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Women’s Straight / Rectangular Body Type – Workout & Diet

Rectangle Body Type

A straight or boyish body type is characterized by a thin, lean and straight body frame. Major issue with the straight body type woman is that there are no curves in the body. Another problem of “skinny fat” may also be present. The body has no obesity problem but high body fat may be found in proportion to the whole weight of the body. There might be no abnormal weight raise though. This problem can be as risky as smoking or obesity.

The strength building exercises are more advantageous in this condition. The straight figure gets more defined this way. A few cardio sessions every week can do the job. Apart from lowering skinny fat, you will also improve your stamina, endurance and overall health by exercising a few times a day.

You should do the exercises for 3 days in a week. Perform 3 sets of each exercise. Rest in between the sets for 30 to 60 seconds. You should also do 2 days of cardio exercises for 15 to 30 minutes on the other days of the week.

You will require free weights for doing these exercises/ workouts. These can be easily done at home.

  1. Deadlift Overhead Press

deadlift overhead press


Hold a pair of dumbbell with your hands. Stand and place your feet a bit wider than the width of your hip. Do not harden your knees. The palms should face the thighs. Engage the abdominal muscles and push the hips towards the lower torso region so that the torso is parallel to the floor.

Maintain the flatness of the back and engage the glutes to bring back the body upwards. Now press the arms in the overhead direction (towards the ceiling) after curling the weight into the body. Press the barbell upwards when your body returns to the upright stance. Now slowly return to the initial position and then repeat the exercise. You should do 3 sets of 12 reps at a time.

  1. Walking Lunges


Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Stand with your arms at side and feet together. Take a wide step in the backward direction of the right foot then lower your body to form a lunge. Bend both the knees at about 90 degrees. Lower the front thigh area so that it gets parallel to the floor.

Push the floor to raise the body halfway upwards. Bend the knees at around 45 degrees. Now lower your back down to form a full lunge. Then, push the right foot and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other leg. After one cycle, repeat the exercise. At a time, 3 sets of 10 reps are recommended.

  1. V-Raise


Stand in an upright position. The feet should be placed slightly wider than the width of the hip. Hold a pair of dumbbells. The arms should be at their sides.

Raise both of your arms till shoulder height so that they form a V shape. While doing so, keep the blades of the shoulder downwards and backwards. Do not lean backwards. Now return to the starting position and repeat. 3 sets of 12 reps are recommended in one exercise session.

  1. Fencer’s Lunge Extension

fencer's lunge extension

Stand and place your right foot forward and left foot, a feet (stride) length behind. Hold one dumbbell with both of your hands. Lunge in the forward direction then bend the front knee over the ankle. With elbows in a bent position close to the ears, hold the dumbbell behind your head.

Now extend the arms in the overhead direction. Your body will form a diagonal shape from your heels to your hands. Complete one rep by bending the elbows and lowering the dumbbell behind the head. Repeat the exercise. You can switch your legs between the sets. You can do 4 sets of 8 reps at a time.

  1. Plank Pushups

Plank Pushups

Take the position of a plank and place your feet together. Your body will form a straight line. Step the right foot and then the right hand to a side. The hands will then be slightly wider than the width of the shoulder. Now perform a pushup by lowering your body towards the floor. Return to the initial plank position by pressing the body upwards. 3 sets of 10 reps of this exercise are recommended in one workout session.

High intensity workouts are suggested for straight body type. You will eventually lose 60% of the body weight by exercising 3 times a week and by doing cardio exercises.

Diet Plan for Straight/ Boyish Body Type

A diet plan for straight body type is described below.

Breakfast – Avocado, poached egg and whole grain toast

Snack – 20 – 25 almonds

Lunch – Grilled chicken, salad and berries

Snack – Greek yogurt

Dinner – Side of asparagus and steamed fish

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