Zazie Beetz Workout and Diet Secrets

Zazie Beetz with her cosmetic products in an Instagram selfie in April 2017
Zazie Beetz with her cosmetic products in an Instagram selfie in April 2017 (Zazie Beetz / Instagram)

Zazie Beetz Workout and Diet Secrets for Deadpool 2

If you have seen the blockbuster Deadpool 2 (2018) or you plan to see it, it is highly likely that you are (or will be) impressed by the character of Domino, a lucky mutant who has the power to affect the probability in her favor.

The beauty who played this role is none other than Zazie Beetz. When watching the movie, you will also notice how fit and agile the actress is. So, how did she prepare for the role? Let’s find out.

Workout Secrets

The diva was trained by Don Saladino, the trainer who also works with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. He noticed that the actress didn’t exercise much, but she was still quite athletic. Don shared that after meeting her.

He decided not to do a lot of cardio exercises as she had a lean body type. He mainly focused on strength training sessions that had a cardio element as she wasn’t given much rest time. The character required the stunner to be an ass kicker. So, every workout included a jump, throw, and carry format. It was done at 80 percent intensity. Before every workout, she was asked to do a bodyweight dynamic workout.

Post the jump, throw and carry series, the German-American actress did a strength circuit that included intense exercises like jumping, medicine ball throws, and carrying weights. Though many women don’t like such workouts, the trainer believes that exercises like squats or split squats while picking kettlebells is an effective exercise method. It boosts the heart rate and is not linear or one-dimensional.

Zazie Beetz with her Nikon camera in April 2016
Zazie Beetz with her Nikon camera in April 2016 (Zazie Beetz / Instagram)

Diet Secrets

As Beetz is a vegan, Saladino didn’t have to change any part of her diet. He just motivated her to eat quality foods and make good food choices.

The Feelings

Though Zazie trained hard for the role, she admits that spending 4 months with a crew of stunt doubles and trainers was not an easy feat. She wasn’t in the habit of hitting the gym, so this sort of lifestyle was quite different for her.

She liked some exercises which she did daily like hand to hand combat exercises, but she hated doing two hours of weight training on a daily basis. Things were so intense that she often had to push herself to tears.

Zazie Beetz's hotel room selfie in August 2017
Zazie Beetz’s hotel room selfie in August 2017 (Zazie Beetz / Instagram)

Well, we admire her dedication and hope her fans would learn to be healthy from the stunner.

Featured Image by Zazie Beetz / Instagram

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