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Abbey Clancy Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Abbey Clancy Workout

Who says, women don’t look sexy after they become mom?

5 feet 9 in, British lingerie and catwalk model is there to prove you wrong with her size zero figure after becoming a mother. Married to famous England soccer player, Peter Crouch, Abbey got blessed with a beautiful daughter namely Sophia in 2011. And after just seven months of Sophia birth, the super sexy model regained her enviable body.


The most gorgeous Abbey certainly is a source of inspiration to millions of moms out there, trying to lose weight and bring them back in their pre-baby shape. Well, it was not easy for Abbey too to shed weight. However, desperate Abbey wanted to see her as hot as she was prior to becoming a mother. No wonder, the persistent efforts of the relentless star had high calories give in before her.

Her unshakable love to her husband, Peter had been the continuous source of inspiration to her. Abbey kept reminding herself the fact that men love hot and slim women. Flattered with her size-zero figure, the celebrity is often seen flaunting her sexy figure in tiny bikinis. Images posted by her in sexy poses can often be seen on Twitter.

Abbey Clancy 2014 Workout, Diet Plan, and Beauty Secrets

Abbey Clancy Intense Workout for Size-Zero

To burn surplus calories from her body post-pregnancy, Abbey executed intense workouts in the gym. She practiced workouts twice in a day i.e. morning and afternoon. Her morning workouts included cardio workouts on the treadmill, rower, or jogging. However, she performed weight lifting and leg press to tone all the muscles of her body in the afternoon. She practiced this routine six times in a week.

While trying all sorts of workouts, this celebrity practiced bootcamp-style workouts thrice in a week. Apart from that, she embraced horse-riding to condition the muscles of her stomach and leg. Dedicated to dropping weight, Abbey used Hypoxi and Vacunaut systems also; they work on target body parts such as stomach and butts. These systems require wearing one wetsuit; it burns calories faster in the targeted body parts.

The glam Abbey didn’t leave any stone unturned for her transformation, and her persistence inevitably paid her off quite well. Today she is the star mom with fascinating stomach abs, buffed legs, and honed bums.

Abbey Clancy Diet Plan

Abbey seldom skips her morning meal and prefers having an omelet in her breakfast. She includes fish and chicken salad in her lunch. And for dinner, which is the most crucial meal for her, she cooks meat and vegetables on her own.

abbey clancy diet

Abbey Clancy Beauty Secrets

Abbey spends most of her time in taking care of little Sophia. However, when she has to go out, she likes wearing light make-up. The lovely actress simply adores mascara for it really renders long and curled look to her eyelashes. And the starlet barely forgets saving mascara in her purse. Occasionally, she puts on artificial eyelashes as well.

Moisturizer being the secret of her ever glowing face is considered a very significant part of cosmetics by her. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the parts of her daily routine. She applies St. Tropez SPF on her face first thing in the morning. And no matter what the weather condition is, she seldom goes outside without wearing sunscreen lotion on her face.

What is Fitness Expert’s Concern for Abbey?

Though Abbey is more than pleased with her size-zero figure and feels that Peter cannot help moving her hands around her super-slim body, but the famous celebrity fitness expert, Nicki Waterman shows her concern to her.

She believes that Abbey has grown skinny in the past few months. Getting down from size-six to size-four is not at all healthy. She believes, Abbey probably is not consuming a healthy diet and she requires gaining at least one stone weight to look healthy.

Abbey’s overly consciousness to her weight is not letting her decide the apt intake of calories. After giving birth to Sophia, Abbey has always been in regular efforts to melt calories and maintain herself in slender shape.

While revealing some of her freaky secrets, her friends joke about her weird efforts to stay away from food. They tell, Abbey has begun smoking more and has accentuated her caffeine intake to slaughter her appetite for food. While considering foods averse to her curvy figure, there have been numerous times when she didn’t step back from cutting down her meals.

Well, whatever the reality is!!!

