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Women’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan for Athletic Body

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Athletic body has thinner waist. It is further characterized by narrow hips and broad shoulders. Women with athletic body type are usually bothered about the shape of their butts and thighs. They also have higher amount of muscles in comparison to fat. Women with athletic built do not require much toning exercises. What they require is a more balanced body shape. If you have an athletic body, then you can work upon your core, buttocks and thighs by using the workouts and exercises given below. You would be more perfect for the swimsuits and bikinis that do not stretch over the top if you do the workouts regularly.

Athletic Body Workouts

An persona with athletic body type can improve his/ her body figure by doing an exercise that relate to core in the upper body area. They should also do exercises that shape their thighs and glutes area. Below are given some exercises, that will help you to have a better and well balanced physique.

  • Front Raise Curtsy Lunge

Front raise cursty lunge

Stand on the floor and place your feet at a hip distance. Hold the weight/ dumbbell in the left hand and rest the right hand on the right hip. Move your left leg by taking a big step backwards, towards the left. Lower your hips (by bending the knees) so that the right thigh becomes parallel to the floor. While doing so, raise the left arm (having weight) to the shoulder height. Hold there for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Do 10- 12 reps of the exercise sets. Switch legs in between.


  • Swivel Squat

Swivel Squat

Place the feet at a hip-distance when you stand straight on the floor.

Extend both the arms outwards, straight, towards the front wall. Bend the legs by moving the knees so that the angle made is somewhere between 45 to 90 degrees. While doing so, the knees should not stretch beyond the toes. Rotate the torso and the straight out-stretched arms to the right, while standing straight.

Rotate your body back to the central position and then perform the same move to the left. This completes one repetition. You have to perform 10 to 12 reps of the exercise. You can hold a medicine ball and make the exercise more challenging and enjoyable.


  • Alternating Side Lunge

Alternating Side Lunge

Hold the weights in each hand while standing straight. Place the feet hip-distance apart.

Now take a giant stride to the right, while moving your buttocks backwards. The knees should not extend over the toes. The arms should be downwards as if you are placing the weights on either side of your right foot.

Press the floor, pull upwards and return to the initial position. Do the same move by moving the left leg. Perform 10 to 12 repetitions of the exercise on each side.


  • Mermaid


Take the position of a side plank. Your right elbow should be on the floor and should be placed right beneath the shoulder. Place the left foot in front of right foot (by staggering the feet). Raise the left arm over your head, the biceps should be next to the ears and the arm should be completely extended. The palms must be facing the floor beneath. This way, your arm will be in line with your body. Raise the hips and arch the left arms towards the floor.

Now return to the initial position. After doing a complete set, change the sides. 10 repetition of the exercise should be performed in one set.


  1. Tip and Row

Tip and Row

Stand straight on the floor and place your feet at a hip distance. Place the arms at their sides with weights in hands. Bend the upper body area in the forward direction. While doing so, lift the right leg upwards behind your body. This move will make your torso and right leg parallel to the floor. Hang the arms downwards and let the palms (with weights) face each other.

Pull the weights upwards (towards the chest) by bending the elbows. Now lower your weights and return to the initial standing position. Now do the same move by extending the left leg upwards. Do 12 reps of the exercise for each leg.

Diet Plan for Athletic Body

  • It is important to have a higher basal metabolism rate. You can enhance it by eating more nutrient dense food. A total of 1500 calories should be consumed a day.
  • Rely on fresh vegetables for body’s mineral and vitamin requirements. Some important veggies to be included in diet are carrots, peas, spinach, broccoli and tomatoes.
  • Food items with good amount of protein are salmon, eggs and chicken. Almonds and other nuts are also good protein sources.
  • Dairy products like yogurt and cheese should be included in the diet often.
  • Brown rice is a great cereal when it comes to nutrition. It has protein and fiber.
  • Peanut butter and other oils provide essential fatty acids.
  • Fruits are good sources of anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Eat apples and bananas.
  • When you want to eat out, opt for ice cream and pasta.

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