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The Yoga Body Diet – Acquire Slim and Sexy Body in Four Weeks

Yoga Body Diet Plan for women. Lose weight in four weeks.

Developed by Kristen Schultz Dollard, digital director of self magazine and yoga teacher in New York, The Yoga Body Diet is a holistic weight loss program. Having total duration of four weeks, the program will fetch you in sexy and slender shape in mere four weeks.

Its holistic approach will not only get your body in slim shape, it will also bring great improvements in your mental conditions. Diverse yoga postures will cut the formation of stress causing hormone named cortisol in your body. By the end of the program, you will be transformed at all levels.

How to Recognize Your Body Dosha?

According to The Yoga Body Type, there are mainly three kinds of body doshas prevalent. We all possess one of these doshas. Doshas represent wider perspective of five elements namely air, water, earth, fire and space. Doshas are amalgamation of two elements. Let’s have a look at three most eminent doshas.

  • Vatta – Vatta is blend of air and space and signifies irritability.
  • Kaffa – Kaffa is amalgam of water and earth and signifies sluggishness.
  • Pitta – Pitta is mix of fire and water and signifies flighty side of yours.

There is a list of fifty questions in the program; you need to answer all those questions. Your answers will decide your body dosha and accordingly diet based solution will be provided to you.

Balanced diet and effective yoga postures will correct all kinds of malfunctioning in your body, and thus will render you hale and flab free body. Your dosha will determine what kinds of foods are beneficial for you.

Four Weeks Of The Yoga Body Diet 

Four Weeks in the yoga body diet program are dedicated to bring both external and internal changes in you. You will feel thrilled and will experience amazing flow of energy flowing from within.

First Week – In first week, you will be put under one category of dosha, which matches with your particular body type. Various diseases and weight gain occur in your body as a result of flaw in your body attributes. You need to abide by specific foods and yoga postures allotted to you in the first week.

Second Week – In second week, you will work more intensely with the weight loss program. You need to strictly abide by diet and yoga regime.

Third Week – In third week, you need to put more emphasis on yoga postures. Portion size of your dinner will shrink in this week, and you will be supposed to eat larger lunch and smaller dinner.

Fourth Week -Fourth week of diet solution is kind of maintenance phase of the program. You will learn how to maintain your lost weight, and what measures you should take to stop you from resuming your old weight.

Recommended Food Items

Unlike other diet programs which are either gimmick or fad, the yoga body diet plan is logical and is thoroughly braced with scientific facts and theories. Selection of food items in the program is also healthy and nutritious. Let’s have a look at some of the recommended foods of the plan.

Extra virgin olive oil, soy milk, tilapia, oats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice noodles, tuna, avocado, low-fat yogurt, eggs, chickpeas, goat cheese etc. are some of the recommended foods of the program.

Sample Meal Plan

Instead of emphasizing five or six small meals in a day, the plan believes in the three normal size meals in a day. You can eat what you want to eat and can eat unless you feel contended.

Though the program has allocated 600 calories for each meal, but Kristen believes that dieters themselves will not feel like consuming more foods while abiding by the diet solution because they will understand the value of self-control.


You can have herb tea organ tea, granola with soy milk in your breakfast.


You can have green salad, pesto pasta, and biscotti with lemon glaze, thyme, and cranberries etc.in your lunch.


You can have herbal tea, chicken quesadillas, cilantro mango salsa etc. in your dinner.

Benefits of The Yoga Body Diet

The yoga body diet has numerous benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • First of all, yoga works at all levels, they work on your body, mind, and soul. While going along with the program, you will not get bulky body as you get while practicing weight lifting and other strength exercises. Yoga will rather get you supple, lean, and resilient body.
  • The program will enhance your immunity and will make your body capable to combat against various diseases.
  • You are likely to get immense benefits from the magnificent diet program because the program will be tailored on the basis of your personal body type and health condition. Customized programs indeed have more chances of turning successful than “one for all” diet programs.
  • There are proper guidelines and instructions given in the program, so you won’t feel direction less at any point in the plan.
  • You will consume more and more organic and natural foods. These foods will strengthen your body and will enrich it with varied vital nutrients.
  • Yoga enhances your blood circulation and suffices oxygen to all the organs of your body, which further speeds up their functioning.

Drawbacks of The Yoga Body Diet

Despite being meticulously designed, the yoga body diet couldn’t escape from some drawbacks. However, these drawbacks being very minor and not problematic can be overlooked. Let’s have a look the drawbacks of the program.

  • Yoga has thoroughly been insisted in the program. The yoga body diet plan doesn’t fit the dieters who are not compatible with yoga.
  • Some people do perfectly well with five to six small meals in a day. If you too are one of those dieters who feel comfortable with many small meals in a day, you might end up feeling hungry while going along with the program.
  • There are some food items such as high mercury fish in the diet solution which are not good for health and might cause serious damage to your body.

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