Abbey Clancy at Women's Health cover for November 2015 Issue
Abbey Clancy at Women’s Health cover for November 2015 Issue

Some women are too hot to handle and the famous WAG, Abbey Clancy is one of them. Though most people love or envy her body, but they are often unaware of the efforts she is putting in to stay in shape. In a few recent interviews, the sexy model cleared the air on how she lost all the “mommy weight” just weeks after giving birth to her second daughter, Liberty Rose who was born in June 2015. So what did she spill? Is she starving herself? Is there a special workout, she is following right now? Here’s the answer to all these questions.

Abbey Clancy during the Elle Style Awards 2015 showing her baby bump
Abbey Clancy during the Elle Style Awards 2015 showing her baby bump

Abbey Clancy 2015 Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Be Yourself

The hottie has shared that she believes that everyone should be who they are. If people like you, then that’s good and if they don’t, you should not be upset over it.

Workout Routine

She doesn’t like jogging but is very fond of reformer Pilates and horse riding. She also likes working out to Kasabian and exercising with a class to keep her going as her willpower is not so strong.

Abbey Clancy in the fitness center
Abbey Clancy in the fitness center

The Weird Workout

Abbey participated in a workout called as Nuclear Races in which she went through an army assault course at old barracks. She termed it as weird as she was jumping through swamps and she also got covered in mud. But overall, the weird workout experience was nice for her.

Workout Inspiration

The workout inspiration of the TV personality is the bodies boasted by Victoria’s Secret models that are perfect, strong and athletic looking at the same time.

Abbey Clancy working out
Abbey Clancy working out

What Fitness Means

According to the British lingerie model, having a toned bum and flat stomach as a result of fitness is a good side benefit. But as far as her fitness goals are concerned, she believes in feeling energized.

Pregnancy Workout

The second time pregnancy workout of the star included doing pregnancy yoga. It helped her to keep the body strong and deal with pregnancy changes like increased breast size and backaches. She also emphasized on resting a bit while being pregnant to help her body rejuvenate a bit.

Abbey Clancy posing for Women's Health magazine
Abbey Clancy posing for Women’s Health magazine

The Workout Wear

The new face of Reebok likes to wear Reebok patterned leggings and crop tops. They help her look gorgeous and they are breathable too. She also feels comfortable wearing them after a workout when she visits any of her friends as they do not make her look a bit tired or messy.

Abbey Clancy with her 2nd daughter, Liberty Rose.
Abbey Clancy with her 2nd daughter, Liberty Rose.

Workout Makeup

The lady does not like to wear makeup to the gym as it may cling to her pores. Though, she does use some bareMinerals makeup and Evian face spray after a workout.

Post Workout Routine

After the workout, the wife of Peter Crouch likes to enjoy some coffee and have a chat with her friends like Rachel Morris. She often works out with her friends. They motivate each other to perform well while exercising and they share gossip too. So that’s two birds with one arrow. After the workout, she and her friends often share a healthy breakfast together.

The stunner also indulges in a hot bath with her frankincense and rose oils. She likes reading a good book while she enjoys the bath.

Looking Good Matters

The television presenter also takes looking good seriously. She always keeps an eye on what she is eating because if she is not eating well, she will not look fabulous and it will affect her appearance in the pictures. She also works out keeping in mind to have a well-toned body that’s curved at the right places.

Abbey Clancy launches her 2015 Summer collection exclusively for Matalan in June 2015
Abbey Clancy launches her 2015 Summer collection exclusively for Matalan in June 2015

No Starving

The winner of Strictly Come Dancing (2004-Present) admits that the rumors about her starving are just not true. She admits to having a huge appetite and that she likes to eat as soon as she gets up in the morning. She also lives with a professional athlete, her husband who instills good eating and workout habits in her.

Diet Secrets

The diet secrets of the striking woman include eating healthy, home-cooked fresh foods in every meal. Eating healthy is a choice she makes every day because if she eats the wrong kind of foods, she will feel sluggish. She also doesn’t like the word “diet” because as soon as a person says it, all they think about is food.

