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Zac Efron Workout Routine Diet Plan

Zac Efron started out as the cute boy from school who did musicals. The High School Musical star has today gone from being a teenage heart-throb to become a fine looking, toned and handsome guy. He started out being a children’s favorite but he has worked hard enough to change his look and image to be accepted by not just the young adults but also the matured audiences. In the movie The Lucky One, Zac plays a U.S. marine who returns home to find his lucky girl. To make sure he looked like a marine, Zac went through a routine that helped him lose fat and build muscles. Pretty much the thing we all want to do. So take a look at what Efron did with his workouts and diet to give the amazing six-packs.


  • THE ‘HAVE FUN’ EXERCISES: Zac believes that it is necessary to get involved in cardiovascular exercises to lose fat and strengthen the muscles. And he prefers not going to the gym much. He goes outdoors for hiking, cycling and running. He also prefers playing soccer, basketball, rock climbing and surfing.
  • EARLY WORKOUTS: The actor loves to get up early in the morning and workout. He believes that doing exercises at the day break not only allows him to stay ahead of his schedule but also is an important factor in releasing the toxins from his body.

zac efron workout 6 pack body

  • WEIGHT TRAINING: To develop a military style body, Zac engaged in some heavy duty workout routines. Squats, bench press, pull-ups, push-ups, bicep curls, tricep curls, weighted crunches and side bends for the abs were regularly performed by him. Apart from this he often did dip on parallel bars to develop his shoulders, back and triceps.
  • GO SLOW: The number rule according to Zac, when it comes to developing muscles, is to take it slow. Using the momentum of the body to lift weights or doing it faster might be easy but least effective. All weight training routines have to be done slowly to engage each and every muscle concerned in it.


  • EGGS AND OATS: Since Zac loves to workout in the morning, it is essential for him to eat a nutritious and heavy breakfast. Two of the most easy to cook early morning options are eggs and oats.  Oats is essential to push the fat that is accumulated in the cells and hence the actor swears by it. Zac has even admitted that he sometimes just drank raw eggs.
  • NO JUNK FOOD: As it goes with all celebrity diet plans, even Zac says no to all sorts of takeaway junk foods with additional sugar and fat and that includes candies, sodas and pizza. When it comes to Zac, it is very important for him to not take anything that may lead to a chance of fat accumulation in any part of his body.
  • HEALTHY CALORIES: Zac consumes anywhere between 3000 to 4000 calories a day. These calories come in the form of poached eggs, rolled oats and adequate quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables along with fish, chicken and other lean meats. Carbs are also obtained from dairy products. Losing fat does not mean you need to starve. One still needs the healthy calories to be fit.
  • THE ZEN WAY: Zac has also mentioned that he uses ZEN Foods diet. ZEN-Zero Effort Nutrition is a food company that provides ready and packed meals with nutrition and calories in adequate portions. ZEN may be recommended for those who want to take care of their body but are too busy to do so.

So, you now have access to a short yet effective workout and diet plan of Zac Efron. Inculcate these in your life and be sure to lose fat and build some strong muscles at the same time. Most importantly consult your physician before you go ahead with the plan.

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