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Zak Bagans Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Zak Bagans Quick Info
Height 6 ft
Weight 80 kg
Date of Birth April 5, 1977
Zodiac Sign Aries
Eye Color Green

Zak Bagans is an American paranormal investigator, actor, television personality and author who is the main host of the Travel Channel series, Ghost Adventures. He is widely known and has been criticized by paranormal enthusiasts for the aggressive methods he uses during his paranormal investigation procedures. Although the paranormal world seems pretty daunting, Zak Bagans has dedicated most of his life to battling with bad spirits that attack the living. In an interview with Paranormal Underground magazine in 2009, he said that he wouldn’t like people to see them as the taunting and provocative ghost hunters, making everyone know that the humans have nothing to fear.

Zak Bagans has acted in movies and co-authored books that have a relationship with paranormal activities. In 2011, he even hosted a paranormal challenge on the Travel Channel and a radio talk show which starred a paranormal personality, Dave Schrader. He co-wrote a book with the author Kelly Crigger which was titled Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew. In 2011, Bagans also narrated and hosted a travel channel special titled Ultimate Travel: Legends of the Park, which talked about America’s National Parks, going into details about how they are haunted. He also has a haunted museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Born Name

Zachary Alexander Bagans

Nick Name


Zak Bagans as seen on his Instagram Profile in February 2019
Zak Bagans as seen on his Instagram Profile in February 2019 (Zak Bagans / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Washington, D.C., United States


Las Vegas, Nevada, United States




Zak Bagans attended Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, United States. He then moved on to and graduated from Motion Picture Institute in Troy, Michigan, United States.


Paranormal investigator, Author, Actor, Television Personality


  • Mother – Nancy Knapp (Interior Designer)
  • Siblings – Meredith Bagans (Sister)
  • Others – Sky (Half-sibling), Phil (Half-sibling)


Zak Bagans is managed by –

  • Abrams Artists Agency (Talent Agent), Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Joe Rose (Manager)




6 ft or 183 cm


80 kg or 176.5 lbs

Zak Bagans in an Instagram Selfie in August 2018
Zak Bagans in an Instagram Selfie in August 2018 (Zak Bagans / Instagram)

Girlfriend / Spouse

Zak Bagans has dated –

  1. Christine Dolce (2013) – Zak Bagans and Christine Dolce were rumored to have been together in 2013. Zak keeps his personal life secret from the rest of the world, leaving out issues about his relationship and focusing on his paranormal investigation matters. Dolce was a cosmetologist and a MySpace internet celebrity in the mid-2000s. She passed away on February 6, 2017.
  2. Holly Madison (2019-2021) – For nearly 2 years, from 2019 to early 2021, TV personality and showgirl, Holly Madison and Zak dated each other.

Race / Ethnicity


He has Italian (on his paternal grandmother’s side), German, Irish, French-Canadian, Scottish, at least 1/64 Chippewa [Ojibwe] Native American ancestry.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Usually keeps a mustache and wears glasses
  • Roughly trimmed hair
  • 2 scars on each eyebrow

Brand Endorsements

Zak Bagans has endorsed Lumber Liquidator, a retail company in the past.

Zak Bagans as seen on his Instagram Profile in December 2018
Zak Bagans as seen on his Instagram Profile in December 2018 (Zak Bagans / Instagram)

Best Known For

  • Producing a documentary-style film called Ghost Adventures in 2004
  • Hosting Paranormal Challenge on The Travel Channel in 2011
  • Acting as himself in 2018 movie Demon House
  • Writing paranormal books such as Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew

First Film

He made his first theatrical film appearance as himself in the horror film Demon House in 2018.

First TV Show

Zak Alexander Bagans made his first TV show appearance as himself on Ghost Adventures in 2008.

Personal Trainer

Zak doesn’t give out information about his body training sessions, but we can attribute his athletic physique to his job which involves a lot of body movement. His stature could also be as a result of early diet and regular workout sessions possibly not involving a personal trainer.

Zak Bagans Favorite Things

  • Activities – Ghost communication, Reading about history
  • TV Character – Vlad III Tepes, aka Dracula

SourceWikipedia, IMDb

Zak Bagans as seen on his Instagram Profile in November 2018
Zak Bagans as seen on his Instagram Profile in November 2018 (Zak Bagans / Instagram)

Zak Bagans Facts

  1. The book titled Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew (Victory Belt, 2011) which Zak Bagans co-authored with Kelly Crigger debuted on The New York Times “Best Seller” list at number 18.
  2. In 2012, Zak Bagans has appeared in music collaborations such as on the song Paranormal Energy with Lords of Acid and on an album Necrofusion with Praga Khan. Both songs have a relationship with the paranormal genre. The beats on the album with Praga Khan were a mixture of electronic/dubstep with the voices of the spirits that he had captured via Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).
  3. He premiered his new show on the Travel Channel titled Deadly Possessions on April 2, 2016. The show featured his museum in Las Vegas, Nevada and shows Zak Bagans as he gets items for his museum. Some of the items include Dr. Kevorkian’s Death Van, Peggy the Doll, Bela Lugosi‘s mirror and the Dybbuk box.
  4. Zak Bagans claims that his passion for investigating the paranormal began after he had a face-to-face encounter with the spirit of a dead suicidal woman in his former apartment at Trenton, Michigan.
  5. After graduating from Motion Picture Institute in Michigan and before he began working as a paranormal investigator, Bagans was working as a wedding disc jockey in Las Vegas.
  6. Bagans claims he doesn’t put too much in religion when relating it to things of the afterlife. To him, everything including religion is just a belief and he needs facts and evidence to support these beliefs.
  7. Although not telling specifically what the effects of communicating with the paranormal world are, Zak Bagans told everyone in an exclusive interview with Daily Dead that there are various side effects on their physical bodies and their lives.
  8. Zak Bagans and his team make use of high tech in order to carry out these paranormal investigations. To him, it is very useful in correctly detecting these paranormal activities, and also to give clear images of everything happening to the people in the world, including skeptics.
  9. Zak Bagans attended Western Michigan University only for 8 months before he went to Motion Picture Institute.
  10. He met and befriended the co-creator of Ghost Adventures Nick Groff at Las Vegas, Nevada in 2004. Nick then hired him as a disc jockey for his wedding.
  11. He is scared of snakes and heights.
  12. He once adopted a dog named Gracie from the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  13. He loves history.
  14. In February 1998, he was on the Las Vegas Wheel of Fortune for Family Week along with his sister.
  15. In his former house in Las Vegas, he has a dungeon built there.
  16. He is allergic to red fruits, pumpkin, prawns, spinach, calf, rye, papaya, almonds, and grapes.
  17. He has 7 tattoos: A little “Christian cross” on his right index. A big “Celtic cross” on his left arm. An “angel/demon” behind his neck which was the symbol of the battle between good and evil that he faced during his paranormal investigation on Poveglia Island, Italy (2009). The writing “Denn die Todten reiten Schnell”, which is German for “For the Dead Travel”, a quote from Bram Stoker’s Dracula on his inner left arm. An “Aries symbol” on his right arm. “Dracula’s cross” on his right wrist. “Number 11”, near the German writing, which symbolizes his apologies to a female spirit he mocked while investigating room 11 of Silver Queen Hotel, Virginia City in 2004.
  18. In November 2020, Zak bought the clown showcased in the movie Poltergeist for $80,000 at an auction. He initially planned to keep it in his bedroom but ultimately, it would go in his Haunted Museum.
  19. In December 2020, he purchased a doll from Child’s Play for $11,000 from an auction.

Featured Image by Zak Bagans / Instagram

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