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Adele Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Adele before and after
Adele before and after

Adele is one of the few celebrities who speak their minds and do what they want. She has always been very open about her body and recently spoke about her weight loss journey that has made the singer look great. No, she is not following a trending diet nor is she spending hours in the gym in a single stretch. So what are her weight loss secrets and what results she got? Let’s have a look at her current workout and diet secrets to find out.

Her Fitness Goal

Now Magazine recently reported that the songwriter has been hitting the gym and making diet changes to get in shape for herself. She is not aiming to be a size zero which we think makes her who she is.

Workout Routine

The workout routine of the star mainly consists of doing weight training exercises. She has also admitted to running for weight loss in the past. Adele recently confessed that working out is not a piece of cake. She moans a lot when she hits the gym and finds working out a difficult task like most of us. Adele also doesn’t like to see herself working out in the gym and so avoids looking in a mirror while she is working out.

Adele at NRJ Music Awards in November 2015
Adele at NRJ Music Awards in November 2015

Workout Side Effects

One of the difficulties Billboard’s Artist of the Year (2011 and 2012) faces when she is working out is her fragile blood vessels. The blood vessels in her face burst quite easily so she tries to be careful while lifting weights and avoids taking too much pressure which may trigger bursting of the blood vessels of her face. Well, that’s a weird problem Addie, but we are sure you’ll keep it in check.

The Results

Though the former couch potato has not revealed how many pounds she has lost recently but Examiner claimed that she has lost at least 50 pounds. This assumption was made after witnessing her before and after photos and we think that it’s very close to the mark.

Adele weight loss - unrecognizeable
Adele weight loss – unrecognizable

Diet Secrets

The diet of the singing sensation is also very simple. She is trying to be a vegetarian because she knows that the vegetarian food helps her stay healthier. She doesn’t like every healthy food though because she admits to not having tofu. She is also trying to stay away from meat because she reminds herself of the eyes of her little dog whenever she is about to have meat.

Limited Restrictions

The diva has also cut down on her sugar and carbohydrate intake for an upcoming tour. But she is not giving up the sugars and carbs completely. She even says that she will never cut them down completely as she can’t deprive herself of those.

Vegetarian Food Inspiration

The vegetarian food inspiration for the multiple Grammy Awards winner has been her fiance Simon Konecki, who steered her in the direction of being a vegetarian for her better health.

Adele and husband Simon Konecki at the 2015 Glastonbury Music Festival
Adele and husband Simon Konecki at the 2015 Glastonbury Music Festival

Giving Up the Bad Habits

The former student of BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology has also given up smoking. She did it for her 3 year old son, Angelo James because she didn’t want his health to be affected by the smoke. She also doesn’t want to die from a smoking related disease and leave her child devastated by the loss. She has also limited her alcohol intake because her kid knows when she is having a hangover and Adele doesn’t like it. (Well, that’s like a dedicated mom, we must say)

Happy For Not Being Perfect

Adele also shared her views on showing off her body. She opines that she is not in favor of revealing her body to others. She added that she wouldn’t have revealed her body if she was slim. She is okay with not being perfect and thinks, it helps her connect with her fans as they easily relate with her. She never wants to be like other celebrities who seem perfect, untouchable and unreachable.

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