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4 Fantastic Lifestyle Decisions to Lower your High Blood Pressure Efficiently

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is an incredibly common health problem these days. But by taking a few simple decisions you can keep it under control and enjoy a long and healthy life.

High blood pressure can either be a symptom of an underlying disease or may just be an indication that your body’s harmonious functioning is being disturbed…in any case, it needs your immediate attention. Normal blood pressure reads 120 mmHG (systolic) and 80 mmHG (diastolic). When the readings are higher than these numbers then you are said to have high blood pressure. Some suffer from elevated blood pressure because of genetic factors while others live with it because of their own sedentary lifestyle. We bring to you four basic ideas that can conveniently lower your raised blood pressure and improve health of your heart.

Choose to Eat Healthy

It may be hard (and extremely expensive) to go completely organic but you can always choose to eat healthy foods. People who lead a perfectly healthy life may treat themselves occasionally with junk food but those who already have been experiencing high blood pressure must avoid eating out. Fast food must be avoided at all costs. When it comes to your heart, you cannot afford to take things for granted. You must choose to eat at least one such meal a day that would nourish your heart. Oatmeal, flax seeds, almonds, walnuts, salmon, egg whites and fish contain high levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that support a healthy heart. Eating at least one of these foods every day can help in improving the functioning of your heart and thus making your heart stronger. With enhanced organ function, your blood pressure shall automatically come under control.

Promise Yourself to Lead an Active Lifestyle

Active lifestyle

Studies have shown that people who lead a physically active lifestyle tend to suffer less from blood pressure problems than those who do not. You must go for morning walks. A typical urban life observes unpredictable evenings. Once a day starts, it may only end later in the evening. You may have no control over your evenings – doing extra hours at office or attending a last minute party invite, but you can definitely take out 20 to 30 minutes each morning for a brisk walk. Walking gives your entire body a gentle workout. Deep breathing exercises also help. These can greatly help in lowering high blood pressure instantly. If you are suffering from hypertension and have a minor elevation in blood pressure, then you can easily get it under control with breathing exercises.

Cut Down on Sodium

Sodium does not necessarily account for the amount of salt that we put in the food. Heartbreakingly, many people fail to understand that even sweet packaged foods contain sodium. Your favorite vanilla biscuits contain sodium, your beloved yogurt contains sodium and even lassi may have unbelievably high amounts of sodium. If you have been diagnosed for lifestyle-induced high blood pressure then we strongly recommend that you avoid eating processed and packaged foods at all costs.

Avoid putting table salt over your salad. We suggest that you drink lemonade without salt. It may seem extreme in the beginning, because almost everything around carries salt but if you would like to lead a healthy life then you need to be stubborn. Say “no” to salted crackers when served by someone. It is not impolite. It is understandable.

Learn to Deal with Stress

Deal with stress

No matter how much control you gain over your eating habits or follow an active workout regime, you shall not be able to get your high blood pressure in control unless you learn how to manage your stress. From professional goals to personal expectations, we all experience all sorts of stress triggers in our daily lives. You need to find ways to beat your stress. A single formula may not work for everyone. For example, some may find dancing a lot of fun while someone else may find reading a feel-good book to be very relaxing. Take out some time for yourself each day to keep stress at bay. If you have been experiencing physical stress then try out full body oil massages. People who take full body or head massages at least once a month find themselves very relaxed. This is especially helpful for people who are unable to get enough exercise due to hectic lifestyle.

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