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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

There is nothing more important than maintaining good health. You should always keep yourself active and maintain your fitness; otherwise, you will fall ill. One of the recent innovations in the fitness sector has been the activity tracker. It’s a device that can help to keep track of your daily exercise routine. This simple device can tell you a lot about your fitness and health. It can help to get you going. If you cannot afford the high-end fitness trackers, then there are many good quality low priced trackers available as well. Here, we are going to review Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which is one of the top-quality and affordable fitness trackers in the market. By looking at its various features you will easily be able to judge whether the device is good or bad.


It is one of the most well-designed trackers you will find in the market. It’s simple and sleek and has a black band. It has a touchscreen display, so navigation is easier. You need to swipe to change to different modes. The screen is 33% larger than Mi Band 3, so you will be able to see things more clearly. You can replace your band easily if you want to. There are various third-party Mi Band 4 bands that you can choose. It is also compatible with Mi Band 3 bands.

It has both English and Chinese language options. It has a 0.95-inch colorful AMOLED display having 120 X 240 pixels resolution and providing 450 nits screen brightness. So, you will get a sharp and bright image and you will be able to see it even in bright sunlight.

Build Quality

This device has a lot of interesting features. It can monitor your heart rate, sleep, activities, and more. You will be able to maintain a healthier body by using this tracker. You can choose from six workout modes which include walking, cycling, swimming, and more. It is 5ATM water-resistant, which means it has up to 50 meters of water resistance rate. So, you will be able to use it in the shower or pool.

The band is made of silicone which feels very comfortable on the skin. The heart rate sensor protrudes a bit from the bottom of the case, but it won’t leave any mark on your wrist even when you wear it for a long time. You won’t find any connectivity issues with this band as it has Bluetooth 5.0 support.

It has a RAM of 512 KB and storage of 16 MB. So, you will be able to store a lot of data on it. You will be able to compare your past fitness records with the new ones. It has a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, PPG heart rate sensor, and Capacitive proximity sensor. All these sensors provide accurate data. It is compatible with Android 4.4 and above, and iOS 9.0 and above. One of the major concerns when buying a device like this is battery life. After charging the battery fully, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will run for up to 20 days. Most of the trackers will go for 5 to 7 days without charging, so in this respect, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is ahead of them all.


It has a bandwidth of 18 mm and dimension 155 to 216 mm which will fit most hands perfectly. It is lightweight and only weighs 22.1g. You will feel very comfortable wearing this tracker.


The silicone band feels very comfortable and you can change the band if you want to by detaching it from the device easily. The device is lightweight and you won’t feel like you are wearing anything. The screen is large and the AMOLED panel provides outstanding vibrant and contrasts colors.


This device will keep track of the steps you have taken, distance traveled, active and resting heartbeats, calories burned, and sleep. It can track various exercises such as treadmill, cycling, running, swimming, walking, and more. In the case of swimming, it will be able to recognize 5 different styles of swimming and record 12 data sets such as stroke count, swimming pace, and more. It has a water-resistant rating of 5AT and so you can use it in the swimming pool or shower without damaging it. The sleep tracking is one of the strongest features of this device. It can track light and deep sleep and also time awake. It will give you a sleep score between 1 and 100, so you will be able to know instantly how well you have slept. In case of activity tracking, though it doesn’t have a built-in GPS, you will be able to connect your phone’s GPS with it.

It has several smartwatch features as well. If you live in China, you can use Alipay to pay for your public transportation. Alipay is a contactless payment system in China that is quite popular. It can relay call, email, text, and other notifications that you get on your smartphone. You get a lot of customizable options. For example, you can change the vibration pattern of notifications, you can activate the auto screen wake up when you lift your hand. After sunset, you can lower the brightness of the device. You can switch to the DND mode to stop getting too many notifications. You can change the watch faces according to your preference. You can pair your Mi Band 4 to your phone with the Mi Fit app. That way you will be able to view all the activity stats on your phone as well.


You will be able to buy this tracker for only $39.99 which is very reasonable. You will find that the price is very low compared to the other brands in the market having similar features. So, you will be a winner if you buy this tracker.


  • It is slim and has an attractive design.
  • It has an AMOLED display that makes the screen clear and bright.
  • The band is detachable, so you can buy different types of bands.
  • It has a low price, so is affordable to many people.
  • It provides accurate fitness, sleep tracking, and health updates.
  • It is 50-meter water-resistant, so you can use it in the shower and swimming pool.
  • There are lots of customization options.
  • You can connect it to your phone’s GPS.
  • It includes various smartwatch features which include receiving notifications of messages and calls, using Alipay for people living in China, and more.
  • It is compatible with Android 4.4 or above and iOS 9.0 or above.
  • It has a 20-day battery life.


  • The heart rate sensor doesn’t provide accurate results during high-intensity workouts.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in GPS.

 Final Verdict

The good thing about Xiaomi is that it keeps on adding more features to its device every year without increasing the price. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has an improved display and more exercise profiles compared to its previous versions. It is undoubtedly one of the best value fitness trackers you will find in the market today. With various activity tracking ability, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and other features, you will be able to keep track of your health and fitness regularly using this device.

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