Workout Secrets and Diet Plan

Caroline Wozniacki during Press Conference (QF) at Apia International Sydney 2017
Caroline Wozniacki during Press Conference (QF) at Apia International Sydney 2017

Wimbledon is a tough sport that needs you to have a lot of stamina, energy, and power in your body if you want to win. If you are also a fan of this amazing sport or you are just curious about how Wimbledon stars keep fit, then you must read about the workout secrets and diet plan of the renowned Danish professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. It’s not too complicated so you are free to copy some of the secrets, she shared to enhance your fitness.

Preferred Workout

The preferred work out of the sports personality is running. It makes her feel good, works her full body and helps her to last longer in the game.

Thoughts on Fitness

Little Miss Sunshine prides herself on her fitness and thinks that it has helped her to win many of her matches.

Dealing with Injuries

Many of her fans know that she got injured often in 2016 and it was a tough phase for her. Speaking on the matter she said that she has never been injured for long periods of time before and last year, she had to deal with many injuries that kept cropping up one after the other.

Caroline Wozniacki during 2017 French Open at Roland Garros
Caroline Wozniacki during 2017 French Open at Roland Garros

The experience with the injuries helped her to realize that sometimes, you just need to listen to your body and let it heal. She had been on the WTA tour for 12 years and constantly pushed her body hard so when the injuries caught up, it was quite bad.

Now her focus is to ensure that she remains on top of the small injuries and wants to make certain that when she gets back on the court, she feels 100 percent.

Physical Training

Caroline admits that her boxing training gets really physical and she likes to push herself to the limit to test how far she can go.

Listening to the Body

When she was growing up, she pushed her body a bit too hard at times and killed it in the gym until she couldn’t stand it anymore. Now, she listens to her body more because she knows that when you push yourself too much, it will be worse for you in the end.

Caroline Wozniacki gym selfie
Caroline Wozniacki gym selfie

Body Image

The beautiful blonde says that she doesn’t have the time to stress over something she doesn’t have. She just embraces what she has already and focuses on that. She doesn’t care about looking like a supermodel on the runway because she knows that she looks good in her own way. In her opinion, looking healthy should matter the most.

She was really skinny until she hit puberty and that time period was a little bit frightening. But now, she is comfortable with how she looks. She thinks that being in the public eye and being judged by people has helped her because it made her realize that people will always have an opinion, some will love you and some will not. So, you should be okay with the way you look and must not bother about what others think.

No Weight Scales

The Odense-born says that she rarely stands on a scale. Even when she stops playing, her focus is not on her weight but she put her attention to following a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel!

Caroline Wozniacki showing her fridge
Caroline Wozniacki showing her fridge

Preferred Body Part

The blue-eyed beauty likes her stomach the most because she believes it always stays the same. She takes the help of a core program to work her core and loves following it. It helps her to feel strong and good along with making her clothes look good.

Health Supplement

The successful player likes to eat healthy most of the times because she knows that fuel is vital for the body. She takes only one supplement, especially when she has to travel a lot and feels run down. The supplement is Usana Booster C immune support supplement and it’s her go-to product.

Rest Days

She has started to take more rest days with age. She does nothing on the rest days and prefers to stay home. On these days, she reads, watches movies or cooks at times.

Diet Plan

The diet plan of the Monaco-resident is given below:


Oatmeal with pineapple and watermelon.


Chicken and Rice


Steak with broccoli and potatoes


Chocolate, raisins, and nuts

Diet Indulgence

Wozniacki likes to indulge in chocolate and candy. She ensures that her main meals are always healthy but she likes to reward herself every once in a while with something sweet. She feels that when a person works out so much, it’s okay to indulge now and then.

Caroline Wozniacki indulging in ice-cream
Caroline Wozniacki indulging in ice-cream

No Calorie Count

The sports celebrity doesn’t count her calories because the more she thinks about it, the more she wants to eat but doesn’t eat.

Instead, she just eats whatever she feels like.

Foods She Avoids

The lovely woman doesn’t eat seafood. She is also quite allergic to shellfish as it makes her ill. So, she avoids it.

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