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Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells Review

Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

Who knows that the kettle you use in your kitchen will turn out to be one of the most demanding fitness equipment? People always talk about dumbbells, treadmill, and other gym equipment; but the kettlebell has been underestimated for many years. The fact is that this versatile tool is very beneficial for your health and fitness. A kettlebell can be a wonderful addition to your gym and home.

The popularity of sports like CrossFit has created demand for kettlebell training; that’s why you will find it in most gyms today. They are great for strength and mobility. They can be easily used instead of dumbbells or barbells. When you use a kettlebell, various muscles work at a time and you can get similar benefits to HIIT training. 


The vinyl coating gives these kettlebells a shinier appearance. The design of these kettlebells makes it easy to move around during the workout. You can also store them easily in our car boot, garage or garden shed. They are designed to be adaptable to all fitness levels. You will find these kettlebells in different weights from 5 lbs to 50 lbs, so it is suitable for many different users. They have color-coded vinyl that prevents rust. This helps to reduce noise during exercise and also protect the floor from any damage. The handle is wide and textured that provides excellent grip.  

The bottom of the kettlebell is flat that is ideal for exercises such as handstands, renegade rows, and squats. The flat surface can also allow you to store the kettlebell in an upright position. These are perfect for developing your forearms, building flexibility, and toning the body.  

Build Quality

The kettlebell is constructed with solid cast iron. The quality of this product is so good that you won’t find any welds or weak spots in it. As it is vinyl coated, it reduces noise and protects the floor from any damage. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. The handles are made up of solid steel. They are wide, strong, and comfortable for high reps. The flat bottom of the kettlebell makes it ideal for different types of exercises like pushups, mounted pistol squats, and other exercises. 

This kettlebell won’t wear or tear easily as they are built to last for a long time. You get a 30-day free return and 1-year warranty for the product. This kettlebell has been manufactured by keeping quality standards in mind. So, there is no question about their durability. You can comfortably use them for a group workout, cross-training, and MMA training. 


The kettlebell has dimensions 8 X 7 X 4 inches. The weight varies from 5 lbs to 50 lbs. So, you can choose one according to your preference. However, it is recommended that you follow the proper weight guide while purchasing the kettlebell. For the beginners, the recommended weight is 20-30 lbs for male and 5-15lbs for female. For intermediate users, the weight is 30-40 lbs for male and 15-25 lbs for female. If you are an advanced user, then your recommended weight is 40-50 lbs or more and 25-35 lbs for female.


The handle of this kettlebell is made of solid steel. It is wide and so is suitable for people of all sizes. The handle is textured which can help you to perform slow controlled movements. Your hands won’t slip even after doing intense exercise. You will be able to exercise smoothly using the kettlebell. There is no risk of any injury and your hands won’t hurt also after exercising. There is also no chance of getting any blisters due to regular use.


With these kettlebells, you will be able to do exercises like the kettlebell swing. This can help to increase your heart rate, burn fat, and improve your core strength. In some cases, kettlebells can be more helpful than dumbbell or barbell. You will be able to increase your lung and heart capacity by exercising with these kettlebells. As a result, it is possible to prevent cardiovascular diseases like strokes or heart attack. It can activate your core and stabilize your muscles which results in active recovery. 

Kettlebell training is gaining popularity as you can incorporate them into your daily cardio and strength exercises. You won’t have to get boring doing the same exercise over and over again. You can easily create variations of exercises and get positive fitness results. 


It will cost $16 only at Amazon. The price may vary depending on the weight. You can buy it as single or combo. A set of 3 kettlebells will cost about $45. You can also buy a range of fitness accessories with this product to make workouts more effective.


  • It has a shinier appearance which looks good.
  • It is made of cast iron which makes it durable. 
  • It has encased vinyl coating that prevents damage and protects the kettlebell. 
  • The vinyl coating can reduce floor noise; so, you won’t be disturbing others or damaging the floor while exercising. 
  • It won’t rust and so will last longer.
  • It is available in various sizes starting from 5 lbs. 
  • It has wide handles that are made of steel and are textured for better grip. 
  • The bottom of the kettle is flat which allows upright storage.
  • It is ideal for handstands, renegade rows, mounted pistol squats, and other exercises. 
  • It can help to enhance strength, coordination, and stamina.
  • It is great for total body workout, fat burn, and toning of lean muscles. 
  • It increases the lung and heart capacity, so can prevent cardiovascular diseases. 
  • It is ideal for both men and women. 
  • You get one year warranty for the product and 60-day return policy. 


  • Some people found the handles to be too rough which may cause abrasions on the palms.
  • It is expensive compared to the other kettlebells on the market. 
  • You may get injured if you don’t buy kettlebell of the proper weight.

Final Verdict

You will be surprised to know that if you do kettlebell workout for 20 minutes, then you will be able to burn 13.6 calories per minutes which are same as running at a 6-minute mile pace. If you can do kettlebell workouts for 3 days a week, then you will be able to improve your strength, power, balance, and endurance. Another benefit of it is that you can get a healthier lower back if you use kettlebells during exercise. 

The Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set is a good investment if you are serious about fitness. It is more appropriate for beginners who want to lose weight and build some muscles. You need to choose kettlebell of the correct weight; otherwise, it may cause injury. 

The wide handles make it very comfortable to hold the kettlebell and so you will be able to exercise for long hours comfortably. Exercising with a kettlebell is good for your cardiovascular health. You can incorporate kettlebell into your cardio or other exercises to get a better and quick result. If you are looking for a kettlebell that is ideal for the beginners, then you must buy this one. 

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These kettlebells are versatile and you will be able to incorporate them with cardio and other exercise routines. They are shiny in appearance and very strong. Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells Review