Abbey Clancy posing for Women's Health
Abbey Clancy posing for Women’s Health

Keeping the Balance

The co-host of Great British Hairdresser (2011-Present) likes to indulge in foods like biscuits, cake and a cup of tea. She also opts for healthier options like making her own juices almost every day. She fills them up with all the healthy stuff like kale, lemon, ginger, broccoli, cucumber and Elle Macpherson‘s Super Elixir. She believes that you should look after your body, give it what it needs and always have scope for what you want to eat.

Body Secrets

The catwalk model thinks that she is blessed with a good body genetically. Her mother had four children and she always got back to her pre-pregnancy body within weeks. She had four children. So a key factor that helped Clancy get back in shape after her both pregnancies was her mother’s genes.

Being Active

The former regular guest on James Corden‘s World Cup Live (June 2010-July 2010) thinks that having an active life that involves managing two babies and without the help of a nanny is a tough job. It helps her to stay active throughout the day and hence plays a vital role in keeping her fit.

Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch with their first daughter
Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch with their first daughter

Body Changes

The runner-up of Britain’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2 (July 2006-September 2006) also thinks that her body has changed a lot after her two pregnancies. She is 9 stone now (126 pounds), her boobs are not what they used to be and her belly button is very saggy. She does not regret these body changes as they helped her have two beautiful babies.

Managing a Home

When asked about the task of managing a home that has two babies and two professionals, she states that it’s hard and tiring. Her husband has been a great help. They take turns in night feeds. She also thinks that it’s worth it because people get so little time with babies and it shouldn’t be wasted.

Abbey Clancy Workout and Diet Secrets 2018

One look at Abbey and you won’t be able to believe that the beauty is a mother of three kids, one of which, Johnny was born in January 2018. So, how is the lingerie model keeping fit these days? Let’s find out.

Diet Secrets

The biggest diet secret of the diva is that she drinks green juices every day. Her diet secrets also include eating everything in moderation. She rarely focuses on what not to eat as she doesn’t struggle with her weight. Eating well is important for her because it allows her to feel more energized, less tired and allows her to have good hair and skin. She also takes the help of vitamins to ensure that she remains fit.

Abbey Clancy showing her lustrous hair as she was announced as the brand ambassador for Provoke hair in June 2018
Abbey Clancy showing her lustrous hair as she was announced as the brand ambassador for Provoke hair in June 2018 (Abbey Clancy / Instagram)

Workout Secrets

The stunner is keeping fit these days by doing a lot of core exercises because she felt weak after the birth of Johnny. She is hooked on Reformer Pilates and does it with her mother as it gives her more energy and strength to take care of her three babies who are growing rapidly. She also likes to work out when possible because it makes her feel healthy and strong. When doing Reformer Pilates, she keeps it easy because she doesn’t want to strain her body that has already given birth to three babies naturally.

Rarely Training with Hubby

Though Abbey is married to a professional sportsman, footballer Peter Crouch, she admits that the duo rarely exercises together. The main reasons for this situation are that they don’t have a gym at home and he does a lot of intense training. When they were in Barbados, they did yoga every morning (We presume this was because this form of exercise is comparatively easier than Peter’s hard training sessions).

Health and Beauty are Interlinked

The mother of three advises women to get a lot of sleep and drink a lot of water to stay beautiful.

How Kids Help Her to Stay in Shape?

Clancy says that being a mother of three kids also helps her to stay in shape because she spends a lot of time in carrying a baby in her arms and running around a toddler. Even her six-year-old likes to be picked up in arms all the time.

Abbey Clancy showing her hair after a shoot in May 2018
Abbey Clancy showing her hair after a shoot in May 2018 (Abbey Clancy / Instagram)

Being a Health Oriented Mother

As a mother, she tries to feed everyone in the family in a healthy manner, but one of her girls hopes to get pizza during all the three meals of the day, (which is very like Abbey herself) and makes things difficult for her.

Featured Image by Abbey Clancy / Instagram

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