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Yoga – Key to Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

Yoga - lead healthier and happier life

Now -a-days, everyone is busy improving their living status, bulking their bank accounts, doing sedentary jobs and waiting for promotion. It seems that being busy has become a rule of life rather than exception. By doing all these activities, these professionals neglect their health and fitness. Staying healthy and fit is questionable for them, to add to their routine due to lack of enough time. Does it mean you have to trade off your health for money?

Well, not at all! “Yoga” is the best, less time consuming and less painful practice as compared to hard gym practices. It is a practice to bring your mind, spirit and body into mutual harmony. The word yoga is hooked up with India’s Sanskrit word “asana” that was used to refer only sitting body postures in ancient times. Modern yoga includes both seating and standing poses influenced by British gymnastic conditions and International physical culture movement in 19th century.

Hopefully, this article will help you with better understanding of why I recommend yoga while keeping your work schedule. I have specially written it to help professionals.

Benefits of Yoga

Talking about benefits of yoga like a healthy body and weight loss, most of the time, we forgot about its mental benefits. Yoga not only keeps your body fit and fine, but it also reinforces mental health. It energizes human body; induce mental calmness and keeps you stress free.

Physical Benefits

  • Flexibility – A flexible body is able to bend in every direction. Flexibility helps to prevent back pain that is caused with aging and continuous sitting. But with aging, body starts losing flexibility that causes pain and immobility. Gentle yoga practices induce motion to tight body parts like back, shoulders, butt and help in pain prevention.
  • Muscles Preservation – This is an additional benefit or you can say by-product of yoga. In addition to getting stronger and healthier, yoga practices help toning up one’s muscles.
  • Strength and Balancing – Yoga practices involve many poses that require you to support your own weight and balancing your whole body either on arms or legs only. Some of the most common balancing poses are standing on one leg, downward facing dog, etc. These poses provide great ways to strengthen the core, as we age. 

Psychological Benefits

  • Stress Reliever – Our day to day activities cause emotional feelings that feed to anxiety. Although stress has become a common part of the busy life, but continuous stress may take tremendous toll on health as well as happiness. Yoga is the most recommended physical activity for the people struggling with stress.
  • Memory Improvement – Memory is the latent capacity to recall or remember things you see, hear, speak or feel around yourself. Not only storage location, but memory is responsible for analyzing and manipulating the stored facts as and when required. Yoga helps improving memory by concentration practices and meditation.
  • Concentration Improvement – Yoga is one the best way to improve concentration. Concentration is an important factor required in day to day life. It helps overcome the feeling of stress and significantly boosts confidence and increases motivation in the people who practice yoga.
  • Increases Body Awareness – To manage day to day activities, mental relaxation is necessary, which is possible only when we are aware of our body’s status. Yoga helps to increase this body awareness. Body awareness helps people recognize when they are undergoing stress and also assist them to recover as soon as possible by themselves.

Other than the above, benefits of yoga are countless. It improves our concentration level, social skills, balancing, mind/ body neuron connection and mood. Physically, it creates toned, flexible and strong body. It also promotes cardio and circulation system. Overall, yoga offers everything we need for a happy life.

A person is called truly fit only when he is healthy both physically and mentally. Thus yoga is a surefire way that to keep you truly fit. If you can spend only twenty minutes every morning for yoga, you will definitely find its ultimate benefits yourself. Just a few minutes of practice in the morning can get you charged to handle every task with double enthusiasm for the whole day.

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