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Alessandra Ambrosio Spinning Workout Video

Do you want some exciting workout stuff from a successful model or I should say Victoria’s Secret Angel from Brazil? Here we have a video for you where lingerie giant VS’ angel Alessandra Ambrosio does spinning with her now personal trainer, Justin Gelband. Gelband is well known for training with other VS models also.

Alessandra earlier got trained with the help of Brazilian trainer Leandro Carvalho. He is famous for his Brazilian Butt Workout. Do read the story of how she transformed her body into a beautiful, lean, and rocking body.

Now, you know cardio is the most important part of the workout. Every time, we start our exercises (in the morning or whatever time it is), we do start it with cardiovascular exercises. These are like running, cycling, indoor cycling or spinning, jogging, etc. So, it is like a big part of our routine. And, so here, we gonna talk about Ale’s cardio workout.

Justin Gelband trains Ale (and us) regarding the spinning workout. Listen to him, what he has to says regarding cardio –

“Cardio, one of the amazing part to the workout. Involving yourself in cardio is giving yourself the opportunity to do something on a daily basis that’s gonna make you feel good with the right form, right posture, right resistance.”

Firstly, you have to make sure that the seat (of the cycle) should almost be even with your hip, with an inch or two. Also, the handlebars must also be at the level of your stomach. That means, they should neither be too high or too low. And, yes now you should do spinning 5-10 minutes early with a nice and controlled way. This will make your body warmed-up. Then, make the resistance to 0 or to the initial level. Gradually, do 3 or 4 turns of resistance, as you go. Keep your knees inside and shoulders should be little bent and back should be straight.

What he is trying to explain is you have to keep your posture good and this is the key to do spinning. Do spin in a way that would generate about 90 revolutions per minute (RPM). This is enough to make your body feel warmed up.

Alessandra Ambrosio Workout

To get the best results, keep your RPM between 60 and 100. You can make it little more challenging by sticking to a constant RPM. For example, if you are said to do between 65 to 68 revolutions per minute. This will lead to a more improved body endurance and your thigh muscles are the primary muscles which are worked upon. In Gelband’s own words –

“You want to build your metabolism, you want to build your energy levels, and in order to go through a good aerobic workout you wanna make sure that you are trying to keep yourself within 5 RPM so that your body is actually getting the feel, motion and movement of what you are doing.”

When you are trying cardio at home, do it with the best of your ability by thinking about yourself and how do you feel it.

This spinning workout should be done for 30 minutes. But, before that do 5 minutes of warm up. After you are done with this workout for 30 minutes, do 2-3 minutes of warm down also. Also, note that do stretching before and after this workout.

You are now left with the video to see and know how to do spinning in a correct way.

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